American Political Cronyism: The key to the hidden kingdom of the Ruling Cabal

Cronyism for the .00001 is a growing cancer that has destroyed Rule of Law and has asset-stripped middle class America to the bone, making many one or two paychecks from the street

By Preston James

The real reason we have no Rule of Law for the political class and the .00001 is because of cronyism.

This cronyism has transformed much of the DC Establishment into a large RICO crime syndicate, with up to 70% of all elected and appointed USG officials entrapped by various sophisticated human compromise ops, such as video-graphed sexual honey traps and even pedophilia for most.

DC Pigs feeding freely at the Taxpayers’ trough.

These abusers of We The People and our tax revenue who feed like pigs at the taxpayers’ trough have used cronyism to protect them from the prosecutions they deserve. This is accompanied by unlimited Congressional spending, followed by unlimited borrowing of more Fiat phony money from the private Federal Reserve System, all to be repaid with full interest. Tax and spend with few limits, best described as covert corporate welfare, has become an expected norm inside the US Congress.

All of this Congressional tax and spend is actually clear-cut prosecutable major RICO crime.

Certainly Robert Blakely who wrote the massive federal RICO laws would have a lot to say about this. Never was a set of state and federal law more applicable to these forms of taxpayer-financed organized crime. Because so much fraud has been used by the Banksters to cover up their financial crimes, there is no statute of limitations. When there is massive fraud used to conceal a crime, there can be no statute of limitations invoked.

And if you think that these Bankster crimes have not produced real victims, guess again. They have resulted in massive American unemployment; homelessness and poverty; numerous serious false-flag attacks used to justify illegal, unconstitutional wars to generate power and profit for the COL/RKM Banksters and their crony corporations; and thousands of dead, wounded, traumatized and disabled American Soldiers who deserve far better than to be sent and used as cannon fodder in these COL/RKM Bankster-directed wars for profit for the .00001.

Cronyism subverts the Rule of Law and Common Law as well.

Cronyism is the subversion of the Rule of Law by the rich, the powerful and the well-connected, who actually have their own separate, private and secret system of rules for their behavior based on position and privilege.

This separate set of rules and prescribed behaviors is based on the black arts and occult practices they have, which have provided them with untold wealth, power and status. But all this is accompanied, unknown to themselves, by the loss of their eternal soul and basic human compassion (aka “humanness”).

All this law breaking and abuse of power has been cloaked in abject secrecy from the American People by the power and reach to all levels of government and Law Enforcement provided by cronyism.

Cronyism is the root cause of all this hell on earth: war, starvation, disease, and endemic political corruption.

Cronyism is the root causes of all this hell on earth, the Globalist NWO seeking COL RKM, and their Fourth Reich and Zionist factions which are institutional psychopaths filled with soulless scum.

Of course, it is the private COL FIAT RKM Bankster system which empowers this cronyism, allowing these .00001 to serve as parasitical bloodsuckers on the human race.

Money from nothing, with pernicious accumulating usury charged for its use forever.

It is these COL RKM Banksters’ power to create money from nothing; their power to lend out as real money, when it isn’t, while charging pernicious usury; and their ongoing power to manipulate the law to force it to be accepted as legal tender, when it isn’t, that has created this ongoing cronyism.

The joke is always on us the American taxpayers at the private Federal Reserve System, which was incorporated in Delaware in 1914, and is a franchisee of the City of London RKM Banksters.

And of course it is the .00001’s abuse of so-called “national security”, a false-cloak dropped on every major crime of theirs in America, committed to generate massive profits for the large Wall Street Banks and corporations they control.

The bottom line is this: in the last 100 years, ever since 1913 when these COL/RKM Banksters hijacked America, they have been asset-stripping America’s massive wealth, as well as the fruit of our labor, bit by bit, more all the time; and now the average middle class family is hanging on for dear life, many 1 or 2 paychecks out of the street.

Never forget the true causes of all this: All the endemic bribes and payoff to the US Congress directly or indirectly from the COL/RKM Banksters and their Federal Reserve System (an RKM Franchise); and NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and WTO exportation of American job.

Of course these .0001 made sure that there was a flood of cheap Chinese and other foreign manufactured goods imported into America to quiet the masses and provide adequate cover for their massive export of American jobs which was destroying our economic base on the alter of Globalism hidden in plain sight.

