Benjamin Fulford Answers a Reader’s Question: There is a Powerful Anti-Life Force at Work on this Planet


Each week, I and the many who follow your site, wait for our “fix” — our weekly dose of news that varies in its positivity but which shows us that there may be some powerful forces interested in helpingΒ usΒ (as opposed to merely helping themselves to the wealth we produce).
I don’t like being disappointed. Note: I did not say “fooled.” I don’t like that either, but I have never sensed that you were trying to fool anyone. In fact I learned about you in your youtube interview of a Japanese parliamentarian who mentioned the “earthquake machine” – some years ago.
But if I accept what you are telling us – specifically about the WDS — what am I to think? Where was the WDS when Pol Pot was running rampant over Kampuchea? I am not just trying to be contrary – but where was WDS at that time? Or at any time past as we – typical humans – were being murdered by these beasts?

Just asking.



Hi Peter,

There is a powerful anti-life force at work on this planet. The battle has been raging for a long time. However, you will notice a trend of smaller and smaller death numbers. World War 2 killed about 60 million. HIV killed 39 million. Post war conflicts killed 30 million by the year 2000. The post 2001 Iraq war killed 2 million. The Syrian war about 200,000. Ebola has killed 8000. The Ukraine war 5000.

Attempts to start World War 3 have been repeatedly stopped. Attempts to engineer mass starvation have been stopped. The attempts to spread epidemics are being contained with increasing efficiency. The war against evil is not over but the trend is with the life force.

Source: Benjamin Fulford’s Blog


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