Interesting information and worth a listen. Discernment advised, as always. — Ed.

In this segment, we cover the impending passage of the binary system, what to expect, Spiritual and physical preparation aspects, Lauda’s first hand experiencing of the Holographic construct, the role of 5G + agendas, remote viewing a high level celebrity briefed on the system, an Australian astrophysicist kin confirmation disclosure + more!

Part 1

Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, we further discuss aspects of the Binary passage effects, the ‘New earth’, the TransPlanting, the elements of the antiverse/anti-creation + more personal witnessing of relative events.

We must emphasize that the El-ites do not invest trillions of dollars over decades building and expanding deep underground base networks for hoax events, irregardless of what technologies they may themselves employ as part of ‘end time’ events.

‘Biblical plagues really happened say scientists’

This article omits much, though is a reference point for examining the scientific studied effects that led to ‘exodus’.- GL…


This object goes by many names.. The Egyptians called it the “Terrible Comet”

The civilizations of South and Central American called it the “Sky Serpent”

The Hopi Indians called it “Sasquasohah”

The Babylonians called it “Marduk”

The Chinese called it “The Red Dragon”

The Sumerian’s called it Nibiru or Planet of the Crossing.

Other civilizations called it “The Winged or Horned Disk”, “The Destroyer”, “The Death Comet” among others.”

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