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Editor Note: To everyone screaming “Fake News” I’m shocked and appalled that you fell for the mainstream media’s latest scare tactic. You need to turn off your TV. Their campaign is obviously working because you are unwittingly shilling for the mainstream now. You are being brainwashed and being good little parrots attacking alternative news.

This is not a news item. This is “intel”. As with all intel, you need to use your own discernment. If you don’t know the difference between news and intel then this is not the website for you. Please go directly to CNN and do not come back.

The Soros heart attack report is from 5 days ago. This newest blurb from Fulford came out late last night. The only source saying the heart attack is a hoax is Snopes. Snopes is NOT a reliable source of information (do some research on them and you’ll see why). The only way to verify this information is to keep your eye on the news to see if Soros appears in public. To everyone saying this is fake, prove it… without using Snopes as your source.

Fulford has been wrong before, so we’ll need to see if Soros shows up in the next couple of days.

The last time Soros was seen in public was Sunday, November 13th at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington for a meeting with Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison.

You know how I know that? It’s called research. It’s not that hard, you guys.

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By Benjamin Fulford

I just received this from my White Hat contact in DC who is with the Agency.

“The word is out that Soros is dead. It is being discussed at the Pentagon as well. He was taken out. One by one the Bush/Clinton/crime syndicate is being removed. I will update you as I have more data”.

Benjamin Fulford has worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, the International Financing Review, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun English edition, and the South China Morning Post before moving to Forbes magazine, where he was the Asian Bureau chief from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports pursued scandals in the Japanese government and business world. After leaving Forbes he wrote a series of books in Japanese some of which became best sellers, and began publishing on the internet.

Source: Benjamin Fulford


  • Or might as well be alive and he himself faked his death in order to escape from retaliation or prison and to continue his war from the safe shadow.

  • I want proof that Sores is dead, some info you print is what proof do you have? It could all be BS. Maybe he moved to Qatar, no extradition.

  • This definitely requires confirmation. Fulford also reported Hillary Clinton was dead not too long ago, and I’m pretty sure he was way off on that one.

    • Maybe not. It is also reported that when she was arrested & put in that black limo., she was later put into a clone which takes about 4 days, hence the fake videos of her supposedly campaigning in Carolina, and the now much younger, slimmer looking body that’s apparently healthy all of a sudden.

  • Hm, that sounds too good to be true. But in the case of being real, it means nothing less than this ugly reptile was cut off its ties to the Plasma strangelet bombs. Cobra mentioned in his latest interview “some progress” as to that was made very recently: “Basically the light forces are working on cutting the tentacles of that entity [Yaldabaoth] from its head and there is some progress being made.” That was imo the one and only acceptable reason why it was “allowed” creating havoc, black treachery and misery as much as it can till this day. It was/is cancer on steroids in the square on two bow legs. The last shit he farted was/is manipulating the electoral college for the prez election on December 19, 2016. Return to the central sun and come back as a diatom.

    Hi editor, I wanna thank you heartily for being one of the last sane and reasonable alternative bloggers. Your colleagues enerchi and Alexandra Meadors are suffering under archonic / cabal pressure praising RV garbage 24/7 or believing that Yaldabaoth is already defeated (“Prime Creator wrote me an e-mail …” Since she skipped her interviews with Cobra her sense of reality is slipping into more and more fantasies. It’s so sad I can’t express … Leaving aside the fact that we aren’t allowed to judge. All the more I’m glad for your steadfastness in spite of suffering financial hardship… But according to Mike Quinsey we will have to wait not longer than 3 months: “within a probable period of 3 months or less there are likely to be events that will overshadow everything else that has taken place so far. ”
    Quinsey’s message is only to find at enerchi’s blog but not at his own blog! He is also under attack …

    • Dear editor,
      obviously you are also targeted by the Archons as any prominent lightworker. Nobody here is screaming – except for yourself. Please, calm down and stay cool, we are not your enemies, the Archons are. They want us being at each other’s throats. They’re yearning for it. Can’t you sense it?

