‘Uniting The Light’ with Cobra and Kauilapele

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The GoldFish Report No. 100

This was held up a bit due to challenges with the voice modulation, but here it is! The interview was actually on 6-13-17, and was prior to a follow up 100th Goldfish Report conversation (celebration) which was posted here.

I’m very grateful to have been asked to join Louisa and Steve in this Cobra collaboration!

— Kauilapele

Published on Jun 22, 2017

On this 100th GoldFish Report, Cobra and Kauilapele join Steve and Louisa to commemorate this 100th Report milestone by Uniting the Light. Topics discussed include the Spirituality, Frequency of Life, Holograms, Planetary Liberation, Antarctica, Secret Space Program, Meditation, Inner Guidance, The Event, and the importance of encouraging a Team-work atmosphere in the Light Worker Community and much more.

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  1. The Art of Discernment
    Today with so many differing viewpoints that are emerging (some to assist you and others to divert you) knowing what is truth has become next to impossible in such a quagmire of differing opinions. Here, fact checking alone will not be enough to determine for yourself, what is “truth”. And just who is checking the fact checkers themselves? Oh the outright fallibility of an externalized source as a means for determining personal discernment…
    When it comes to “discernment”, the art of knowing the truth, I would like to add that the ability to “know” anything including the truth is always a function of Divine Will and Its ability to “feel” the truth for you. The art of discernment, like any physical muscle can be developed through healing and evolving the emotional body.
    Unconditional Love of Spirit has been known and explored on earth now for some time but an area that needs to be developed and brought into “real time” is that of our Divine Will which holds our capacity to “feel” anything.
    When the creation of “Lost Will” or “all that you hold outside of your love, through misunderstandings, denials, judgments and unloving thoughts presenting themselves as the ‘voice of guilt'”, is faced and healed through the inclusivity of acceptance rather than the exclusivity of continued emotional/mental denial we begin to regain the ability to “feel” and with that our intuition develops clarity and our ability to discern our personal “truth” is strengthened.
    Over the past 40 to 50 years we have had an overabundance of new Spiritual Teachings that have been dispensed to the Human race but not nearly enough on Divine Will and the importance of the development of the emotional body.
    Science today acknowledges that the evolution of consciousness and that of the Human species is reflected in the development and the evolving aspects of our DNA. Scientists also acknowledge that this evolution is as a direct result of “emotional” input. That being said, I find it quite puzzling why far too little research and attention has been made to our ability to “emote” if indeed emotion plays such an important part in Human evolution.
    When both the negatively charged feminine, magnetic polarity with its “emoting ability” and the positively charged electrical “thought” polarity of Spiritual light of understanding (which together make up our Electromagnetic Merkabha Field), are expressing freely and unreservedly between them, then the Heart, whose function is to balance the input from both polarities, will then be properly equipped to produce true unconditional love.
    If either polarity holds back and is not allowing full expression from and with each other because of “misunderstandings, emotional and mental denials, judgments and unloving thoughts presenting themselves as the ‘voice of guilt'”, then conditionality is present and the end result being generated within the Heart can only be one of “conditional love”.
    It is this incorruptible, unconditional Love which will guide Humanity to the elimination of the experience we call death and ultimately the fulfillment of the promise of eternal life.
    If you truly wish to develop your ability to “discern the truth” not to mention obtaining the “keys” to immortality, then healing the emotional body (a far more difficult and completely different process than healing the misunderstanding of the “lost light” of Spirit) is absolutely essential.
    So to complete this circle of sharing, discernment is truly a function of Divine Will and Its ability to “feel” the truth for you.

  2. Jeffrey Paul Bamborough on

    How is it possible that an advanced race of beings that sound kind, honest, and nurturing, could choose to use such fringe, dishonest looking websites? How and why could advanced beings be so ineffective for so many years? Perhaps this is disinformation. A half measure with an very ulterior motive. It would seem like television news would love to interview them. Seems like they could broadcast it to us maybe because they’re advanced so much more than us, or are they? They have reasons they are hiding, and it makes me sad. I’m sad for the planet. Their motivation is the result of negative desire. They spread confusion and darkness.

  3. Scroll down to ‘This is a genuine Mars rover photo’ within ‘Combat Mode’ window.
    IP address only to bypass heavy censorship.

    “The object is small, but not as small as some are claiming. What is it? Nasa debris? An alien child’s toy? I do not think it is natural. It looks like Obie One Kenobi did not have his own hovercraft because he left it on Mars. This is interesting to say the least.”