The following is an exchange between Benjamin Fulford and David Crayford regarding the M1 situation that Ben talked about in his most recent report, below:

The White Dragon Society was also contacted last week by two representatives from the government of mainland China. One, representing the Chinese Communist Government’s security apparatus, said that 12,000 tons of gold were now being offered at a 13% discount on the same conditions as the 8000 tons previously discussed in this newsletter. The gold is in 12.5 kilogram ingots and is available for immediate pick up in Hong Kong. Furthermore, if the offer is not accepted by May 16th, the Chinese will take unilateral action on this issue, he says. The WDS has recommended that they make a move against the US dollar if the current controllers of the dollar system refuse to accept this gold.

Since Henry Kissinger’s fraudulent hijacking of the dollar system has ended, as far as we can tell there are two current claimants for the position of M1, or controller of the US dollar system. One is Neil Keenan and the other is believed to be the eldest surviving son of former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos who now lives in Canada and is represented by a David P. Crayford. If either of them can pull it off, we suggest they conjure up some dollars and take delivery of the gold. It is a good deal: solid gold in exchange for paper and numbers in computers. If neither of them can pull it off, we suggest that General Joseph Dunford step in and arrange this deal.

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Stillness in the Storm Writes: This is an exchange between Benjamin Fulford and David Crayford.

Fulford referred to the collateral accounts and gold distribution in his latest update from the 9th of this month.

Neil Keenan also made an announcement that the Dragon family, who previously named Keenan as M1 (as he contends), is proceeding with the gold revaluation of the dollar and other currencies.

Crayford says that Fulford and several others have no valid claim on the gold and are therefore criminals.

Fulford asks Crayford to explain his position in the first section of this email.

I was also able to find Crayford’s to Fulford that was shared today. He calls Fulford a criminal for claiming to have possession of the Collateral Accounts, along with other incendiary statements.

Here’s the complete exchange.

The following is an email response from Benjamin Fulford:

OK, Mr. Crayford needs to explain that if his M1 is in charge, why is it that money is not being released for the benefit of the planet? The other thing we human beings of the planet earth want to know is why is it that some anonymous individual, in hiding, can claim to control all of the worlds’ money? Are you saying some birthright give a single hidden person absolute power over the planet? Have we the people agreed to that? What is this persons’ vision of the future? For what purpose does he or she want to use the money? Why is there no public debate?

The White Dragon Society has made it very clear we plan to use the 10% discount from the sale of 12,000 tons of gold to set up a meritocratically staffed future planning agency, run with total transparency and freedom of the press, to make and carry out plans for the benefit of the people and living creatures of this planet. Not distribute money in secret to hidden controllers, however “royal” they may be.

The gold is available in Hong Kong in 12.5 kilo ingots and is being offered by genuine Asian royal families as well as by the legitimate government of mainland China.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558

Source: Operation Disclosure

Crayford’s response to Fulford from the 12th of May

Mr Fulford,

I realise you are trying to “Box me into a corner” in giving you answers that you and the likes of Keenan, Hudes, Struck, Landa China – Global, and other undesirables are not entitled to.

Let me advise you that as listed criminals you and all the above will never receive such information, other than “Money is being released in the right places at the right time”. However, we are not advertising it, because there is no need to advertise it. We did partially advertise such matters once and the President of the Country was seriously threatened with assassination, by CIA operatives, if he moved forward with us
We have representatives all over the world and their job is to source the recipients and the projects. Then we fully analyse the projects to ensure they are not loaded with 10% – 20% fee for undesirables and corrupt politicians / bankers. Once that process, and it takes time, is completed money is released.

Now you are going to ask why you are listed as a criminal. Very simple answer, which in fact you have answered yourself, quote “The White Dragon Society has made it very clear we plan to use the 10% discount from the sale of 12,000 tons of gold to set up a meritocratically staffed future planning agency, run with total transparency and freedom of the press, to make and carry out plans for the benefit of the people and living creatures of this planet. Not distribute money in secret to hidden controllers, however “royal” they may be.”

“The gold is available in Hong Kong in 12.5 kilo ingots and is being offered by genuine Asian royal families as well as by the legitimate government of mainland China”

This Gold, and we know there is 65,000 MT of it in Hong Kong which is assayed by Metalor, is not the property of the Genuine Asian Families as you clearly state, and largely derives from Thailand, with a small amount from China, and we know who is responsible. Yes it is offered by a Royal Family member, and a very unscrupulous one at that who is not fit to be a member of a Royal Family, WHO IS NOT THE OWNER AND DOES NOT POSSESS ANY DOCUMENTS FOR THE GOLD. However, we understand that relevant documents have been forged.

