February 15, 2019

Cobra: Physical Intervention

Cobra - Resistance Movement

By Cobra

The clearing of plasma toplet bombs has progressed to the point where we will see more positive physical action towards the planetary liberation, but not yet the Event. I have received very interesting intel about the Event and hopefully I will be able to release it in early December. I can only release hints until then. Let me just say that 2-4 weeks before the Event, situations will drastically accelerate.

The following intel drops are partially correct in describing the situation, some of them being overly optimistic about how fast the changes will happen:




Recently, Dragon sources have communicated that “between November 2017 and February 2018, somebody will finally have enough and will trigger Full Disclosure.” It is interesting to note that this time frame coincides with a major operation of the Light Forces.


Another relatively reliable source has stated that “the Event will most likely happen in 2018”. This statement is related to the following developments in a certain way:



The Resistance refused to comment on the above two statements, as they are never giving any time estimates for quite obvious reasons. I have added above time estimates just to give you an idea about what rumors are now spreading at the top of the intelligence community.

Dragons have also stated that “the Dark have gone too far and their actions are noted. Measures will be taken that the cosmic balance is reinstated.”

Global Currency Reset

Another source has stated that “Microsoft programmers must choose wisely whether they are following forces of evolution or forces of decay. This choice will have drastic consequences in their lives.”

The above statement is related to but not limited to the following:


Another hint that we are in the final stages is the fact that the Syrian pentagram is now liberated, with the last vortex point (Raqqa) being freed very recently:



The reason why the dark forces were able to do so much evil is because nobody stopped them. Now, as the number of remaining plasma bombs is decreasing fast, there will be more and more physical actions that will have the sole purpose of stopping the Cabal in their actions.

Besides plasma anomaly, physical pain is the second most powerful source of evil when combined with negative free will. Physical pain originates from imperfect evolution of central nervous system in the physical bodes on planets with excessive amount of primary anomaly. Fear of physical pain is the source of trauma-based mind programming which structures the society on planets controlled by the dark forces, the last such planet being planet Earth.

Now the Light Forces have begun to dissolve the whole trauma-based mind programming complex on planet Earth at its core with their advanced technologies in a way that will not be described here.

As a positive side effect of the current actions of the Light Forces, there are many breakthroughs in medicine that will make lives of many people much easier:



The following invention is very similar to what the Resistance is using in the last two decades:



The Pleiadians would now like to help people with chronic pain and have developed a protocol that can help ease the pain. If you have chronic physical pain, you can repeat three times in your mind.

“Command PB stardust” 

The Pleiadians will then use their advanced technologies to access your central nervous system to ease your pain. This new protocol is still in development and is limited in its efficiency and the Pleiadians are asking for feedback. Those who will use this protocol, are welcome to report its effects in the comment section on my blog where this article is posted.

I can not say more about the situation, but the following months will be very interesting.

You can help with the final push by doing this meditation:


Victory of the Light!

This article (Cobra: Physical Intervention) was originally published on The Portal and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


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  • I have to be a realist about these things, and the way things are going at the moment its still business as usual in Singapore.

    The government being run by ministers paid millions of taxpayer dollars and not doing their jobs enough in running the country. Jobs are still going to foreigners and are generally given kid glove treatment in the justice system over the locals.

  • Maybe the Pleiadeans will also eventually be able to help with mental pain as well as physical. Many people suffer torment from the pain resulting from serious mental illness. My two young daughters, for example, have suffered for a number of years from intense mental pain that has driven them many times to attempted suicide.

  • Btw Jim Stone has confirmed that helicopter flying over Vegas was indeed shooting down at the concert goers.

    “The people who said the helicopter in Vegas was shooting were right

    This is probably the most important Vegas bust.

    There were too many people in Vegas to get away with what the FBI/shadow state did there. Someone went over their Vegas videos, and discovered that even though they were not interested at all in where the concert was, they caught muzzle flashes from the helicopter which was way off in the distance. The only reason why this did not get caught from the concert itself is because no one was pointing their cameras up at the sky.

    The perspective of this video is one in which the helicopter is not even the main focus, and what it was doing was obviously not realized by who was taking the video at the time it was being taken. They were simply pointing the camera randomly around Vegas.

    I think it is hoplessly lost, the FBI just can’t kill enough witnesses. This is a prime example.

    I have gone over this several times now, analyzing what is in this video. Yes, the helicopter (way off in the distance) really is above the Route 91 festival, and yes, it really is shooting.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F35j6DlizvY and yes, I already saved this, because with 253 views this is obviously super fresh and not deleted off Youtube yet. ”


  • I saw a reference to an article at Business Insider, by Caroline Simone I believe. The article described how the FBI has manufactured most ‘terrorism’ cases and creating more all the time. I looked for the article but it may have been purged. Have you seen it?

  • Have tried the pain relief, It has definitely helped/is helping. The pain hasn’t gone entirely but I can feel the difference! Thank you so much, Love and Light xxx

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