By Benjamin Fulford

For the first time since Friday, October 13th, 1307, the Knights Templar have been invited back into the inner sanctum of monotheism, according to Templar and P2 Freemason lodge sources.  So, a 711-year-old injustice, one that gave rise to the superstition of Friday the 13th being unlucky, is finally being addressed.  This is just another sign that we are experiencing events that can only be described as biblical.  Remember that in February of 2016, the Roman and Russian churches ended their thousand-year schism.  Will the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian schisms be next to end?  Maybe we will find out soon.

Anyway, now the Templars will be merging with the Knights of Malta, and this will “provide access for the Templars to the Vatican itself,” according to Andrew Heim, of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, aka the Templars.  Furthermore, the Templars will be given “access to the inner sanctum of the Abrahamic religions, seen with the access afforded to the Vatican and to the Holy Land.  In addition, this inner sanctum will include access to the controversial Prieure de Sion made popular by Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code…” says Heim.

This event is just the latest sign of a fundamental change of direction for Western civilization away from war and toward peace and development, according to these sources.  If all goes well, trillions of dollars will soon be made available to both pay off debt of the U.S. government and the private sector, as well as finance a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and turn the planet earth into the paradise it is meant to be, the sources say.  This is now being talked about in public by Western leaders and reported on in the corporate media.  Remember, you read it here first.

The earth alliance fighting to free humanity from Babylonian debt slavery is also winning on multiple fronts, with senior satanic cabalists dying, disappearing, or losing power at an accelerating pace.  CIA sources are now confirming, for example, that Jacob Rothschild was killed by a suicide attack on his helicopter in November of last year was killed by a suicide attack on his helicopter in November of last year.  If this is true, he joins David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros, and many other leaders of the collapsing old regime.  The top satanist still in power is now Benyamin Netanyahu of Israel, who is being indicted on multiple counts of corruption and will most likely be killed before he can testify about multiple war crimes such as the Fukushima mass murder attack on Japan.

With most top-ranked cabalists now out of the picture, lower-tier ones are being targeted.  That is why casino mogul Steve Wynn (Weinberg) was forced to resign, ostensibly for reasons of sexual harassment, Pentagon sources note.  Now Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has “been exposed for enabling a corrosive misogynistic culture, and may be lifetime suspended and forced by the NBA to sell his team,” the sources say.  Another cabal powerbroker in trouble is Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, who failed to get an endorsement from her own party to run for re-election.

The Pentagon and P2 Freemason sources, among others, say the removal of senior and junior cabal leaders is coinciding with growing evidence that some sort of secret space war is being waged to liberate this planet.  Pentagon sources, for example, are saying the cabal’s “space fleet was destroyed over Nevada.”  A video apparently showing part of this reported destruction can be seen here:

Also, a submarine base in Papua, New Guinea was destroyed by energy weapons and was thus “prevented from setting off the Yellowstone caldera,” the sources say.  This was the base from which the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear and tsunami attack on Japan was staged.  A look at the epicenter of the earthquake, 6.08 S and 142.70 E on Google Earth, reveals some rather strange objects.

The UK, which is not known for earthquakes, has also experienced 21 earthquakes in the past 50 days and the seismographs bear the hallmark signs of artificial quakes.  Pentagon sources say the quakes are caused by the ongoing destruction of cabal underground bases in Wales and Ireland.

Also, Canadian Secret Intelligence Service officials say the anonymous “Q” posts being looked at now by 20 million people are part of a military intelligence battle against the deep state.  He says U.S. President Donald Trump is preparing for disclosure about the secret space program.  The articles at these links supports this view:

In any case, back here on earth, the latest staged mass shooting event by the cabal in the U.S. is turning into a major disaster for the cabal and their propaganda media, as the story unravels despite desperate attempts by CNN and Google to censor the truth about crisis actors, etc.  “The false flag attack at the predominantly Jewish Parkland High School, whose victims by the way don’t exist according to public records, was another attempt to grab the guns from the American citizens,” according to a Jewish CIA source.  The source explains that they could not find any birth certificates for the so-called victims.

“The cabal anti-gun distraction backfired, as corporations like MetLife, Chubb, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Hertz that dumped the NRA after the Parkland shooting may face massive boycotts from non-NRA gun owners and military veterans, as the NRA gains even more members,” Pentagon sources add.