These cheap foreign goods imported into America to satiate the masses, until America was destroyed economically, of course made the key corporations who exported their factories very, very profitable. Their plan was to then transfer their business to the Third World as it was built up at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Sociopaths have seized power and hijacked America because they were empowered by the COL/RKM Banksters through the FRS.

The problem here is simple: sociopathic criminal enterprises of the .00001 protected by strong cronyism; secret organized crime corporate structures of the .00001 that have hijacked and empowered Intel agencies; the Judiciary and Law Enforcement to run cover for their massive RICO crime spree the last 100 years.

American war dead are never unloaded in the open in broad daylight and the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) are not allowed to photograph them or broadcast such photos. If they did, the American people would rise up in mass and parlay massive social pressure against Congress and the current administrations for all these illegal, unconstitutional Bankster wars for profit.

It is the .00001’s ability to operate under self-proclaimed, illegal and invocations of “protecting national security” that has provided adequate cover for all their anti-human activities, including globalizing America, starting wars for resources and profits, pedophiling and murdering our children, and stealing us blind through illegal unconstitutional and pernicious usury and taxes.

Obviously there are FCC Regulations governing the American Press and Media Corporations that are licensed to broadcast over the airways. They are all required to operate to serve the public’s best interests.

The Major Mass Media to have been bought up, consolidated by the .00001 and managed through a news council roundtable and through one major investment house that claims to be on the vanguard of investments.

This has produced a virtual six-member News Cartel between the Networks with the same regularly espoused talking points. And this is all technically illegal under anti-trust laws, as it is used to mind-kontrol the American masses and broadcast big lies, false-narratives and propaganda supporting the .00001’s power and Globalist NWO agenda.


Obviously the main goal of the COL/RKM Globalists is to destroy America the Republic by destroying its borders, language and culture. They are well on their way but are now running into some major flak on all levels.

This major flak is a direct byproduct of the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press and the Alternative News websites that contain the articles and blogs of the new breed of Truth-Warriors.

  • RKM: Rothschild Khazarian Mafia
  • COL: City of London
  • Cronyism: the unfair practice by a powerful person (such as a politician) of giving jobs and other favors to friends and using their high level, powerful connections and personal power to protect their associates and themselves from prosecution by existing laws.

Part II

In part I, it was pointed out that cronyism in the American Political System is a growing cancer and has fully compromised American Rule of Law and Law Enforcement for members of the Ruling Cabal (aka the .00001).

Naturally when one desires to gain membership and then climb to a high position in the Ruling Cabal, it is always necessary to use a connection provided by family, associates, colleagues and friends, close educational or fraternity associations, and other elite connections, such as secret societies.

And it is normal for high Cabal members to assist new recruits and lend a helping hand in gaining access to higher positions in the Ruling Cabal and acquiring more and more wealth, power, position and status.

But there is always a big cost to all this. One must go through increasingly criminal initiations, at some point involving sexual perversions, sexual inversions, pedophilia, and even human sacrifice to get to the very top.

Of course, all these initiation ceremonies are videoed and used as canned blackmail for a future date to smear or sanction a person who goes outside Cabal-allowed parameters if ever determined to become necessary.

In direct contrast to all the special privileges in skirting the Rule of Law for Cabal members that their membership provides (basically a “get out of jail free” card), the American public must toe the line completely.

Yes, the American Law Enforcement, legal and judicial system of course remain intact for non-Cabal members of American society, especially those without vast funds for the best, most experienced legal representation. In most cases, a public defender is a ticket for an innocent person to a conviction, if charged by an aggressive prosecutor.

This dual, bifurcated Rule of Law standard is necessary to protect the personal interests of the Cabal, their positions of power, their secret RICO crimes. This is all guaranteed by having the Cabal’s power to fully deploy any/or all instruments of Law Enforcement on the Cabal’s behalf and for any Cabal member unless top Cabal leaders want to sanction an aberrant member who has gone outside allowed parameters.

Thus if you are an average person the Rule of Law can be brought against you as a protection or as a convenience for the .00001.

And if you are a whistle-blower, it can and usually will be brought against you in varying degrees, depending on the degree to which your disclosures are judged a threat to the Ruling Cabal’s system.

