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Sources say Bill Clinton is in rough shape. .

Sources close to the Clinton family say that Slick Willy, 40th President of the United States and perpetual cheater, will be lucky to make it through the end of the week. The Clinton family, including extended relatives and members of the Rodham clan, have been filing into Little Rock all week where Bill is reportedly bedridden at the residence attached to his presidential library.

The fact that they’re booking rooms and sticking around most likely means they’re expecting to have to stay for a funeral. The Clintons have said that they would refuse any state burial or national ceremony if anything were to happen to them during the Trump administration as they are afraid of what he may say during the service. According to a Clinton spokesman:

“Donald Trump is mean and vindictive. If something were to happen to one of the Clintons, he could demand to speak at a national service and who knows what kind of disrespect would come out of his childish mouth.”

If the rumors are true, a service would be held at the Arkansas State House after Clinton spends two days lying in state in the arboretum at his library. The Trump family would not be invited.

This is a developing story that will be updated.

Source: USA Politics Today

The Event Chronicle Editor Note: I would treat this one as rumor until more information becomes available. I did some checking and there is indeed a private residence atop the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Inside Bill Clinton’s secret ‘executive suite’ above library

The top floor of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum is dominated by a 5,000-square-foot private residence that is strictly off limits to the public.

The apartment atop the 153,779-square-foot library is for the exclusive use of the Clinton family and looks out over the Arkansas River and the city of Little Rock, Ark.

The “executive suite,” as it is called in city records, was completed at the same time as the $165 million library in November 2004.

New York Post, 2016

Bill Clinton was at the Presidential Center on Sunday, April 23, 2017 when he posted this tweet on his official Twitter Page:

There are numerous hotels in the vicinity of the Clinton Presidential Center… (I noticed one is even named  the Albert Pike Residence Hotel… bottom left corner of map).

Many people noticed that Bill was not looking well during the presidential election.


Continues from USA Politics Today…

Bill Clinton Calls Reporter So He Can ‘Die With A Clean Conscience’

By Conservative Army

The City of Little Rock is filling up with members of the Clinton family as they reportedly prepare for the final departure of Wiliam Jefferson Clinton from this earth.

What they didn’t know is that while they prepare to say goodbye, President Clinton has been making his own arrangements.

A reporter for a small paper in Limerick, the first to ever interview Clinton when he was running for governor, has been called to the Clinton Presidential Library to interview the ailing former commander-in-chief.

The interview, which will be an exclusive, is being held so Clinton can “die with a clean conscience.”

Whether that means he’s going to confess to all of his affairs, to his dirty dealings over Whitewater or to the numerous coverups he and his wife have been involved in over the years remains to be seen.

Hopefully he can put to rest the questions left for too many families of dead reporters, aides and friends who came just a little bit too close to taking down a political dynasty.

We’ll update the story as soon as the details of the interview are released.

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  • is this the place that Trey Gaudy sent the two investigators with a search warrant to raid? Is this s why the two investigators were murdered and buried in a pile of leaves? Is Slick Willie and family trying to add as many more victims to their body count-going out in a blazing glory of gore??? How many more victims more before they are gone????

  • To combine issues such as Clintons presidency health and marital unfaithfulness as well as who will speak at his funeral Trump and waiting for his death is all in poor taste and very disrespectful. Puts the writer I. The same category as the mean and vindictive Trump you write about. What a shame. How can anyone sit around waiting to report the death of a President hoping their story will be first? How deplorable and might I say greedy?

    • @ EVA if you love this miserable criminal so much why don’t you follow him to HELL WHICH IS THE PLACE HE VERY MUCH DESERVES. SATAN IS ALREADY WATING FOR HIM

    • With many of us, myself included, eight years of moral outrage, disgust, revulsion, and quite honestly, bitter hatred over-rule common decency that we would apply to the passing of most anyone else. I am not saying that we are right, but that is just the way we feel.

  • It is more likely a gathering of the shadow government to plan the cou de’ tat on the American government, if obama shows up I would bet this is what it is.

  • There have been so many times when we imagined that we had reason to believe that this hideous monster was past and done one way or another. Every time he resurged. I will have to get it from more sources than this one before I will give it serious credibility.

  • The depths that people have sunk to in these days is just disgusting! A man lays sick and possibly dying and THESE are the terrible comment? What has happened to compassion and forgiveness. The very same people claim to be “Christians?” Jesus must be disgusted!

  • Maybe Danny will finally get his pay day. They should saw off his head after he dies to do the dna match.

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