It is the property of the Collateral Accounts without any reservation or hesitation, and we and our intell are working to stop all of this criminal activity.

And you Mr Fulford, along with members (if there are any) of the White Dragon Society, are hoping to benefit from criminal activities in one way or another, hence why you are listed as criminals, because of your involvement with this matter. There is also another black mark against you reference to the Thousands of Boxes of Financial Instruments you claimed you held, which again is the property of the Collateral Accounts.

If helping Humanity is to be done, it must be undertaken legally and free of any involvement by Government or unscrupulous Bankers, and free from involvement by persons who have been, or are, involved in criminal activities against the Collateral Accounts, and you are no exception Mr Fulford.

You had your opportunity to do things legally some 3 – 4 years ago, when it appeared that you wanted to work with us, but then it turned out that you were the “Piper calling the Tune”, which we could not accept because the ITC is the Legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts so we gave up on the idea of ever making you a citizen of integrity, honesty, and decency, which I am glad we did, because you are certainly showing you true colours now, aren’t you.

And please don’t start this, quote “Have we the people agreed to that” spiel, because the decisions have been made some time ago, this wealth will be used for the people and countries of this world, in a proper professional legal manner, and you Mr Fulford are no more interested in the people than Keenan, Hudes, or any of the other criminals.

If you really want to help, then start where the problems really exists, and that is with Governments, the WBG, the IMF, the BIS, and some of your so-called contacts and friends, because it is those parties actually holding things back and preventing some countries and their people from the enormous financial benefits that the ITC can bring to all, which I will just mention a few factors —————– NO MORE AUSTERITY, DRASTIC REDUCTION IN PROVERTY WITH EVENTUAL ELIMINATION, IMPROVED HEALTH AND EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT. FINANCING FOR COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES AND EVEN GOVERNMENTS, the latter of whom will gain financially from our process without having to fork out one cent of taxpayers money.

You name it and we can do it, FOR THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, without being caught up in criminal activities, or working with criminals.

Honesty, Integrity, decency, plus other factors is all what is needed, not criminality, but the former of these characteristics are very hard to find these days.

When you make up your mind to walk on the correct path Mr Fulford, you can come and talk to us. Keep up with your unscrupulous activities Mr Fulford and you will be walking on the path to our new prison.


David Crayford

Source: Rumor Mill News
Via: Stillness in the Storm

Editor Note: Ben recently posted a video update via his Typepad blog on May 4, 2016. It’s in Japanese, so I have no clue what Ben’s talking about, but thought I’d post it here in case one of our Japanese readers can provide a rough translation for us.

I’m assuming this video is aimed toward the Japanese population and relates to the information Ben provided in his most recent update regarding the current political situation in Japan.

Using Google translate, the title of the video roughly translates to:


Hazaru Mafia is still trying to kill you and your family.

Source: 小林紗貴子 | YouTube


  • Call me insane but anyone can see and hear the passion Benjamin feels about doing what is right. You David have just shone some colours yourself. Intention sets a frequency of communication. Enough of the male terratorial or should we say over protective tendancies and threats. Come together and model what that looks like so we can get on with this….. saving us from ourselves and thus every other creature on the planet.

  • while I truly appreciate everyone who has stuck their neck out and worked hard to get information to us I think something needs to be said. Now, I can only speak for myself but I’m sure most Americans would agree with me. with all of the disinformation and wolves in sheeps clothing in the midst of all this, those wolves should be reminded that with all of the information available now, Americans are aware how badly they have been screwed and stolen from, indoctrinated, poisoned, you name it. With that being said, those of you who may have your own agenda while posing as a patriot…….let’s not forget how armed americans are. anyone that turns out to be a liar will be dealt with the same way as the cabal. and you will have nowhere to hide.

    now the last thing I want is violence or war. we have had enough of that. but if anyone thinks they are going to be able to continue to pull one over on the american people again they will be met with violence, we have had enough.

    with that being said, I wish everyone the best and will continue to pray for a positive outcome to all of this. the world needs a break, please look deep inside yourself and remember that in case you may have other plans.


  • Fulford is following agendas… without his knowledge… there is no bad intentions… but the asian families and the sources of his, are just one side of many in the warof ruling 3d earth, wich is going for thousands of years,,, there is no one power wich is keeping earth under prison.. there are many trying to do it.. there is just groups wich are more powerfull… one group, and currently in charge.. is the one behind america and most europe… the other side, in wich fulford is.. is the group behinf russia and china…

  • Like Catherine, I feel Crayford’s response is hollow and lacks resonance and just sounds like more lip service. My gut instinct and intuition tells me Fulford is on the right path, not Crayford.

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