Benjamin Fulford: Khazarian mafia wants to donate funds to humanity in exchange for amnesty

Benjamin Fulford

(Benjamin Fulford) A representative of the G7 group of nations has been approached with a proposal by the Khazarian mafia banking community to “repurpose their funds for the benefit of humanity,” in exchange for “amnesty for certain Jewish bankers.” Russia and “certain foundations” would be involved in this plan, the source said.

The background for this offer may be found in an article in the Japanese language edition of the Reuters News Wire that claimed Reuters had obtained documents showing the Federal Reserve Board has made contingency plans for the bankruptcy of the United States of America.

We were unable to find an English language version of this article but the Japanese version says the documents were obtained from Jeb Hensarling, the Head of the US House Financial Services Committee. The documents call for delaying payments on bonds issued by the US government and for giving priority to certain bond holders over others in repayment.

Further confirmation that things are not running normally in Washington D.C. came from the recent visit by US Secretary of States John “stole the Heinz fortune” Kerry to Russia where he announced he supported the Minsk peace agreements: a 180 degree change in policy. This came on a visit to Russia that started immediately after Kerry snubbed the Russian May 9th parade in celebration of Russia’s victory over the Nazis in the great patriotic war (World War 2). The fact the Chinese and Indian armies both marched in that parade appears to have rattled the Washington DC gangsters.

It is also no coincidence that Kerry’s turnaround at the same time as the Chinese government once again started buying US government bonds and once again surpassed Japan to become the largest holder of these cabal debt notes. Clearly the Chinese told the Americans: “if you want us to pay your bills you have to stop being a bad boy in the Ukraine.”

There was also an unusually blatant propaganda shouting match that followed the Kerry visit. Here are two headlines that appeared after this meeting:

“Poroshenko says there is no alternative to complete fulfilment of Minsk agreements”

“Poroshenko says Minsk deal ‘pseudo-peace’, vows to fight to the last drop of blood”

The top headline is from the official Russian government Tass News Service and has a URL ending in .ru meaning it is based in Russia. The war-mongering headline comes from Russia Today a news site with a .com domain meaning it is not based in Russia. This clumsy propaganda headline has outed RT as a sophisticated Western agency run news service pretending to be based in Russia.

Another news service pretending to be Russian, by the way is that usually starts its articles with “according to Kremlin information” or something like that, even though its server has been traced to CIA headquarters in Virginia.

In any case, propaganda aside, severe cabal infighting is yet another signs it is not business as usual. A cabal insider told this writer the Lehman shock of 2008 was really a fight between David Rockefeller and his nephew J. Rockefeller. David Rockefeller is really the most junior member of the third generation of the Rockefeller family, says this source, who has had top level access to every Japanese Prime Minister since the 1970’s. He says the original will of John Rockefeller the 1st, the stipulated his dynasty was to be controlled via primogeniture. However, David was trying to change that by handing over control to his own sons. In other words John “J” Rockefeller the fourth was due to take over the family foundations and David was trying to prevent this, according to this source. For that reason, two of David’s flagship companies, Lehman Brothers and Citibank, were bankrupted by J. Rockefeller’s Goldman Sachs, he says.

This may well be true but, the situation has now evolved way beyond a fight between would be hereditary god kings of the sheeple. The issue now is should we give these people amnesty, as they are now asking for, or should they be “strung up from the nearest lamppost” as George Bush Sr. famously predicted would happen “if the American people ever find out what we did to them.”

In fact, feeding these people to the vultures is probably a more likely outcome than either amnesty or stringing them from lampposts. Large law firms are getting ready for a feeding frenzy in retribution against US branch of the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate.

Here are two suggestions for big law firms to pursue. The first is to go after General Electric and Westinghouse for their role in the March 11th tsunami and nuclear terror attack against Japan. GE and Westinghouse sold their nuclear power divisions respectively to Japan’s Hitachi and Toshiba in the years before the 311 attacks. Since all Japanese nuclear reactors were shut down after 311 and the nuclear power plant business worldwide was badly hit, if I were Hitachi and Toshiba, I would hire the world’s best lawyers to see if this was not a big insider deal to dump these businesses before the sabotage took place.

The other place clever and ambitious lawyers should be looking at is DuPont and the entire ozone layer scam. According to sources at Japanese refrigerator and air-conditioner manufacturers, DuPonts’ patent on the Freon gas used for refrigeration around the world were about to expire, threatening a huge business. The story about Freon destroying the ozone layer was created so that DuPont could get Freon banned just in time for the patent expiration. Conveniently, DuPont has a fresh patent on HFC, the replacement for Freon. It is worth nothing that all the scare-mongering headlines about the ozone layer being destroyed vanished as soon as the HFC business got started. Somebody can hit up DuPont big time over this.

This sort of revelation is going to come out for many other businesses and governments now that the Khazarian mafia faces worldwide defeat.

Sources at the Asian Development Bank say the right to produce US dollars has already been taken away from this family mafia. The international US dollar is now controlled by a combination of the Chinese government, Asian royal families and European royal families. The US dollars issued inside the United States are now issued by the Treasury Department, he says.

Another indication the US power structure has changed was seen last week when US “acting president” Barack Obama invited the heads of the Gulf Cooperation Council to a summit meeting in the US. Only two of the heads of state bothered to show up. At the media photo event at the end of the summit, this photo was posed:

In terms of diplomatic protocol, this was an unprecedented snub. The message was clear, “no oil money for you.”

