Benjamin Fulford: Was Christianity invented?

By Benjamin Fulford

Did the Flavian Caesars invent Christianity to control the people?

I know you’re an investigative reporter and come across all kinds of sources.  I’d love to have your opinion.

Yes, the P2 people in Italy told me they invented it to control the slaves.

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  • Look for the Council Of Nicea. They were the architects of Christanity. I think the year was 323 AD. Hence why most of what is the book the bible, was written 300 years after the allged life of Christ.

    The Council of Nicea were of Babylonian origin. You just have to look at the christain mass for hard evidence it is a Black Magick rite. The cross is the four cardinal points. North South East West.

  • Well Ben, you have been lied too. There are to many histrical proofs, as to the validity of the scriptures that the P2 lodge were not aware of. The reason why the ark on mt ararat was quited in the seventies is, that its very existence would destroy every religion on earth accept the church. When I say church, not catholic. And the fact that I can show you the rebuilding of the temple, not made with hands according to the pattern is finished. Truths that the obvious, liars in the P2 lodge can not be trusted. Are you aware that the bible in its original text is is also their number system. That being said, it does not matter how you slice and dice the scriptures, they are always divisible by seven to a whole prime number. A feat that even by todays technilogical standards is impossible. As there source of power is judged, their power will fail, can you not see it failing already? Thank you Ben, I learned a lot, but I am sorry, I feel as if I have wasted my time now.

    • he didn’t say everything in the bible was a lie. he’s saying the religion was created to control the slaves. sorry, you can’t handle reality. but it is what it is. no one is coming to save our asses and people need to grow up and take responsibility for their lives and this planet. the Abrahamic religions cause nothing but wars, death, & destruction. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

      • STACY, Spot on, well said. I agree no one is coming to our rescue. And that it is WE THE PEOPLE, that need to stand up and sort this. But as you are aware, too many hang off bloggers words, believing them to be true. Despite nothing they have ever said has materialised.

        Ive got to say, the bible is a lie. From the King James 5th version to the modern day bible, there are over 20,000 deliberate mis prints and rewordings.
        Despite all this, it is still a book written by man, for the subjication of man. ALl religions are a sham. But the messaih programming for the many is too strong

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