Cobra: Urgent Request – Time Sensitive

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Isis Astara has left the physical plane. Please visualize immediately her safe passage through plasma plane into the Light to higher etheric and astral planes by surrounding her in white and pink Light and Love and protection. Visualize her being safely guided to contact with her spiritual guides. — Cobra

This article (Cobra: Urgent Request – Time Sensitive) was originally published on The Portal and syndicated by The Event Chronicle



    • I’ve had two other people mention a problem with images, but I have not been able to recreate the problem. I’ve tested the website on both Mac and Windows, using Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. As well as iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Everything worked fine during these tests.

      Would you mind giving me a hand? I’ve temporarily disabled the Facebook pop-up. Are the images now loading for you? This will help me to narrow down the problem. Also, the pop-up should only load once every 7 days if you do not follow on Facebook, and NEVER if you do follow on Facebook. Is it loading more often than that for you in Firefox?

      Thanks SOF, I appreciate it.

      I found the following on the Firefox website. Would you mind checking your image permissions for this website? Thanks!

      Firefox: Fix problems that cause images to not show