Furthermore, “In a smack-down to frivolous Israeli lawfare, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Rubin versus Iran, ruled 8-0 that Jewish victims of a Jerusalem 1997 suicide bombing cannot collect from Iran by seizing its museum artifacts in Chicago,” they point out.

The cabal is also losing on many fronts in the financial war.  The latest move against them was the issuance of an oil-backed cryptocurrency by Venezuela which has already raised $735 million for that country on its first day of pre-sale.  “It must be a smart move on Maduro’s side, as it is making the deep state very nervous,” a CIA source pointed out.

Russia and Turkey are also preparing to issue cryptocurrencies as a way to counteract U.S. sanctions, the CIA source notes.  With ASEAN also moving to nationalize cabal-owned central banks and China starting gold-backed yuan oil futures trading, soon only Japan, Israel, and part of the U.S. will remain under any form of cabal financial control.

The military government in the U.S. will continue to battle against the cabal until it is fully defeated, Pentagon sources promise.  When we see a jubilee announced and carried out, we will know the American people will be finally freed.  Right now, though, 77 million Americans are being hounded by private debt collectors and many are being placed in privately owned prisons for debts as small as $28, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.  Why aren’t these debt collectors being jailed?  Why aren’t the slaves in the private prison network being freed?

On a final note, we can report this week that the White Dragon Society (WDS) is now engaged in high-level negotiations with the U.S. military-industrial complex, the P2 Freemasons, Asian secret societies, the Russians, and others to prepare the planet for final liberation from the cabal.

Although there is a lot we cannot make public at this time, we can say that trillions of dollars will be made available for Western countries to clean up their act.  We can also say there is not going to be any single one-world currency, and there will not be any fascist world government.  However, the WDS has been told that unless humanity achieves world peace, the quarantine on planet earth will not be lifted.  This is why it is important for the entire planet to achieve Korean reunification and end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

If we play our cards right, what unfolds over the coming year or so will be something that historians will be writing about for thousands of years.  We have a very real chance of ending thousands of years of human slavery and starting a new age.

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  • Thank you Ben, for your article. One of the reasons I read your articles is, you have a way of bringing out the brighter side of news. The Hope. Let me interject some balance. First, Friday the thirteenth was invented by Aleister Crowley (sex majick and The Shriners who are effectionately refered to by the masons as the wife swapping club) when he was a failed writer. Second, the divide between Judiasm and muslim and chritianity as religions will always remain divided. That is not to say the masses of muslims coming to a knowledge and faith of Jesus Christ (Yeshua) are giving their hearts daily. Why? Because the Koran states that the word is god, the word created the universe and Yeshua known as jesus is the word. The jews, well their leadership has kept them from knowing truth because their leadership come from Khazar, you know Rev: 2 and 3, and we all know the story behind the Khazars. Third, The Book of Daniel speaks of 7 beasts, each beast is a kingdom or world empire. Babylon, Medo/Persia, Greece, Rome and Papal Rome. Papal Rome rose from out of the Sea or the Holy See, (who reigned for 1260 years – 1290 from its inception and blessed is the man how makes it through that time period and because God has no grand childeren the verse must be refering to the corporate Christ and not one particular human being) America (the De Jure Government) is not, the United States Corporation arose out of the multitudes of the the Ground, “Built from the Ground up so to speak. Then satan is cast into the abyss for one thousand years and cannot decieve the nations of the earth during that period. My guess is that has already happened. Because all the mechanism for deciet are falling apart and everything thing is being questioned now and an enforceable lean has been put on the Vatican requiring satan and his followers to be bonded or bound. Paul’s claim in his court case in The Book of Acts which crossed just about every jurisdiction known on earth has gone unrebutted for 2000 years now. Look to Rev chapter 17 with particular attention to verse sixteen and I think you will find we are watching this unfold. Lastly, the decision to quit the findings of Noah’s Ark was stifled and quited, when it was realized that the existance of the Ark on Mnt Ararat would destroy every world religion but the People of the Way, and cause chaos world wide that is why Carter was told to keep it quite and all documentories in the late 70’s were stopped until people were ready to recieve it. Hence the battle rages for the mind of man.

