Australia Begins Fining Parents Who Do Not Vaccinate Their Children

Australia Begins Fining Parents Who Do Not Vaccinate Their Children

In Brief

The Facts: Australia is fining parents who do not adhere to the suggested vaccination schedule set forth by the government. This is potentially paving the way for other countries to follow suit, despite the fact that there are serious concerns with vaccinations

Reflect On: Why is it taboo to question vaccines? Why are there so many studies and so man scientists and doctors raising alarm bells and outlining so many concerns? Why is there such a cover-up about the reality of unsafe vaccines?

By Arjun Walia

A recent move by Australia is sparking some well-deserved controversy. According to the Australian government:

Parents who don’t vaccinate their children against disease will lose part of their fortnightly family support payment starting 1 July. Family Tax Benefit Part A payments will be reduced by about $28 a fortnight for each child who does not meet immunization requirements, under tougher No Jab, No Pay rules. The change to No Jab, No Pay provides a constant reminder for parents to keep their children’s immunization up to date. Immunisation is the safest way to protect children from vaccine-preventable diseases. Parents who don’t immunize their children are putting their own kids at risk as well as the children of other people. Since the Turnbull Government introduced No Jab, No Pay in 2016 about 246,000 children and their families have taken action to ensure they meet the immunization requirements. The Turnbull Government provided more than $14 million in last year’s Budget for free, catch-up vaccinations for children, young adults and newly arrived refugees. It also provided $5.5 million over three years to encourage Australian parents and carers to vaccinate their children. Exemptions apply for children who have medical contraindications or natural immunity and have been assessed by a general practitioner.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains well why this is such a big problem, in this piece.

“We’re living in an age where parents increasingly report that their typically developing children declined cognitively and physically after receiving vaccines. Despite the sound science supporting these parent claims, government agencies and mainstream media continue issuing the now shopworn mantra that vaccines are “safe and effective” ignoring published research and even common sense that indicate otherwise.”

Does Heard Immunity Work?

By now, I thought we would’ve seen forced vaccinations, and I’m glad that hasn’t happened yet. The “pro-vaccine” community always points towards herd-immunity, the theory that postulates unvaccinated children are a danger to society. This seems to be their strongest argument, which can be countered in several different ways, which is why herd immunity is a theory, it’s been modelled, but never scientifically proven. One problem with the theory, is the fact that herd immunity cannot be achieved through vaccination if vaccines aren’t even effective. There are two out of multiple examples that are great to use to prove this point.

The Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine, for example, is one that doesn’t work. There is a long history of outbreaks occurring in heavily vaccinated populations. Immunity from vaccines is usually temporary.

A senior scientist at the CDC blew the whistle on the MMR vaccine, he was the author of the paper used to debunk the MMR/autism link, he stated that he committed scientific fraud by going along with that paper, that they destroyed important data showing adverse reactions and links to autism. His name is Dr. William Thompson.

Furthermore, in 2010,  two former Merck virologists filed a federal lawsuit claiming that Merck committed fraud in lying about the efficacy of the mumps component of their MMR vaccine. The suit, now in the hands of a federal judge, charges that Merck was aware of the declining efficacy of the mumps vaccine but still claimed it was 95% effective.

Let’s not forget about the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that went into effect in 1988, it actually went into effect because of the DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) vaccine. A slew of lawsuits was filed for vaccine injured children. Today, things haven’t changed much, as a recent study points out:

It should be of concern that the effect of routine vaccinations on all-cause mortality was not tested in randomized trials.  All currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury act has now paid approximately $4 billion dollars of tax-payer money to families of vaccine injured children, and it only takes into account that only 1-10 percent of total vaccine injuries are actually reported, which means there are many more out there…

A book can be written about this stuff, with so many examples, and so much science that glares back in the face of mass marketing, fear propaganda, and a ridicule campaign that has health professionals scared to even educate themselves or look deeper into an issue that could cost their job if they refuse to give corporate medication. Today, the industry wants to make you feel stupid, and make you look like a fool for even questioning vaccines, but people aren’t stupid, there is a reason why vaccination rates continue to drop and decline.

A recent study published in the journal EbioMedicine explains the current controversy surrounding vaccinations:

Over the past two decades, several vaccine controversies have emerged in various countries… inducing worries about severe adverse effects and eroding confidence in health authorities, experts, and science.

Vaccine safety testing is virtually non-existent.

We’ve written a lot about vaccines over the past eight years, and there is no point re-hashing that information in this article. Parents should not be penalized, and the citizenry should have a choice whether or not they would like to vaccinate their children or themselves. It’s a basic human right.

Below are a few of many articles related to the vaccine issue that’s been published on our site.

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  • Concerning the mandatory vaccination story, may I point out that in 1946, a referendum added a clause to section 51 (xxiii) of the constitution that prevents the government from forcing people to medicate.

    This amendment allows for the granting of various social services but not so as to authorise any form of civil conscription, ( i.e. financially crippling people who choose not to risk the possible life long damage vaccines can cause – feel free to read any vaccine insert where it clearly states these risks).

    i.e. The Australian Government or those acting on its behalf cannot force you to have a child vaccinated in order to maintain benefits payments.

    In addition, Section 28 of the Federal Crimes Act (1914) states:

    “Any person who, by violence or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise of performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty, shall be guilty of an offence”.

    The penalty is up to three years imprisonment.

    Section 109 of the Australian Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia……

    “When a Law of a State is inconsistent with a Law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid”

    Not one vaccine has been proven, in double blind studies, to do what it is promoted as doing. The falls in the disease rates attributed to vaccines was occurring well before vaccines and has more to do with vastly improved sanitation and diet.

    There are scores of conscientious objectors to vaccinations who are being financially crippled by a government hell bent on forcing a medical regime that is at best unproven, and at worst, a life sentence for countless children.

    Honestly, when any of my childhood friends became sick, our parents sent us all there for a party so we all contracted it.

    And no, I’m not talking about Polio..

    Why isn’t anyone challenging the Government as to the social damage being done to thousands of families with these punitive laws.

    Robin Copini

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