Contraland Filming – Arizona Trafficking Routes

Sawman and our production crew have just completed a three part multi location filming in several active trafficking corridors throughout Southern Arizona where thousands of illegal incursions into the United States occur every year.  During this filming we met with the Pinal County Sheriff’s department investigators from their trafficking and child sex crimes units. Along these trafficking routes that often involve walking through the Arizona desert for six days straight we documented signs of children that are being brought into the Country to often be exploited. In several areas along the border we were observed by scouts active as lookouts to assist in moving humans and drugs into the U.S.  Many of those that begin this illegal incursion and journey by foot in to the U.S. do not survive the journey. For the young children that are brought into the country the desert can be unforgiving. Those that survive the long trek will face an obligation to pay for their passage in the form of sex or labor for many years in an effort to work off their debt to the cartels and traffickers.

danger of trafficking routes

You’ll learn more about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) and the exploitation of children as we continue to investigate the human trafficking routes in Arizona and California. In addition, the VIPR teams continue to run operations both on the border and across the United States, with additional operations and missions being put in motion over the next few months.

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In the News: Making of A Documentary, Child Sex Trafficking

making of a documentary

We want to recognized and thank reporter Valerie Cavazos for covering the filming of Contraland, the journey of Craig “Sawman” Sawyer and for helping bring to light the dangers of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) that face American families and children.

“Sickeningly enough the child is considered an asset for how much it’s worth in revenue when they sell the child over and over again. You can sell a narcotic once, and it’s consumed. Sadly enough you can sell a child victim repeatedly,” Sawyer said in this exclusive interview.

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View more about the segment here

V4CR Supports FOSTA Bill HR 1865

Over the past year Veterans For Child Rescue has worked with law enforcement around the Country to track and help affect the arrest of child predators through cyber and physical sting operations. Our investigators patrol over a dozen popular apps and websites and engage potential pedophiles that are seeking sex with underage children. During operations several of the most “active” sites yield thousands of contacts with our decoys which can require a team of investigators to work through.

We’re pleased to report that with the support of NGOs around the country, last Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 the Senate passed the The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) that had already been approved by the House allowing prosecutors to go after websites that host ads for services that are likely prostitution and/or trafficking. This legislation would do multiple things; first it would encourage the closing of websites notorious for hosting traffickers such as Craigslist personals and, second it would allow legal ground for victims to come forward and pursue civil claims against these sites, and third it would allow for persecutors to pursue criminal charges against the traffickers and the websites that host or enable criminal activity such as Reddit, Craigslist and Backpage.

FOSTA Bill HR 1865

The bill is currently being considered by the office of the President and could soon be signed into law. If passed it may be challenged in the Supreme Court however the fact that the bill passed so easily through Senate and House is a victory in itself and shows a willingness to address this problem. Many large tech companies have come out against the bill stating that it would require them to moderate content and be unfairly liable for the actions and content of users setting out an unmanageable scenario that may end service. This bill could set the precedent for future legislation in favor of the fight against sex trafficking in the United States.

Due to the passage of this bill and pressure by the many organizations lobbying for stricter penalties against sites that facilitate illegal behavior, Craigslist has pulled down their Personals ads. To date is still hosting escort services ads.

FOSTA Bill HR 1865

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V4CR Partners with “Sold No More” For Prevention Education

We are excited to announce that Veteran’s For Child Rescue will be working with Sold No More to develop a comprehensive education and prevention program that will be available to educators, schools, churches and nonprofits as an digital download later this year. Power Over Predators focuses on internet safety for children, healthy relationships and empowers children to identify and avoid online predators. Sold No More has worked with over 30,000 children and with this partnership we intend to bring this curriculum to millions more across the country.

Power Over Predators

“A Call To Action” with Craig Sawyer Special Gathering in Tucson

For our supporters in the Southern Arizona area please take note of an upcoming event that V4CR will be attending in Tucson. The event raises awareness of abuse and child exploitation and includes a silent auction, dinner and keynote address by Craig “Sawman” Sawyer.

Event Info:

  • Date: April 27
  • Time: 6:30-8:30 (doors for silent auction open at 6)
  • Location: Pantano Christian Church, 1755 S Houghton Rd 85748
  • Event Title: “A Call to Action”
  • Keynote Speaker: Craig Sawyer
  • Testimony by: Grace Tang
  • Event includes: Dinner, and silent auction
  • Cost: Donations accepted at the door

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Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a feature on Amazon that allows users to select a charity to support every time they make a purchase. Last week V4CR received approval from Amazon to be a part of the Amazon Smile program!  All you have to do is select V4CR as your charity and every time you make a purchase a donation will be made to help fund our mission to end child trafficking and exploitation.

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