      • The problem began last night on our Facebook page after I posted the item. People were completely freaking out and a bunch of known shills I’ve been keeping an eye on showed up and I had to ban them. The people who post comments on the website are usually pretty level-headed. Social media is a whole different story. My comments are directed at Facebook, not the people who have commented on this article via the website.

        • I see, so you copied your contradiction here to be on the safe side and as a deterrent.

          Many bloggers are targeted at the present time. It’s only a small comfort but you are in good company with famous names like Veronica Keen, Alexandra Meadors and so on. Hope this nightmare will be soon over.

          Nevertheless I wish you will be right concerning Soros.

          • I have been under a direct energy attack for the past two weeks. It’s the reason why I haven’t been posting very much lately. It’s been rough, but I’ve dealt with it before and it’s been a bit better the last two days.

            I apologize for getting so angry, and I do appreciate you calling me on it. It’s helped me to calm down. 🙂

            The shills had me up until midnight, and it was the first thing I woke up to and I lost it. People were posting all sorts of nasty things. My favorite was a giant middle finger that read, “Fuck You!”.

            I don’t know whether or not Soros is dead, and it’s not about being right. I’m cautiously optimistic. Fulford has been wrong plenty of times in the past. My surprise was from people all of the sudden parroting the MSM “fake news” agenda, and people running to Snopes, of all places. This article has received a lot of attention, and that brings out the shills, as well as a whole slew of new people who have never been to this website before and have no idea what we are all about.

            Thanks, Oli. I appreciate you!

          • Thank you for your kind answer. I wish you much love, peace and strength. Warm greetings to Miss Ellie!

          • Oh how sweet, you remembered her name! Haha 🙂 Wishing you the same, my friend.

            PS There was just a big earthquake in Argentina.

            Things are definitely getting interesting.

            Here are some links for those who might not know the significance of Argentina.

            COBRA: “Their plan is to avoid mass arrests at the time of the Event by leaving their strongholds in Texas, crossing the Mexican border, flying from Mexico to Argentina and from there go with submarines to Antarctica into shallow underground base…”

            The Illuminazi faction of the Cabal is trying to flee to Antarctica to avoid arrests

            BREAKING: Underground Bases Reported to be Under Fire, Cabal Being Arrested as They Flee

          • If you’re under directed energy attack, carry some magnets around with you. It throws off the scalar LEO weapons. They have to be strong magnets, the strongest you can find that you can comfortably carry in your pockets. Kerry Cassidy tipped me off on this trick and it works. I grab mine every time I feel I’m being targeted and I notice an improvement usually within a few minutes.

          • That is a great tip. I will try it. I use some pretty good protection techniques and have a crystal protection grid set up around my house, and home office, but it has been quite intense for the last two weeks. It hasn’t been this bad for a couple of years. I identify with being an empath, so these attacks are quite difficult for me. That’s also why I freak out at the negative comments sometimes, because I can vibe off of the negativity and the next thing I know I’m participating in it. Always learning… 😉

          • Sorry, I forgot to wish you well and send some positive energy your way. I know you probably feel like a voice in the wilderness at times, but you have a lot of supporters out here. We’re getting incredibly close, don’t stop now.

          • Thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate it more than you know. When a post goes viral it’s both a blessing and a curse! I’m grateful the information is getting out, but it attracts a lot of new people who have no idea what we’re doing here and they are the ones that usually cause the trouble.

  • Even if this were true (which it probably isn’t… look at the source), these “people” have the ability to activate a new Soros clone and put his soul (if it can even be called a soul) into it, making it seem as though the death never happened. This is why ordinary humans are powerless to stop these lowlifes. You can blow their heads off and they show up again tomorrow in a new body without a scratch.

    • Exactly, how else does one explain Hillary constantly reappearing in a different body? I think you can only clone a person so many times before the DNA becomes compromised. Some of Hillary’s clones lately aren’t even close to the original scag that she is. Just do a timeline of photos and compare. It is too obvious.

