Billy Carson: Secrets of the Emerald Tablets Revealed

Is there a Space craft hidden beneath the Sphinx? We caught up with Billy Carson and talked about his soon-to-be-released book “Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets”.

Billy talks about the amazing technology related in the tablets, and that Thoth said there is a spacecraft hidden beneath the Great Sphinx of Egypt! We also had a few laughs about Flat Earth! Enjoy!

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  • Thoth; the Fallen Annunaki Atlantean who betrayed his ‘Emerald Covenant Contract’ around 25,500 BC; stole CDT plate #11 (there are 12 CDT Plates) and created in written form, the ‘Emerald Tablets of Thoth’; teachings that were at the time, only to be taught in traditional oral fashion. There is also a perversion to Thoth’s Merkaba teachings. What Thoth teaches is a Base 11 reverse Merkaba perversion set up by the Thoth-Enki-Zephelium or Alpha-Omega Templar Melchizedek Annunaki races. These reverse merkaba teachings, among other things, teachings to lock into place, the internal D-1 Merkabah Field within the tailbone. This Merkaba should rotate and should not be ‘stationary’. This ‘fixed’ tailbone Merkabah Field is the mark of Nibiruian Merkabah-Reversal that keeps the physical body literally locked into its present time-vector and unable to achieve Stargate passage.

    We must keep digging into history. Just because something is 2 or 3 thousand years old doesn’t necessarily make it truth. There was just as much ‘deceit’ going on back then as we have today. We need to be more discerning with our findings….

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