February 16, 2019

Cobra: Short Situation Update

By Cobra

Clearing of underground Illuminati Breakaway Complex is proceeding with full speed.

The Light forces can not release much intel about surface operations to anybody without compromising the operations themselves. The Light forces have warned that in the absence of substantial intel, there will be a lot of banana intel circulating on internet. Thus much discernment is advised. Also, the Light forces are discouraging speculation about when the Event will happen.

The only thing they have requested me to share is the following: “Mjolnir technology is a fifth-dimensional Clifford torus, projected into fourth and third dimensions. Liberation of the surface of the planet will follow the Goldilocks principle.”

If you wish to study surface topology of the Compression Breakthrough, you might be interested in reading the following book:


In the near future, I will be able to release a lot of intel not directly related to surface operations. The Light forces have requested me to release intel about Goddess mysteries and some “other” intel that was until now deeply classified. This intel may trigger strong reactions from many members of the surface population reading this blog.

Stay calm.

Victory of the Light!

This article (Cobra: Short Situation Update) was originally published on The Portal and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


  • What’s disappointing was that Isis Astara had to become a casualty of the Cabal for the Light Forces to get serious.

    Its stated before regarding the strangelet bombs and top quarks their implosion can be stopped in time by the Light Forces before they swallow up the Earth, so the hostage issue could have been managed for a faster progression to the Event.

    “The growth of the strangelet could theoretically continue until the whole planet would be absorbed into it, but practically the Light forces can stop the reaction long before that.”
    ( https://2012portal.blogspot.sg/2014/09/planetary-situation-update_16.html )

    The Cabal knows their fate is a one-way trip to the Central Sun, which is like the interdimensional soul-level version of Death Row. Were the Light Forces expecting them to play fair with the hostages?

  • Anyone here who has radio that can extend beyond the 8 band radio, FM, Shortwave (SW) 1-6 and Medium Wave (MW) up to the lowest frequency of 530kHz (the longer the wavelength the better) try and see if they can detect anything?

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