Cobra: Short Situation Update

By Cobra

Anomaly associated with the Black Stone is removed.

What is remaining are the remnants of the Yaldabaoth plasma entity with plasma toplet bombs and plasma anomaly associated with it, and a few more plasma parasitic entities that were until now hidden within the body of Yaldabaoth and are now getting more active as Yaldabaoth is weakened more and more. All these entities are also full of plasma toplet bombs and plasma anomaly.

I will mention two of those plasmoid entities here and they will be cleared and removed exactly in the same way as Yaldabaoth.

The first one is a wormlike entity that was teleported through the Congo portal from Rigel star system between 1996 and 1999. This entity is trying to cut the surface population from Light, it is trying to suppress spiritual growth and the Ascension process. This entity is carrying the vast majority of all still existing advanced plasma scalar weapons in its body and is using an advanced fuzzy logic computer program to direct those weapons to suppress Lightworkers and Lightwarriors as much as possible. The removal of this entity is top priority for the Light forces right now.

To refresh your memory, these are circumstances associated with the arrival of this entity to planet Earth:

The second entity is a less powerful wormlike entity that was teleported to Earth between December 2004 and June 2007. This entity is trying to suppress the Goddess presence and Goddess mysteries.

There are also many lesser plasmoid parasitic entities that escaped to Earth during the purification of the plasma of the Solar System in the years between 2001 and 2017.

If you feel so guided, you can use the following meditation to help dissolving alt those plasmoid entities and toplet bombs associated with them:

Or you can hep the Light forces by participating in meditations listed here:

When there will be meditations of planetary importance in the future, they will be announced directly on this blog.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of progress in soft Disclosure about life on Mars:

And about future colonies on the Moon and Mars:

We will finish this update with a little inspiration:

Victory of the Light!

This article (Cobra: Short Situation Update) was originally published on The Portal and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.


  1. do you have any proof of any of these alleged facts or are we supposed to take your word for all of it with no sources no witnesses no proof ?

  2. “The Great Forgetting of 1996” Cobra,
    after reading the above article posted by you I presume,
    I wanted to tell you they failed in their mission to cut me off from the so called “ascended masters”
    I am connected to a spirit group vortex protected, including a GOd of the 7 rays, and other Deity, as well as over 400,000 spirit entities who have transcendental spirit vehicle bodies that are interdimensional, and transcendental !!! Oops LOL, so I guess their efforts to cut everyone off were not as superior as they thought !!!

    Have you ever heard of “the Sovereign King of Thought”
    or the “Great Prophet Of All Mighty God”.
    how about the Prophet who lives in the hills ?

    You can contact me at

    Alan David.

  3. Whatever important happens on this plane affects higher planes, whatever happens on the higher planes affect us. As above, so below. They can not do It without us and we can not do It without them. We and they are interconnnected. The Central Sun call through the Universe has reached not only our soul families and our twin souls. In spiritual growth we are responding to that call and we are together accumulating energy for the Light. There are times of the ripening and final of the ripening. A quote from Cobra: “The most challenging is always before the great win”. Our unified field prepares shift in the entire evolution. When there will be an enough of energy, the Breakthrough will happen. There is an old prophecy that the Light will be victorious. The dark force has blocked not only our positive life experience and our connection with Source, soul families, twin souls, too. But millions years game is almost over. The Ascension process must go on. In foreseeable future all blockades will be dissolved as the beloved Blue Jewel allies and fellows are going to transform the deepest aspects of anomaly as a whole.