New: Joint Cobra, Benjamin Fulford, Winston Shrout Interview by The Goldfish Report

You might want to listen to this new joint Cobra / Benjamin Fulford / Winston Shrout interview by The Goldfish Report here:

Victory of the Light!

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  1. I find so many who claim to be authorities on ascension completely devoid of any Scientific understanding Theoretical or otherwise.

    There has been a tremendous amount of extremely details and highly advanced inter-dimensional physics which those who claim to be authorities have clearly avoided becoming aware of this material.

    Kerry Cassidy with Project Camelot constantly refers to the Voyagers i and 11 books in many of her videos and teaching engagements which were published in 1998. And since this date there have been hundreds of hours of extremely advanced theoretical information that if these self professed authorities were to even read they would sound far more intelligent that what they are now sounding like.

    Here is but one item that was discussed in this show that ultimately change what was said.

    We have a 15 dimensional time matrix which is broken up into 5 harmonic universes with each universe containing three dimensions each. (this would imply that each harmonic universe has an environment which contains length, width and depth. and these harmonic universes are call Densities. So each universe contains similar 3 dimensional environments which as you ascend become less dense and because of the differing “angular rotation of particle spin” (ARPS) appear invisible to each other event though they are all in the “same spatial location”.

    In density 1 dimensions 1 2 and 3 we have carbon based biology
    In density 2 dimensions 4 5 and 6 we have carbon/silicate based biology
    In density 3 dimensions 7 8 and 9 we have silicate based biology
    in density 4 dimensions 10, 11 and 12 we have hydro/plasmic liquid light biology
    In density 5 dimensions 13 14 and 15 we ante-matter biology.

    This is but one particular detail that this amazing material has to offer. there are literally volumes of highly cogent very detailed interdimensional information that Ashayana Deanne has been bringing forth since 1998. (Freedom teachings from the Guardian Alliance)
    Anyone who took the time to read this information would clearly see that there is no other body of work on the planet that can match or even come close to this information.

    I would ask those who claim to be authorities on “Ascension” to become aware of this material before making any claim to understanding the intricacies of interdimesnional physics.