    • I set up some auto news alerts and will get notified if Soros is spotted in public. I will let you guys know as soon as I hear anything.

      I know Fulford has been a little sketchy lately, but his regular report will be out Monday and we should know more then.

  • Soros led the Orange Revolution with Nazi Death Squads in Ukraine and is now leading the Purple Revolution here in the United States.

    Adorned in Purple, HildaBeast concession speech makes mention to “Secret Facebook Accounts Need to Come Out”.

    I have a copy of the contents from one of those Secret Facebook Accounts and it explains why the Red Brigade was seen in Austin Texas on 11/19/16.

    Now The NY Times tells us we should “Quit Social Media” while Twitter gives the Muslim Brotherhood “Verified” Status.

    All of a sudden, I get dozens of death threats from Jihadists via Twitter.

    If anybody thinks all of this to be coincidence — then you are better off going back to CNN.

    As far as Soros Death — wouldn’t be surprised. Trump is going to purge the Muslim Brotherhood with Flynn and Pompeo. What better way to start the purge than by eliminating the leading financier to of the Muslim Brotherhood?

    Let’s put the shoe on the other foot — I’ll assume Soros is dead until the Fake Media shows me otherwise.

  • It’s interesting that Soros allegedly died just after this video suddenly reappeared. This is the video in which he admits to a lot a pretty shitty stuff including helping the Nazis in WW2.

    He allegedly spent a lot of money scrubbing this video from existence but someone had a copy stashed somewhere.

    It’s also interesting (off topic) that immediately after that secret Angelina Jolie video (the one in which she admits to taking part in Satanic rituals) came out, Brad Pitt divorced her. That to me seems too much of a coincidence.

  • Good work again editor! Thanks.
    Last night I dreamed about Yaldebaoth. I don’t remember details but felt much better when I woke up. I had a bad thing in my head before.

  • To the Editor,

    if you are under direct energy attack it needs some very special equipment to protect yourself and as a first step you need to precisely identify the kind and parameters of the energy. Please be careful with strong magnets they might have disadvantageous biological effects. Energy that attacks you should be either shielded efficiently with a shield specifically adjusted and formulated to the nature or wave length of the energy, which is very costly and huge in size or one of the most effective and easiest way to protect yourself is to continuously ground yourself. Then the energy will use you as an electric wire just run through you without causing any harm to you.

    I have a tiny equipment with liquid crystal display which shows the amount of grounded energy. Very effective. Good luck. BTW fantastic site thanks a lot for that.

    • Hi Richard, I make an effort to ground myself throughout the day. I have an Earthing pad, and after reading your comments it made me wonder if that might help…? I haven’t used it in a while. I’m going to get it out and try it – couldn’t hurt.

      You know those novelty plasma balls? It may sound silly to some, but after reading some primers on plasma physics, I can confirm that it does indeed help. Cobra tipped me on this one. I have one on my desk and continually ground myself with it through out the day.

      I’ve been feeling better the last couple of days and I think the attack is finally letting up. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your tips with me. Thank you!

      • “novelty plasma balls? It may sound silly to some”

        Not at all for me, not silly.

        “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” Friedrich Nietzsche.

        I will study that. Thanks for the links. My approach to shielding is absolutely technical at this time, biological effects are going to be the next step. I’m still working on it with highly qualified engineer friends. We are on our own and can’t openly discuss all solutions here.

        Soros believes he is a god. He might have the financial power that can make him a god here on earth but not the eyes and the wisdom of a god. Just blind power.
        I heard he is still holding his Hungarian passport.

        Please keep up the good work. I rarely comment but I’m always visiting your site. Thanks again for all your efforts. Wishing good luck and health for the future.

        • That’s one of my favorite quotes.

          I understand the need for privacy, but if you are able to share any information about your work I’m curious to learn more. You can contact me here.

          Thanks so much for your kindness. I appreciate it.

  • First read this on Jim Stone’s website.

