New Videos: The Event & The Agartha Network

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By Jonathan Carty

The Event Trailer 432Hz

I don’t think I posted this here yet but I finished a video a few days ago which is a short but informational video about The Event. I will share it below. Much love!


The Agartha Network 432Hz

Inspiration for this video manifested last night and I am not quite sure as to why as I haven’t paid much attention to any information about Agartha in quite a while. In any case, I was strongly guided to make this video which contains information about it which I got from Cobra’s blog. Much love!

Cobra Space Adventure 432Hz

Inspiration for this video manifested spontaneously today while I was at work. It feels like a message that should be passed along. Every once in a while I will get one of these ‘messages’ that need to be passed on lovingly and responsibly, which I always try to do. I hope you will all enjoy it. Much love!

If you enjoy these videos and feel guided to support me I will humbly share my paypal link below:

P.S. Synchronistically, this particular blog post is number 18885:


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  1. I am just exhilarated beyond measure to work with likeminded individuals working for unity in our community of hardworking like-mannered humans who care and make a difference in the interest of the greater good to earth’s humanity, the work seen in these positive channels promoting positive information which up-lift & builds question answer input intelligence reflexes while at the same time informs the individual.

  2. I am ectatic to see Johnathan Cartty’s which is a brilliant title by the way, in point of fact the information viewed at is insightful vivid and extremely vibrant also up to date with all of the latest Cobra information featured at TheEventComingSoonYoutube channel and Cobra’s Blog 2012portal.
    Congratulations to Mr. Johnathan Cartty your web page is amazing and just a beautiful site. Thanks A million and it is very good to see your project grow exponentially, this is what happens when people working in unity who really care and actually make a difference in this sad world bringing light to it as you do make a positive change All in the interest of the greater good of humanity, the work seen in these positive channels promoting positive information which up-lifts, which builds intelligence while at the same time informing the masses, these information hubs are drastically needed and I am so glad your here.

  3. So Alpha Draconis (positive) largely founded the Chinese civilization, that does explain why the huge gap in how East Asia sees Dragons as Gods, one of the legends say that the great rivers of China were the result of Dragons transforming themselves into rivers when the country was dying of thirst.

    Also great drone videos of the caves.

  4. ‘This is the first time in many millennia that a cosmic extraterrestrial entity of Light is living on the surface of this planet.’

    Its been a long and rough ride.