New Video About ‘The Event’ in 432hz

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By Jonathan Carty

These last few days and weeks have been some of the hardest times and experiences of my life so far. How much of it is an attack or Ascension symptoms I’m not sure. But as I emerge from these situations I feel compelled to create something beautiful and benevolent, so I have attempted to do with this video.

I hope this video inspires others to be the change this world so desperately needs. Thank you for your time and love and I send love and light back to you!

This article (New Video About ‘The Event’) was originally published on Truth Earth and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.


1 Comment

  1. Wonderful! I absolutely needed this today. After 5 hours of being ‘squeezed silly’ by the incoming energy, this was my sublime reward. Thank you for creating and sharing this. Superb, fabulous and well just gratitude flowing over from my heart.

    Love~ A