Message for the Resistance Movement: March 25, 2018

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Message for the Resistance Movement: March 25, 2018

SD L0 clearance pending

The above is a coded messages for the Resistance Movement as communicated by Cobra on Portal 2012. These messages are not meant for the general population, and are not meant to be understood by us.

This article (Message for the Resistance Movement: March 1, 2018) was originally published on The Portal and syndicated by The Event Chronicle



  1. General Notice to All: Event Chronicle Server on Discord is now online.

    Create account here:

    To join Event Chronicle Discord:

    For now this will serve as a backup in case this website gets taken down and can also serve as General chat for regulars to this website to interact and share information in relation to The Event.

    I work full time with few hours of time for myself so issues may take some time to resolve. Thank you for your patience.


    • I checked out Discord yesterday and accepted you invitation this morning. I hadn’t heard of it before and I like the idea of having a private communication network. Thanks for setting it up for us.

      I’ve given a lot of thought on how to stay in connected to and keep information flowing on this website when The Event happens. One of the items I’ve acquired is an Anker PowerHouse. If I lose power I can plug my router into the device to stay connected to the Internet, as well as power my laptop. I also have a Karma Go 4G LTE WiFi hotspot in case I lose my regular Internet connection.

      • Doesn’t hurt to have another back up. I have been using Discord for a while in other groups and it has a decent mix of both forum and chat.

        As a lot of articles here are posted from elsewhere, the Discord also allows for weblinks to be posted, and it shows the preview of the website.

        Discord’s commenting system is more advanced. For example you can halfway type a message in the box and at the same time edit a previously typed message, without causing the other box to close.

        Also overall everything’s much faster in communication. Although things are quiet now its probably for the best like this website that its not ‘too popular’ as it may attract the wrong kind of attention.

        The pre-assigned role in the server has been assigned to you. Congratulations.

        Let me know in Discord if you have trouble messaging or communicating. as I tend to err on the side of caution a lot of restrictions are in place to ensure potential troublemakers don’t make a beach head. Its also my first discord server that I am overall in charge of so I am learning along the way. Everything should be fine.

        • I’m going to spend some time this weekend getting to know the platform. I have an idea on how to use it, and will email you privately after I’ve had a chance to check it out further. Thanks so much for setting this up. I appreciate it!