February 17, 2019

Prepare For Change: Important Cobra Announcement

By Edward Morgan

Recently, certain well-known websites and individuals within the awakened community have made claims that somehow Cobra’s blog,  http://2012portal.blogspot.com/ has been hijacked and that he has been cloned and/or replaced by agents of the dark.  These reports falsely state that Cobra’s  blog is being written by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or a reptilian, the Cabal or an illuminati operative.  Or someone or something.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

We are in Taipei, Taiwan with Cobra

I, Edward Morgan, your humble servant and one of the contributors at https://prepareforchange.net/ , am, at this very moment, sitting  in a room, with Cobra himself and with a small group of the most dedicated and powerful Light warriors on the face of our beautiful planet. We are chanting powerful mantras that are making some of us cry.  The love and dedication that Cobra is showing to all those present, all whom have made the effort to come to Taipei, Taiwan, to his conference, is most humbling!

I am a physical living witness of Cobra’s 2018 Taipei weekend conference, which started on May 12, 2018 and which is still going on as I write this.  I can report in clear conscience that Cobra has NOT been cloned, that he is still the same dedicated, gentle, humble and tireless individual, fully dedicated to the total Victory Of The Light!   I, with many other committed workers of the light who have personally known Cobra for a long time, who are currently present in his conference, can vouch for this.

We Will Soon Meet our Cosmic Brothers and Sisters

To all those who have decided to participate in this  Cobra-attacks drama, I have this to say:  Every one of us has known for a long time that at some point in our human journey we would face our cosmic brothers and sisters. We all know by now that it is part of our individual soul journey to eventually meet our soul families who also reside beyond this Earthly realm.  This is what First Contact is, and Cobra is just starting to release information to emotionally and mentally prepare the surface population for this experience and future First Contact encounters.

Positive First Contact has always been and will be,  until the moment of the Event, a “free will, personal and intimate” positive experience. The message relayed recently by Cobra, in his post titled “Entry Protocols,”  at  http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2018/05/entry-protocols.html  has unfortunately been misinterpreted and maliciously twisted by many within the last few days.   This message serves as an introduction to all those advanced souls who are ready and who have made the conscious decision and choice to experience first contact. This invitation has only been extended to those who do not have “family commitments.”  This doesn’t mean that you must be single or that couples can’t go, but simply that  extensive “family commitments” would make such an opportunity difficult for you.

We Have Come Together in Love at the Taipei Cobra Conference

It is easy to turn on your computer, read an article, misinterpret it, and then “report” on it, from a misinformed point of personal view.   Such reporting creates a ripple effect and triggers all those trolls and agents of the dark who have been working for a long time to stain Cobra’s impeccable image.  To all those who are spreading baseless accusations toward Cobra’s work and therefore consciously or unconsciously serving as vessels of the dark,  I respectfully ask, before you keep writing more nonsense, to reach out to some of the hundreds of witnesses of people from all over the world who attended the recent Taipei, Taiwan Cobra Conference, who gathered together in Love,  to rebute all those unfounded and absurd claims!

Thank you.

Victory Of The Light!

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  • By “Infinite Love, All-Knowing, Almighty ONE, We Ask for Your Supreme Intervention on Earth now!”

    on 2012Portal.blogspot, May 10, 2018 at 3:45 AM

    “After only the first 79 comments to Cobra’s latest post [Entry Protocols], I read that nearly 100% of the people on this blog are rightly concerned about its practicality. And there are many unanswered questions. Rightfully so.

    Unfortunately, many times when Cobra posts something new, there arise MANY MORE questions than the amount of information that has been provided to inform readers of the message at hand. I think this is a prime example.

    It may be gallant for some to proclaim that they’re “ready to join the Resistance,” etc. But as some have cautioned, we don’t really know at all the ramifications of such an “invitation” being presented to us that we are expected to decide on in literally 5-15 minutes!

    And for those who feel in their Soul, their innermost Being, a definitive answer of “yes,” I think they are very “few,” relatively speaking. That is why in my first comment posted, I indicate that the whole public posting seems “off,” almost irrational, to put it politely. It seems wiser to contact the chosen individuals who will make an affirmative decision to join the Resistance, Agartha and other galactic intelligence networks, IN A QUIET MANNER.

    Consider from Cobra’s words, that talk of THE EVENT has existed already for the last 43 years (since 1975)! As you read further below, you will see that NO ONE except Source knows when (or how, for that matter, the transition from darkness to DIVINE LIGHT) will occur on earth for a New Age and Heaven on Earth!

    So for those who may think it’s happening “soon,” there is absolutely no guarantee of that. It “may” happen soon, in any instant or it may not. In fact, there is much more history and precedence that it has NOT occurred since the beginning of time, when others thought it would during their time period and era. So it may not happen in human time soon in our age. Only “God” the Almighty, Ever-Present, All-Knowing ONE has that capacity to know.

    The battle between the dark forces and the Divine Light has been occurring since the beginning of time.
    LIGHT always wins out ultimately, but that is in “God’s” hands. We must live out that reality in our own daily individual life on earth at this time.

    April 6, 2012 excerpt from Cobra’s post:

    [Resistance movement


    “In 1975…”

    “The idea to devise a plan to overthrow the Illuminati network was there ever since the formation of Organization in 1975. In 1977 I spoke with the man who conceived that plan. The document that Drake saw around 1979 was probably an early version of that plan. The early idea was for the military to take over and overthrow the Illuminati under the guidance of the Organization and later the Resistance Movement.”

    “No human authority will decide when this is about to happen. The final word when the Event is to happen is coming directly from the Source. This is an event of cosmic importance. The last planet under the grip of the dark forces is about to be liberated and this is going to send ripples of Light throughout the Galaxy.” ]

    Hopefully, Cobra will provide more needed information to satisfy the questions from countless readers of this website and blog.

    I personally have been here since 2012. I have been spiritual my whole life – deeply so. I only write this to offer others a clearer perspective that it’s not uncommon to question such a posting by Cobra. It makes more sense to give it deep and serious thought and consideration.

    I have posted the following before and will do so again now. When I was in school, I went along with what I was told, “followed” what teachers said, and got high grades. When I reached high school, for the first time I had a teacher whose mission was to get students to think for themselves. He had a quote above his chalkboard which read:

    “Think for yourself
    Your teacher could be wrong.”

    Love and Divine blessings of transformation on earth for All. Let us continue to pray, meditate deeply, and ask for Divine intervention to bring true liberation and abundance on earth, spiritually and materially.


  • What are the “well-known websites and individuals” making this claim? I must be out of the loop cuz I haven’t heard anything about this.

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