There are also fresh indications the Greek crisis is going to mean the end of the Euro. The announcement last week that Greece staved off bankruptcy by using IMF money to pay money it owed to the IMF was clearly bizarre. This is nothing more than a delaying tactic. The Chinese are offering to back both the German Deutschemark and the Greek Drachma with gold if they dump the cabal controlled Euro. A hint can be seen at this site if you click on the pictures of Deutschemark and Drachma bills:

The message is “join the BRICS and your financial problems will end because your money will be backed by gold.”

Clearly though, as long as the Khazarian owned media corporations inside the US continue to spew headlines about Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton as if these two widely disliked characters are the only real choice for US president in 2016, then the battle is not over. When we see them being dragged away in handcuffs on charges of mass murder, then we will know it is over.

In these circumstances the military industrial complex needs to start taking urgent action to prevent a total Western rout. The key is to push for a meritocratic world federation as an alternative to trading Khazarian hegemony for Chinese hegemony.

In military terms, the first thing they need to do is to twist arms in Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc. to put an end to the Khazarian provoked infighting in the region. This might mean some pinpoint military operations to remove key Khazarian agents provocateurs. Last week there were indications this is exactly what has been going on with the US raids against ISIS in Syria and the capture of detailed information about their financing. The US needs to then coordinate with Russia and China to oversee the creation of a moderate Sunni/Shia federation to unify the Middle East.

The other thing they need to do is to remove that last of the Khazarian control grid in Japan. People close to slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe approached the White Dragon Society last week with just such a plan. Remove Michael Green, Abraham Cooper and Richard Armitage and go through Gerald Courtis if you want to keep Japan friendly to the military industrial complex. The three legged crow, the Yakuza and other Japanese power groups will then cooperate with the restored United States Republic.

Benjamin Fulford has worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, the International Financing Review, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun English edition, and the South China Morning Post before moving to Forbes magazine, where he was the Asian Bureau chief from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports pursued scandals in the Japanese government and business world. After leaving Forbes he wrote a series of books in Japanese some of which became best sellers, and began publishing on the internet.

Source: Benjamin Fulford — Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis



  • Ben you are full of crap. The European royals have been the figure heads for the cabal. And here you are yet again, saying they are the good guys. You have no credibility, but we know who pays you now

    • If there’s one thing I hate, it’s anonymous assholes with no answers or info of any kind, who nonetheless tell people how wrong they are about everything. Please “Chris”, do enlighten us, as your sources are obviously better than Ben’s. What’s the real truth???

      • DONNIE, for starters i have put my name, so i think you need to look up the word “anonymous”
        If you have researched this subject then you have a better idea. But the Cabal are heavily focused on hierachy. The so called Royal Bloodlines. These are still a nest of cabal, despite what Ben says. He has always championed the British Royal family even though they are vile paedophiles who engage in child rape and sacrafice.
        On this point alone i say Ben is full of it. Most of what he says may be true. But he will publish anything he is told with verification. As by Ben’s own admission, “I let the reader decide”
        I suggest you search for Svali as a starter. Then once you look a bit deeper, you will see your beloved royals are not what they, and Ben portray them as

      • Sorry to say that, but i also don’t give them(fulford, wilcock, goodetxsg, cobra) credit any longer.
        In my opinion the only things they do is keeping people from starting to act and from finding and looking for more logical explainations of what is wrong with earth and society.
        And one thing is really suspicious to me here, even that this secret space program is for common people mostly unbelieveable there rarely debunk videos or blogs on this.
        But in the end this doesn’t matter because once you are into the flat earth theory they are all debunked by their implications.

    • yes all royalty especially in england are indeed illuminati and/or freemasons and hold satanic child sacrifrices. before her death princess diana would tell her closes friends THEY ARE NOT HUMAN, THEY ARE LIZARDS-hench proof. they are part of this illuminati royal bloodline which is reptilian and from the dracconians. david icke talks to several eye witnesses who has been to these satanic child sacrificing rituals in which they have seen the royals and others change into there true forms that of a dracconian reptilian. the true nature of reality is hidden from the masses. whats really going on is beyond staggering. watch some of simon parkes videos or go to for many truths.

  • No way should these A-holes be let off by simply donating worthless, devalued, crashing currencies. No way! I’m all for forgiveness and such, and moving forward, but all this talk of us having to go through some shite in order to have a proper genetic memory, to prevent such from happening again, should work for both sides. Throw em into the volcanoe!

  • maybe it is my imagination but from what I have been reading is infighting between the rothschilds-rockefellers. why? because I have read were brics is the other side of the coin and that brics is in league with the rockefellers. now just push everybodyaway from the petro-dollar toward brics-hench a new world currency by the new world order instead of the u.s. printing its own money. inact JFK’S EXECUTIVE ORDER FOR THE SILVERBACK or nationalize the federal reserve. putting into jail ALL criminals be it bankers, kazarian mafia/ dual citizen ect, ect,. both the rockefellers-rothschilds are Illuminati and part of the illuminati royal bloodlines and practice satanic child sacrifices and even worse as some of them if not all are human hyrids and/or mind controlled. why do you think they have no morals, have a depopulation agenda and even worse. ask yourselfs WHO ARE THERE MASTERS, WHO’S PUPPETS ARE THEY. the true nature of reality is beyond mosts peoples imagination. and also what is truly going on behnd the scenes.

  • The link to japanese reuter is broken. It takes to a strange page that does not contain the article mentioned above.

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