Benjamin Fulford: The cabal is being systematically dismantled so “Just watch as it unfolds,” Pentagon says.

Benjamin Fulford

(Benjamin Fulford) This is what a top Pentagon person has to say about the ongoing take-down of the Khazarian mafia: “Just Watch is as it unfolds. You will be tempted to get a pitchfork ready here and there but, just leave it in the closet. All should be accomplished without a shot being fired if everything goes according to plan.”

The key event to trigger all this was the deal between Russia, England, China, France, the United States, Germany and Iran to ensure Iran had the right to peacefully develop nuclear power without developing nuclear bombs. The fact of the matter is, according to two members of the Iranian Royal Family, that the Bush family sold neutron bomb tipped nuclear missiles to Iran years ago. The Iranians tried to give the weapons back to the Obama regime but were rebuffed, according to senior CIA sources.

In any case, the Iran nuclear accord means that a 30-year old campaign by the Khazarian mafia and their slave politicians in Washington and Tel Aviv to use Iran to start a world war has ended.

There is a huge ongoing attempt by the Khazarian mafia in Washington to try to overturn the agreement with Iran but, Senators and Congressmen who try to betray their own people will find themselves facing criminal charges of treason and accepting bribes from Israel, a foreign country.

Now US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is visiting Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to…

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Note: Ben’s cracking down on the post sharing, so I’m choosing to respect his wishes and will publish the full report on Thursday morning.

Source: Benjamin Fulford — Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis

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  • ‘….If everything goes to plan.’

    Those of us who have been following the independent media should know nothing ever goes to plan. Even Wilcock made mistakes that scuttled the mass arrest plan. Pardon my cynicism.

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