    He’s also being cautiously optimistic.

    “There is something suspicious going on, and that is that all the “real” news sources that are saying Soros is alive and well are also saying Soros is not funding the riots, and that Soros does not have anything to do with America’s voting machines.

    They are also saying Soros did not help Hillary and has never consulted with her, and that Soros does not own any foundations that do anything to mess with countries. After they make all of that good and clear, they are saying he’s alive and well, and a really nice guy.

    So we have full confirmation that the MSM is the fake media, whether or not Soros is alive or dead.

    BOTTOM LINE: I won’t say George Soros is dead, but I can certainly prove beyond a doubt that the MSM is fake, and that they can’t be trusted if they say he’s not dead.

    Snopes has been caught in so many confirmed lies we all know what their opinion is worth. Fulford was one of the latest to post on this, and he said an intelligence contact in the U.S. said it is real, and that it was an assassination. In my opinion, with topics like this, Fulford has a higher credibility than snopes.

    Fulford does not like to be blatantly wrong on stuff like this, let’s hope this has a thread of truth.

    At any rate, people need to know about this rumor, and to be skeptical but hopeful.

    On this topic, Mike Rivero at Whatreallyhappened has this to say (but he quoted the MSM link I destroyed the credibility of above.) Even still, this is good:

    “Right now there is a war between the establishment Corporate Media and the new Independent Media. As a result, the internet is being flooded with a tsunami of hoax stories in an effort to trick the Independent Media into making a mistake that the Corporate Media can use to discredit us, or worse, sue us.

    TO ALL MY FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE INDEPENDENT MEDIA! More than at any other time we must exercise extreme caution to verify all stories. Ignore rumors, innuendos, hunches, and flaky chains of supposition. Report on the facts, from sources on the record.

    One such story that is being “pushed” very hard is this allegation of a Clinton-connected pedophile ring. I am being flooded with emails saying I “must” post this story, and that alone is grounds for suspicion! My instincts are telling me this is a setup, to open the door to defamation lawsuits against any Independent Media that accuses any individual of involvement.

    I know the Corporate Media has been a vast wasteland of such rumors and malreporting (especially against Trump these last several months) but if the Independent Media is to survive and grow, we MUST exercise more journalistic professionalism than the Corporate Media has done.

    This is a war, and the other side likes to play dirty. Keep that in mind when a really sensational tidbit gets sent to you!”

    My comment: I have no doubt whatsoever that a huge number of fake news sites have indeed been launched by the MSM for the sole purpose of discrediting alt media. I have kept an eye out for this, which is why a LOT of the “big stories” going around lately have not been posted here.”

    Likewise I am not exactly excited by the news, its a case of wait and see. Of course it would be great if he was dead. That by-product of an unholy relationship between an amphibian and a human has a lot to pay for including the devastation he set off with the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

    • I don’t read Jim Stone as often as I use to. He fell for a 4chan joke during the disappearance of Flight 370, and around the same time a couple of his reports had false information. Maybe it’s time for me to pay more attention to him again.

      Thanks for sharing this one.

      • Another of his problems is he is openly anti-Jewish in his comments. I have had to edit those parts out when quoting him to avoid looking like an uneducated racist bigot.

        Another one that was not trusted by some was his claim that MH17 was indeed MH370 based on the location of a sealed window on a remnant of the aircraft door and fuselage at the Donbass crash site. There’s disagreement over that from the likes of James the Russian Analyst of

        We will just have to take Mike Rivero’s own advice, including news that we would like to be true like Soros’ death.

        Corporate media is dead, except now they realize it as much as we do and are panicking, and will do whatever they can to ensure they don’t go down without a fight.

  • Would be great news if it is true. That rotten, stinking, Nazi communist has done more than enough damage to this world. Evil through and through.

    • I really do hope it’s true! Ben’s new deport now says “taken out”, so I guess that’s open to interpretation. Does that mean he’s still alive and no longer able to give out order, or…?

      I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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