Benjamin Fulford Responds to Reader’s Comments

Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford responds to reader’s comments regarding his latest report: As promised, the Illuminati offer a carved up Turkey for thanksgiving while world leaders talk gas in Paris

Subject: RE: Ben, I have to admit…this poster calls BS on parts of your report and I have to agree with him

Benjamin Fulford: See my answer below.

Okay. Ben. Man. Why do you give credence to the Global Warming/climate change fraud. Chemtrails, nuclear waste, and factory and farming river run off are the real ecological threats. All the global warming data results were faked, and the globes been cooling due to lower Sun activity. i became a Fulfordian back when you and David Wilcock said DRAKE was vetted by you two and that there was a credible rebellion brewing in the U.S. that was to imminently lead to arrests of bankers and corrupt politicians. I forgave you two over the Drake scam….this garbage about Canada “bidding” on taking over the U.S., BS. TURKEY BEING PARTIALLY DISMANTLED.? There are moves RIGHT NOW to admit Turkey into NATO. The Paris talks are Cabal strategy meetings to promote World Dictatorship and a funding mechanism “carbon tax” paid to a PRIVATELY OWNED carbon exchange. Owned by Al Gore, George Soros, the Rothschilds and the “British Royal Family” while the “refugee crisis” serves to dilute the formerly hegemonic cultures of western nations in order to cripple them and make them BEG for world dictatorship.

Benjamin Fulford: First of all Turkey is already a member of NATO. What is happening is that they are about to be kicked out of Nato according to my sources, who have been pretty accurate in the past.

Second, the cabal was divided into “War on terror” and “global warming” factions. The war on terror folk are like robbers with guns. The global warming folk are like sophisticated con artists. So, as I keep repeating, let us have a revolution and clean up all the financial organized crime that is ruining the planet.

Subject: RE: Ouch…your blog is really hitting back this week Ben

More Hopium and Change from Ben this week….

“Meanwhile in Europe, the moderate faction of the cabal that has been running the West has gathered over 140 world leaders to Paris for two weeks to try to force them to come up with a solution to “global warming.” While it is unfortunate these people feel the need to lie about global warming to justify their plans, they nonetheless are trying to come up with a way to force corporations to pay for any eco-systems they destroy. They are also hoping to come up with a way to make it profitable to rebuild or create new forests and nature preserves. It is a sign the old world order is realizing how much damage their politico-economic systems have done to the planet. It may be too little, too late but at least it shows they are finally waking up to the enormous harm they have done.”

Couple of questions for readers here…

A) If it has been the moderate faction that has been running the West, and we consider the mess we are currently in, why does anyone believe any solutions they come up with will be valid? It also suggests that our “democratic system” of government has long been a massive fraud.

Benjamin Fulford: As I have long said, “throw the bums out.” Right now though, the reality is that they are in charge and I report the world as it is, not as I wish it to be.

B) So world leaders are to be forced to come up with a solution to a non-existent problem, which will include global taxes, global government and global environmental police forces. What could possibly go wrong?

Benjamin Fulford: The White Dragon Society is offering an alternative plan which calls for a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction financed by money created by nationalized central banks controlled by the people.

C) These same “moderate” elements in France are shutting down free speech – something happening across the West – and arresting anyone who might get in the way of implementing their global fascist empire. But they have our interests at heart.

Benjamin Fulford: Yes, what we are seeing in France is fascist coup d’etat.

D) Warfare does more environmental damage – not to mention human and spiritual damage – than almost anything – we all breathe Depleted Uranium exploded in Iraq and Afghanistan – and yet all these same nations seem to have no problem with that exercise. And yet these same seemingly psychopathic “leaders” at the same time care about the planet? Please….

Benjamin Fulford: Agreed, we need to start rounding these people up and putting them in jail where they belong.

E) We already see stories talking about meat rationing and water rationing to satisfy the demands of the “global warming” fanaticists, telling me this global warming movement is ultimately about eugenics plain and simple, and it is run by the same “moderate” factions who got us here. In addition to the financial austerity we have lived with or the past 8 years we now get energy austerity, which will make just being alive prohibitively expensive. Congrats at trying to justify whatever they come up with as beneficial to us all. I knew you would do that.

