February 15, 2019

The release of the Devin Nunes “FISA memo” should have helped ALL Americans to recognize the deep rooted treachery of the deep state. But the opposite has occurred. The Left, along with the mainstream media it controls, has painted the picture for their willfully ignorant followers that President Trump is a mad dictator who now must be toppled in order to prevent any further “lies.” And it is now painfully clear that truth alone will never be enough to help us bridge this gargantuan MORAL gap.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

LUKE 8:17


  • The truth was never meant to bridge the moral gap. The truth is to set you free. This is a long term battle. It is neither cataclismic nor sudden. So apparently population reduction is still on the table aye? Pharmacueticals, homosexuality (no off spring) poisons and vaccines. So follow your creator, he will guide you through the pit falls. Besides the biblical satan is just a small voice as well, but look at what it becomes if you empower it, or dwell on the lies. The media is loosing people everyday because they are beleiving their own bullshit and can longer talk their way out of a paper bag. It will continue until they are speechless. We also need to keep reassure those we put into office so they know that we know and they know it. You get it?

  • I felt that sadness about what is described as disconnected people, but i can’t help but see dumb college kids repping satan as mostly would be rebels. if they knew how conformist that was, they might not do it. And also, we have to recognize it as the polar opposite of religiousinstitutions that have preyed on some of these very same people .

  • I also have to be a stickler and note that, as sad and totally in agreement i am about the point made regarding Bush and the total insanity of the Left portrayal of a sudden reason to panic, when we are talking about intellectual honesty, let’s not pretend that fox news and the Republicans in Congress have been desperately trying to let it all hang out. Over all, a very sobering video. But how about we all let go of partisan traps, and realize the whole thing has been scummy and scammy for a long long time.

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