Benjamin Fulford: Paris psy-ops is part of ongoing moves towards world government

Benjamin Fulford

By Benjamin Fulford

The giant psychological warfare operation, where “ISIS terrorists” allegedly killed over a hundred people in Paris, on Friday the 13th, November, 2015, was just part of ongoing horse trading towards a world government.

To understand this, let us look at some key events surrounding the events in Paris.

First of all, the fact that thousands of witnesses all carrying video phones were unable to record the events of that day alone proves it was just a massive propaganda event, NSA and other sources agree. In addition, all 8 security camera feeds to the areas where the supposed massacres took place had been shut off, implying high level cooperation from the French security police, CIA sources say.

Next, let us look at what has resulted from this event. France has implemented martial law and closed its borders. This is classic Gladio strategy whereby a manufactured terror incident is used to implement a military government.

Furthermore, the French have been pushing, through their proxy Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, to replace the US dollar with the IMF’s SDR. This is to be decided at a meeting on November 30th.

November 30th is also the day when 120 or so world leaders, including those of Russia, the US and China, are to gather in Paris to “discuss global warming.” As anybody who actually checks facts knows, “global warming” has nothing to do with scientific truth and everything to do with forming a world government. The idea is to finance this world government with a global “carbon tax.” The world itself is not warming and even if it was it would be due to solar cycles and not CO2.

However, the events in Paris and unreported but even more dramatic events in the Middle East are, nonetheless, part of some very serious infighting between various factions struggling to dominate the world government that is being negotiated.

There is also conflicting evidence about exactly who staged the events in Paris and other similar psy-ops that are appearing with increasing regularity.

The Russians, still furious about the shooting down of their airplane on Halloween (October 31st), say it was the same people behind that as were behind the events in Paris. Russian President Vladimir Putting is saying he will “not deal with the dog that has bitten him, it is the owner of the dog who will be held responsible.”

According to the Russians the owner of this particular “dog,” is the Vanguard Corporation and their subsidiary Raytheon. The owners of this corporate holding company are being systematically hunted down by the Russians.

As well as this, there is now a Chinese, Russian, Iranian and Pentagon operation underway in the Middle East that is destroying the power base of the Khazarian mafia and their Israeli slave regime. The massive defeats being faced by the Khazarians and their ISIS subsidiary in the Middle East are of historical significance.

The Russians say “‘Putin’* bombed several ISIS oil-producing companies and a motorcade with oil that was already bought by ISIS business partners, and ‘Maniac Putin’ bombed ISIL refineries.” In other words they have started attacking the owners of ISIS in their wallets where it really hurts. They say this is just a beginning.

Pentagon and CIA sources agree with the Russians that the Khazarian mafia and their proxy Israel are reeling under unprecedented attack. Inside Syria, government forces have recaptured Aleppo, the second largest city in that country. In addition, ISIS have lost the city of Ramadi and the town of Sinjar in Iraq…

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Fulford’s  full report will be posted on Thursday…

Benjamin Fulford has worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, the International Financing Review, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun English edition, and the South China Morning Post before moving to Forbes magazine, where he was the Asian Bureau chief from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports pursued scandals in the Japanese government and business world. After leaving Forbes he wrote a series of books in Japanese some of which became best sellers, and began publishing on the internet.

Source: Benjamin Fulford — Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis


  • I do not understand why nobody seems to even wan to tell the truth.
    Like Benjamin Fulford, for example. He chooses to side with japanese maffia.

    As long as people don’t talk about the ET component that is crucial in any debate or article, they’re lying.
    ET’s rule this planet. Evil ET’s. And they rape, torture and murder humans on an industrial scale as i write this.
    I have seen those horrors. Humans are NOT number one in the food chain!
    Without explicitly talking about it and discussing this horrible reality we live in, we are pretty much screwed as a race.
    I want everybody who knows about the et’s to come forward and if they don’t, i consider them enemies of the human race and therefore i have given myself the right to kill them.
    Because they hate humans. They kill us. They rape us. They torture us.
    And i want it to stop.
    So, all politicians, journalists or anybody else who doesn’t explicitly mention in any conversation or article that we are being oppressed by horrible et’s and that we need to liberate ourselves from them, is a traitor and deserves to be treated as such.
    If you think this is not polite, you are right.
    And if you have a non violent manner to liberate us, please tell me.
    But i don’t see any other method than to end the lives of the ones that hate us so much that they stuff our children with vaccinations, etc.

  • Here’s a nice little tidbit for Ben Fulford concerning the P2 lodge:

    “Giuseppe Garibaldi, a thirty-third degree Mason and Grand Master of Italy, had led the rebellion in the Italian wars of unification. The Mafia, up until then a secret society resisting foreign rule in Sicily, supported him. The Mafia formed an underground government in Sicily and used criminal acts to undermine the foreign occupation. When Italy was unified, the Mafia became the underground terrorist and criminal movement it is today.

    One of the most notorious Freemason lodges was also based in Italy. It was known as P2 and it controlled the Vatican. ” – The Robot’s Rebellion (1994) by David Icke

    The rest of the book up to this page details the massive amount of bloodshed brought on Europe and the New World by the Christian faith started by Saul of Tarsus and their torture and execution of those who channeled information other than what the Church approved through the Office of Inquisition (today the Holy Office). The book estimates up to 100 million dead when including New World native Americans.

    It was Albert Pike who said that the central tenets of Freemasonry must be following the ‘purity’ of Luciferian doctrine. He also predicted how WW3 would turn out.

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