Benjamin Fulford: All I am doing is reporting what they are saying and trying to do. Of course there is no global warming and it is a shame these leaders feel a need to lie to the people of the world about that.

F) And the Pentagon, which avoided as government policy hurting ISIS – which of course the US government created and repeatedly armed – is now turning against ISIS?? That seems a very real stretch.

Benjamin Fulford: Clearly ISIS is run by a faction in the military industrial complex. This faction consists of the private mercenary armies created by Bush and Rumsfeld with the $3 trillion or whatever it was that went “missing” from the Pentagon.

Come on people, does this ring true for you at all?

Ben, you have always maintained since Fukushima that it has had no negative impact on Japan. Now there are countless examples of how the Pacific Ocean is literally dying, showing you are wrong about that, not to mention the explosion of cancers in Japan. Having followed your work for years, I should have clued in when Drake blew up that you are just a successful disinformation agent.

Benjamin Fulford: Have you been to the Pacific ocean and checked for yourself? It is just fine. The stores are full of the same delicious fish as always. Fukushima is just a giant trauma based mind control psychological warfare operation and too bad you got suckered by it.

I think it is clear you are no longer a journalist but instead a writer of science fiction novelettes to an audience of mindless Star Wars fans. It also raises many questions about the validity of ANY information presented here. Again, if you justify what is going on, you support it, despite your tone that may suggest otherwise. The worst form of lie is a lie with elements of truth in it. Really makes me wonder; are you stupid, or are you just so determined to support yourself in this way that you really don’t care what you write as long as you don’t lose readers?

Benjamin Fulford: Here you are slandering me and you could be sued for big money if I was the suing type of guy. If you call me a liar, you had better be prepared to back up your words. What lie exactly are you accusing me of?

Source: Benjamin Fulford’s Blog

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  • In the late 1800’s a scientist discovered that when there was a seasonal increase in carbon dioxide the atmosphere absorbed more infrared light (the hottest light). In infrared light the planet is darker when there is more carbon dioxide in the air. It’s very simple physics, more CO2= more absorption of light. Denialists blast the climatologists for saying there is global warming and that most of it is man-made. But rarely discussed is the Paleontology evidence. During one of my Zoology classes in College in the late 1960’s a student asked the professor if there were more jungles in the dinosaur era. He replied that during the Jurassic and Triassic dinosaur eras there were more jungles and hot deserts in the world because there was more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
    Another factor in the pause in warming has been the chemtrail geoengineering over North America and Europe. Aluminum, barium and strontium nanoparticles have been put in jet fuel to cause a cooling effect by radiating some of the sun light back into space.
    Kristen Meghan was an Air Force Bio-Environmental Engineer who had access to the lists of all materials being brought into the Air Force base as part of her safety checks. She noticed that large amounts of aluminum, barium and strontium particles were being brought into the base and being put into the jet fuel. When she went and complained to the Commanding Officer that this was toxic material that shouldn’t be used in such a way he got angry and told her unless she shut up about this that he had the power to have her committed to a mental hospital for six months.
    During the Permian extinction, an earlier extinction than the dinosaur extinction and worse, there was 1000 kilometers of volcanoes in Siberia producing massive amounts of greenhouse gases. The ocean got hot and the cool-warm circulation stopped and with much less oxygen in the ocean the deep ocean anaerobic that doesn’t use oxygen began to grow on the surface and put out toxic sulfur gas creating a dead zone in most of the ocean and poisoning the air for land creatures as well. 85-90% of life died on Earth. A large study of the plastic pellets in the Atlantic Ocean showed that the deep ocean bacteria has started living at the surface of the ocean by living on the surface of the small plastic pellets that form from the massive plastic pollution in the oceans. Also BP announced during their Gulf petroleum blowout that the deep ocean bacteria (on the surface of the ocean) were eating the petroleum. Some would say that’s a good thing but no, at a lower amount of global warming than the Permian Extinction dead zones will grow in the oceans and the air go toxic with sulfur gas by 2100. Already there are growing dead zones in the ocean not associated with agricultural runoff such as off Alaska and Namibia in Southwest Africa. Anaerobic bacteria are growing on the surface of the ocean there perhaps because of nearby petroleum industry leaks.

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