They’re Back! Eerie ‘apocalyptic sounds’ heard all around the world mystify scientists

For years a mysterious trumpet-like noise coming from ‘above’ has been heard by people from all around the world. Scientists have failed to understand what causes the eerie noises which have been heard in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ukraine, Germany, and even North America.

The mysterious sound—which has been successfully recorded dozens of times—has been heard all over the planet. People in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ukraine, Germany, and even North America have heard the sound which is decried by many as “grinding metal” or “trumpets” from high above. The sound can last at least 35 minutes.

The most recent ‘apocalyptic sounds’—which have been identified by some as the sound of alien spaceships, have been heard in England.

A witness in the UK told the Nottingham Post: “It was coming from the direction of the Victoria Centre but from the sky.

“I was at home with my partner and we could both hear it — it was really weird. On the video, I am quite shocked. It was strange. I have no idea what it might be.”

But the enigmatic sounds are not isolated to one place and have been heard all around the planet.

Many witnesses have heard the sounds but failed to explain them. Theories ranging from Earthquakes, aliens and the apocalypse join the long list of the many ‘possible’ explanations that try to put an end to the mystery.

The enigmatic sounds are heard across numerous continents and scientists have failed to agree on a single explanation.

For nearly a decade people have posted recordings of the eerie sounds which are identified as unexplained trumpet-like noises.

Even more strangely is the fact that on some occasions, the eerie sounds are accompanied by shaking window’s which have left people frozen with terror.

The sounds can be heard on numerous videos which have made their way onto YouTube.

Kimberly Wookey from Terrace, BC Canada has recorded the creepy noises several times. Some of her videos have been watched over 6 Million times on YouTube.

In a video recorded in 2013 (below) Kimberly Wookey writes, “This is NOT a fake or hoax. What I recorded is what we woke up to that morning. We still have no confirmed proven source, yet.” Interestingly, Honn Kao of the Geological Survey of Canada said the noise is not related to any seismic activity in the region.

Kimberly Wookey has ruled out trains or building work, believing the cause of the noises may be “geophysical”, such as atmospheric pressure or tectonic plates grinding together.

NASA explained that our planet makes background noises but in order for humans to pick them up, we would need radio antennas. The mysterious noises around the globe can be heard without them.

A NASA spokesmen said that: “If humans had radio antennas instead of ears, we would hear a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet.

“Scientists call them ‘tweeks’, ‘whistlers’ and ‘sferics’. They sound like background music from a flamboyant science fiction film, but this is not science fiction. Earth’s natural radio emissions are real and, although we’re mostly unaware of them, they are around us all the time.”

Interestingly, some scientists believe the creepy noises are the result of a space quake after the droning-like wail shook trees in Slovakia.

Reference: Did you hear the strange noise coming from the sky in Nottingham city center?

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