Benjamin Fulford Responds to Reader Comment about Nazis in Antarctica & Dracos

Note: You can read a previous response from Dr. Michael Salla here: Will Antarctic German Space Program Reveal Itself & Release Advanced Technologies?

Dear Benjamin,

Although I am NOT one of your subscribers (I wish I could be), I am definitely one of your faithful readers.  And occasionally I post in Facebook groups articles of interest that originated from your blog.

May I put here in writing, for the record, my response to the article on the technological deal with the Nazis which was posted on your blog a few days ago.

Here is my personal response to it:

According to a few sources (Benjamin Fulford’s blog is one of them), the Nazis in Antarctica and in Patagonia (Argentina) are negotiating a “Peace Deal” with the U.S. in which they will give humanity their advanced technology and we will let them return to humanity and join the Earth family.  I attach here an article by Dr Michael Salla from today (not attached).

But before you get into it, let me state the following:

  1. The Third Reich sold humanity to the Dracos in return for technological help and joint warlike expeditions with THE DARK FLEET of the Dracos inside and outside the solar system.  In return, the Dracos got many millions of human slaves and human meat for consumption.  Yes.  My relatives were among them.  They also got an access to high power positions in government, finance, health regulation, the industrial arms complex, and NASA with the help of the Paperclip Project.
  2. One of the technologies given to the Nazis by the Dracos was LIFE-EXTENDING TECHNOLOGIES.  This means that it could be that some of the most evil people on planet Earth are still alive today.
  3. Project Paperclip is responsible for the slow degeneration of the U.S Republic—the making of the FDA into a Big Pharma puppet, and the slow genocide of humanity by Big Pharma.  It is also responsible for some horrendous projects involving millions of innocent children, in experiments that are related to “Time Portals,” Mylab, Super-Soldiers, etc.
  4. The programs of “Handlers & Silent Killers,” the rise of the pedophilia all over the world as a tool for controlling the world governments—all of this came out of Project Paperclip.
  5. Are we going to let the grandchildren of those who committed these heinous crimes come back as if they are clean and good and merciful, unlike their forefathers?  And how do we know that they are NOT the original criminals inside younger bodies?
  6. Are we going to allow ourselves to be bribed again, and exchange the future of humanity with some Nazi technology?
  7. Are we going to say, “Thank you so very much, and now we will forgive you for selling planet Earth to the Dracos”?
  8. Those who may have made this deal (if indeed it was made) could well be clones of the originals (!) or even reptilians in a human-like costume;  i.e looking like human beings but in fact being Reptilians.

The above is my personal view on the matter.  Thank you for finding the time to read it.

With respect and appreciation of your courage and work for the betterment of humanity,

Dear AHZ,

Thank you for your views.  When Dr. Michael Salla came to Japan, they had a bunch of North Korean goons prevent me from meeting with or talking to him.

I stand by the view that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  Repeating something endlessly, a la Joseph Goebbels, does not make it true.  I have countless tales of Draco-Reptilians, etc. but have yet to see an ounce of real proof.

As a journalist I must deal with firsthand information and things that can be proven true in a court of law.  Most of the alien stuff does not pass that test.  Clearly, at the very least we are under some sort of quarantine because I do not see aliens walking around the streets.

In any case, as far as the Nazis are concerned, rest assured that any and all criminal and unethical activity is being ripped out, root and branch.

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  • I’ve seen two today, both on television. Even my wife agreed that they looked alien. They walk amongst us, and many hand out parking tickets pretending to be from Nigeria.

  • Quote “As a journalist I must deal with firsthand information and things that can be proven true in a court of law. Most of the alien stuff does not pass that test. Clearly, at the very least we are under some sort of quarantine because I do not see aliens walking around the streets.”

    Well theres all the “information” in your weekly blog by that same standard. Doesnt stand up with the man in the pub, forget going anywhere near a court of law. As your blog Ben, by your own admission, isnt verified. Oh how contrary Benjamim

  • What I have learnt, is that there are many clones
    and it is our discernment that eventually verifies each one. Then we are able to go to the next stage of evolving, which is Mastering our mind/feelings/thoughts. Our minds have been programmed so that we learn by experiencing
    the programs. Eventually we are able to choose whether we want to continue believing concepts from our past or we start to dismantle the outdated beliefs.
    We go forward like that until we Master Creation-level stages and then we control nothing and look forward to Mysteries, Twists and Turns and practise the concept of Fun!
    I know thos sounds simplistic lol!
    There is a lot more to this☺️
    Thank You!

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