Cobra: Sacred Union

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By Cobra

This is the last of the “social dynamics” articles, which the Pleiadians have requested to be posted as part of preparation for the Ascension process. I have received clearance to release some “other” intel shortly after July 13th.

Sacred Union is merging of spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, plasma and physical bodies of soulmates and twin souls:

Such merger creates a moment of no-time when the Veil is pierced, and this moment of no-time, if expanded, is the key to physical immortality and / or Ascension.

Since the fall of Atlantis, priestesses of Astara were preserving the mysteries of Sacred Union on the surface of the planet:

And inside the Agartha network:

Later, in post-Atlantean period, Sacred Union between the king and the high priestess has created resonance waves of harmony for the whole kingdom the king was the ruler of.

High priestesses of the Goddess were also able to heal the war trauma of men:

Or heal the women:

As we are approaching the moment of Compression Breakthrough, some of the most awakened priestesses will start using the energy of Sacred Union to heal others and to channel Goddess energies into the planetary Light grid.

Since the Kurgan Archon invasion more than 5000 years ago, the Archons are using etheric and plasma scalar technology to disrupt Sacred Unions. These disruptions are the source of most drama in love relationships.

They are then harvesting the psychic energy of those disruptions and are funneling it into Hassuna-Samarra vortex, which they are actively suppressing for millennia by creating wars in the region.

Their first way is to create disruptions in existing relationships and even engineer relationships themselves:

Their second method is to switch one of the pair off ad thus create great emotional pain for the other:

Their third way is to induce possessiveness, and create jealousy dramas.

Their fourth way is to use isolating scalar fields to disconnect people from each other.

Their fifth way is to create women physically passive, so a woman can never physically approach a man.

Their sixth way is to create men emotionally passive.

Their seventh way is to induce twin soul fantasy, when someone is projecting an idealized image on a partner.

And if nothing else works, they tend to kill happy couples with directed energy weapons:

Regardless of all programming attempts, the Light is pouring through the cracks in the Veil, and the Pleiadian fleet is supporting Sacred Union with the force of their spiritual Love.

Victory of the Light!

This article (Sacred Union) was originally published on The Portal and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.






  1. The Earth needs Justice. As we can read in Cobra blog: “Friday, July, 13 is the day of Galactic Templar Justice.” This day the Sun and Moon will be conjuct with Sirius. There will be new moon and new lunar cycle. As we can read in Untwine blog: “As we want changes to happen in our space-time continuum and not just in higher dimensions, we need our energy work to be anchored and synchronized in our space-time continuum.” Untwine wrote that Friday is Venus day. Positive Templar groups were celebrating the Goddess on every Friday, 13. Friday, 13 will be a very powerful day for declaring our intentions. For example: for Goddess Return connecting with the wave of Love and union coming from the Galactic Central Sun transmitted via Sirius…

    Something about Sirius rising: We are not alone on the Earth. There are various level of connection between Sirius-Earth. We are here with sacred Whales and Dolphins which came from Sirius to reflect the Sirius Blue Light to this Blue Jewel. Whales and Dolphins have telepathy and other abilities. They help to anchor light to the planetary grid. Further example of connection: Cintamanies are sacred stones from Sirius and they have the highest possible vibration of all the stones. Wave of love is going through them. The Budapest Crown is a sacred talisman of multidimensional power which transmits high vibrational energy. Very strong influences from Sirius rising are especially on the July and August and especially in 2018 year, the great. The sacred Sirians helped to develop many positive things on Atlantis and these times They help to open the gridlock and then develop the New Atlantis. To heal, unlock the entire evolution and to start the new Universe beginning. The Light is connecting. The Light can do the cracks in the veil. The Light can rise behind the fence and beyond the veil. The Light can prepare and accumulate for the compression breakthrough and peace (which will be).