If you are a major federal, military or Intel whistle-blower, it will almost always be brought against you in full force and you will have the equivalent of the full force of a USG boot in your face 24/7. This translates into being placed on a DHS/FBI Cointelpro-type list to be harassed in a variety of ways, often custom designed for each whistle-blower. And this can mean being illegally placed on various terror watch lists, gang-stalked and psychotronically harassed with strange burglaries and sometimes vandalism against one’s home and car.

Omaha ring kidnaps Johnny Gosch and he later shows up in a photo

Over 20 years ago, I and a well-known LE interviewed an honest ethical psychologist who had found out who did a kidnapping and murder, went to the FBI and was harassed by the FBI while they ran a big cover up.

The FBI broke into her home and cut up dead animals and left them there to terrorize her. The board of psychology restricted her license for a while, and forbade her from counseling clients related to any that case or any similar cases.

The FBI had absolutely no interest in arresting the kidnapper and ran a long term cover up and harassed this fine lady psychologist for years. This kind of FBI RICO crime is truly disgusting, and as far as I am concerned, warrants capital punishment. I hope the laws are changed to allow this for such LE and Intel agency cover ups of these serious crimes.

In all of the US Congress, there were three members who gave a damn and tried to help with these kinds of USG and FBI crimes. That was Congressman Charlie Rose who was on the House Intel committee. He was voted out of office through CIA voting manipulations like Representative Cynthia McKinney, another incredibly courageous and great American Hero.

Dave Durenberger

The other two were Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone – and Chicanery ordered his aircraft to be destroyed in flight because he wouldn’t back a new illegal, unconstitutional war in Iraq when there were no weapons of mass destruction – and Republican Senator Dave Durenberger, who was falsely smeared by the Minneapolis Tribune and lost his re-election because of a false story.

What are the motivations in place that drive the Cabal Members to such extreme illegal, unconstitutional abuses? Certainly they are the same motivations that drive them to use and abuse the power of their high and powerful positions in American society to increase personal fortunes, holdings, power, status and personal pleasures: Out of control, unbridled greed and lust are certainly major motivations.

They also have a great need to protect themselves and the Cabal from exposure of their secret life of abuse, theft, degradation of others; and in many cases, to prevent exposure of the most sinister crimes against humanity, such as war crimes and crimes against humanity involving mass-murder through false-flag engineered deployed wars of aggression; pedophilia; ordered assassinations; child sacrifice, vivisection and cannibalism; organ trafficking; sex trafficking; illegal drug and weapons trafficking, and a wide variety of serious banking and financial RICO crimes, etc.

In order for the members of the Ruling Cabal to keep all these unimaginably evil crimes and abuses against We The People concealed, it is necessary for several conditions to exist:

1- Members of the Ruling Cabal must be Two-faced (Players of the Janus Role) where they keep their internal unimaginably evil, homicidal secret face covered up by the presentation of a completely different innocent appearing public face. In order to do this these folks must be functioning as able pathological liars, pure sociopaths and many function as extreme narcissists too.

They must have no functioning conscience at all and basically not give a damn about anyone but themselves. They have lost (or never had) any normal human sense of what is right or wrong from typical societal standards and practices. When they service or help another cabal member it is merely to advance their own standing or to climb higher into the .00001.

2- Members of the Ruling class feel a strong loyalty even to other members that they don’t like or are competing with to climb the ladder into the top positions of the Ruling Cabal’s top Hierarchy all to preserve the cabal which feeds their needs and control Law Enforcement.

They understand that they must remain loyal to the Ruling cabal and play by the Cabal’s rules and stay within their allowed parameters lest video recordings and photos of their secret sins will be leaked through the Major Mass Media, which they control through Cabal members and their Cutouts. When under attack, the Cabal closes ranks and goes into major damage control at every level, as ordered by the top Cabal command structure.

3- The Members of the Ruling Class must maintain control over Law Enforcement and Intel and be willing to order serious harassments and even assassination, if deemed necessary to preserve the Ruling Cabal’s sovereignty. What this means in practical terms is that the Ruling Cabal is actually functioning as a secret, invisible government and that the visible government filled with elected and appointed officials.

Former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney exposed some of the lies. We only need 434 more congresspersons to expose the lies, too.

Thus the visible government is ceremonial only and subject to the complete control of the Ruling Cabal through the associations and connections of its powerful members, which have been placed in control of key Law Enforcement agencies. This secretly ordered abuse of good upstanding citizens through the agencies of Law Enforcement is confusing and disheartening to the average citizen abused by it, because they never really understand the true origin of their abuse, or why they cannot abate it.

