Cobra: Etheric Liberation Preliminary Report

By Cobra

This is just to let you know that the critical mass has been reached. What we have achieved is epic.

Full report will be released as soon as I gather all intel.

Source: Cobra — The Portal


  1. Full Report up

    If there was anything to this I did sleep better on Sunday night-Monday morning than the time before or after. The wave was detected in Tomsk at 10:55pm, one hour after activation at 9:55pm. Add one hour for Beijing/Hong Kong time which is my timezone.

    The recent election victory of Trump as well as the resistance he is facing from the establishment for following through with his promises had to do with the critical mass being reached.:

    “Child trafficking is the Establishment’s one glaring weakness. They know this too and they know that if they are caught the snakes that make up their network will sing like canaries. The recent bust of Jerry Sandusky’s son for child sex trafficking is a huge high profile arrest of an individual who is instrumental in one of the busiest corridors of child sex trafficking in Eastern Pennsylvania. Trump and the “good guys” will drive a wedge into this fissure and crack it wide open, dealing a mortal death blow to the Satanic Globalists. ”
    Full article:

  2. I think the Event has already started, its just not going to happen only at the designated point. Just as the dinosaurs did not die over one day. From the fossil record things were going bad for them in the couple of million years leading up to the theorized asteroid strike.

    I would argue the Event started with the Russian intervention of Syria in 2015, and was further perpetuated by the election of Trump in November 2016. Despite Cobra claiming Trump is a Jesuit agent (he might be, but consider he was backed by the saner side of the Deep State) his election meant the world dodged a major bullet that would have hit us had the other candidate gotten elected. I noticed a shift in the mood of the people. In my view it also showed that meditation was not the sole factor, but just a contributing factor.

    I doubt ETs are helping us, and even if they did exist waiting in their big battleships just outside our Moon orbit, if they were of higher intelligence they would want us to pick ourselves up and grow, and the worst thing they could do is to directly be responsible for our spiritual growth.

    Throwing all our shadow selves on some rotting Hebrew corpse nailed to a cross 2 millennia ago is not spiritual maturity. Joining any Abrahamic religion hands over one’s spirituality to someone else who is even more demented than one is, taking a mile backwards in spiritual advancement.

    The Event will take place over time, individually in people as they find a way out the decorated wallpapered sewer that is around them. First they have to realize only they can save themselves. The water is rising fast and this ‘wallpaper’ of smartphones, TV, celebrity garbage, Facebook will drown the rest of the rats involved in that shite.

    Find an open drain to save yourselves. Keep moving upwards and screw the wallpaper. At the very least avoid drowning in the excrement of popular consensus.
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  3. In this first part of 3 part interview, Dr Jim Willie mentions Russians reduce Bush crime family drug income from Afghanistan, as well as interrupt the Bush-Saudi narcotics drug connection at 29th minute