    • Steve, sadly mate, you couldnt be wrong on Crowley and friday the 13th. Its superstitious origin is much older than Crowley. Much older. As for the Sex Magick practices, yes you are correct. As Barbara Bush is the product of one of these “parties”. Where Crowley is the father
      As for other things you state here, fair play. But in Islam, Jesus was a seen as a prophet. As for the biblical nonsense, it is just that, NONSENSE.
      The facts are, the Jesuits wrote the bible, in an attempt to justify their end goals, along with the game. (The Great Work of AGES). Hence why it has been constantly amended
      Masonary, which is basically Ancient Egyptian magick, is a control system. And it becomes more sinister as the climb up the levels goes on.
      Ask yourself , why was most of the bible about Jesus written over 300 years after his alleged death? Now read/research the Council of Nicea. These were Babylonian Majicians. Who invented the story of CHrist in 323 AD. The Modern Day council of Nicea is the Jesuit Vatican. Supported by Freemasonry. The crusades as well as the inquisition. Were all designed to steal and remove Magick from the public hands. Keeping it as the hidden elites control system. Does it make sense why they build churches and prisons on Ley Lines? The christian mass is a Black Magick rite. So, by doing ritual of negativity into the Earths power lines, which have vibrational affect on all of us.
      Now back to Crowley. He claimed when in Egypt in 1903, to have channelled the Book of Law from an entity known as Aiwass. The book of law became the “bible” or foundation of Crowleys Thelema. Aiwass sated that it was part of the current rulers of the world. Of which, Crowley said of Aiwass was his Guardian Angel. There was another name given to his gaurdian angel. This was Baphomet. He also refered to himself as the The Great Breast 666. During a court appearance, he was asked what did the great beast 666 mean. He stated, It just means little sunshine. Sunshine, or light, however, this pertains to, the Light Bringer. The Light bringer is what the Christians are worshipping, but do not realise it. except for of course, those at the top of command chain. Too much to cover in a small window. But you get the idea

      • After having met one of the reasearchers of the dead sea scrolls wich the entire book of Isaiah was found. It ptedates the Holy Roman Empire by 300 years. They found two mistakes in the copied manuscript, on display in Israel today, The book was actualy written almost 700 years prior to that. Predating the Holy Roman Empire by another 1100 years. There are at least 24,000 more literary comparison tests made, the most notable of any other book. Voltaire comes in at a close tie of 8. Eight literary comparisons. Who’s house is now being used as bible distrubution center. We all know how he felt about the bible. Moses wrote the first 5 books. Predating the notion of the the society of jesus(son of zues) whos correct name is yeshua, by almost 2 mellenia. Now, would you like to know the history of gold before the masons, the brotherhood of light and keepers of the truths of god in the word, were infiltrated by the rothschild family? The history of gold that Neil Keenan has never told and what M1 is suppossed to represent and why that came about. I concede that the bible has been distorted by the jesuits, the big one is rapture and dispensationalism, among others things like evolution, big bang and many many more. To that end Paul who’s international claim stands unrebutted for 2000 years, said: the church has already been infiltrated. The fifth kingdom of the earth has made it apparent that the bible can be used as a weapon for people who cannot read it for them selves. So come to the cross and ask the Lord to come into your life and bless you, your family, your friends, and experience what happens what happens. Just ask today. Bless you.

  • yes I am well aware of the council of nicea, and would refer you to 1 century historians to refure those claims.

    • Steve, Please give names of said 1st century historians. It would be interesting to see how they conflict with actual text from that time, namely, the Dead Sea Scrolls.
      Or is it safe to assume they are Jesuits or jesuit sponsored?

  • As always with Bens “updates”, is the glaringly obvious inconsistencies. He has stated for a while, that all debt will be forgiven. But now he is saying that this mysterious gold mountain will be used to pay the debts off with.
    So the banksters that hold us to ransome will still get their payday. Despite it being money created out of thin air.
    And thousands of people hang off his every word. Discernment people. It works wonders. Especially with totally conflicting “updates” and pushing the cabal agenda at times. Makes you wonder.

    But nothing will ever happen, until we the people stand up and demand it. Which is something none of these bloggers ever promote. Wondered why yet??????????????

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