4-Even Judges who are not initiates into the Ruling Cabal itself will follow policies of the Cabal because they understand what happens to them should they not. They know their careers can be trashed in a multitude of ways. But many also buy into the ideology of the Ruling Cabal which is often communicated to peripheral associates to the Cabal that have been indoctrinated with the “Billy Budd” ideology.

Billy Budd was a Novel written by Herman Melville about a British Sailor that was wrongly court martialed and hung for something he didn’t do in order to “preserve the British Naval system”. This ideology has become a main working ideology of many of the JAGs, including those who have become federal judges, and many federal judges in general when they cover up known or suspected CIA drug and weapon trafficking, various false-flags and other illegal Intel ops, and sex and organ trafficking by the Mossad (and the RKM Red Mafia).

5-Concealment of the RICO crimes of the Ruling Cabal also requires a Law Enforcement system that is totally compliant to any American Intel agent that flips out his credentials, including US Army and even Military contractors. Most local police would jump out the window if they were asked to by Intel. They readily take orders and quickly agree to stand-down when any special problem needs to be “taken care of”, especially in any criminal wet-work matters.

Any officer who stands up and refuses is usually harassed and driven from that particular department. I know of one such case where a female officer, a true stand up American hero refused to roll over and cover up for a drug-dealing CIA man who drugged and raped some female employees. This ultra-fine officer left the department and took a job in another department because of this RICO criminal’s acts and the compliant Chief, who was pressured by Langley and caved in at the drop of a hat. This perp had a CIA “get of jail free card”, and when this fine Officer arrested him for sexually assaulting her in an undercover role, he ended up with a mere hand-slapping. The prosecutor went soft under the power and influence of Langley, as is the norm.


What is the main common denominator of the Members of the Ruling Cabal that is missing in their Psyches?

Obviously these folks are seriously deficient of any operable conscience, sense of humanity, human decency, basic morality and a complete inability to treat anyone outside the Ruling Cabal the way they want and expect to be treated. They are functioning as pure psychopaths with no functioning conscience, no sensitivity to the needs of others. It’s as if they have lost their very souls or even perhaps never had one in the first place.

It’s a comfortable life for some who benefit from trickle-down economics

The secret reason for this is their deep seated and imprinted view of the common non-Cabal linked man. Cabal Members in general see the masses, the common folk as useless eaters, little better than insects. Plus non-Cabal members are viewed as a growing threat due to consumption of resources and rising expectations for equality and decent treatment.

Besides, top Cabal leaders now see Robotic machines as soon providing complete substitutes for human labor in all manufacturing and expect almost no human labor to be necessary anymore, with quantum computers running all CAD/CAM manufacturing of robots to do everything for the .00001. They look forward to this occurrence.

But there is an even more sinister phenomenon that is going on according to reports and leaks from Cutouts and associates at the periphery of the Ruling cabal. Many must commit serious felonies in order to climb the ladder to the highest Cabal positions and travel through increasingly evil rituals.

“We’re gonna free the shit out of you.” Evil ritual abuse of a prisoner, covered in a brown substance in Baghdad in 2004 in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib jail. (File photo: Australia’s SBS TV, released 15 February 2006)

As they pass through certain increasingly evil rituals which are serious capital crimes themselves, they must eventually agree to serve Lucifer and accept him as their god and creator. They must make a blood contract and thus sell their soul to Lucifer in exchange for unimaginable riches, power and status.

This seems so incredulous when one hears of it for the first time, but there are a lot of rock-solid reports that this phenomenon is real, and these initiates actually lose their very eternal souls.

The first major leaks actually came from some of the “superstars” in the heavy metal rock and roll business. Then other similar reports started leaking out from all areas of music and Hollywood, from those who suddenly rose to super star status. Some such superstars have gone public and bragged about accepting Lucifer as their god. A number of these “testimonies” are now available on Youtube.

There have also been testimonies by those who were inducted into satanic families and ritually abused, but who later rejected it all and converted to believing in Jesus Christ. Many such folks now have disclosed about coming out of the darkness and shedding off demon control with such a conversion. A significant number of these have spoken out, named names and given explicit details that have been verified and cross-verified.

Preston James is a Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

This article (American Political Cronyism) was originally published on Veterans Today and syndicated by The Event Chronicle

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