CBS News is in Antarctica for a Series of Disclosures on… “Climate Change”

CBS News is in Antarctica for a Series of Disclosures on... "Climate Change"

By Shem El-Jamal

If we have been keeping up with the alternative news surrounding the disclosures of Antarctica, a CBS report on the subject may not come as a surprise. However, if we haven’t the subject may seem a bit ambiguous. Let’s cover the background of these Antarctic reports.

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By now, many of us have gotten used to strange reports about numerous high-profile personalities flying down to the Antarctic continent. Personalities such as Secretary John Kerryformer President Obama (allegedly), former NASA astronaut, Buzz Aldrin and many others have, for some odd reason, decided to fly down to this arctic wasteland at virtually the same time.

The corporate media has told us that these Antarctic expeditions by political officials and public personalities involve nothing more than curiosity about a melting ice sheet. However, this explanation does not make any sense, in my observation. This point has been made by many people, and I tend to agree. There is no reason for so many high-profile individuals to fly down to the Antarctic to watch ice melt.  Moreover, the Secretary of State does not typically fly to this wasteland a week before the presidential election for such a purpose. The usual scientific research team and high-res digital camera typically suffices for this situation.

According to numerous credible sources, something significant is going on in the Antarctic, and it is only a matter of time before we see mainstream acknowledgement of the truth behind these stories (or at least a portion of it). In a previous article, I covered the disclosure of the planetoid Ceres and how NASA’s entire Dawn mission was surrounded by some very interesting disclosures about the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

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It was almost as though NASA had more to say about this planetoid than their official reports revealed. Like Antarctica, there seemed to be a bigger reason as to why the mission to Ceres was launched at the time it was. It may be that certain parties already know what is to be reported by the corporate media on Antarctic—similar to the situation on Ceres. However, this is only a possibility at this point.

As previously stated, the situation has shown to be much more significant than official reports reveal. For now, we will simply acknowledge the limited amount of information that CBS has to offer. However, we may look forward to more forthright disclosures in the very near future, granted we demand to know the entire truth surrounding these cryptic reports.

CBS News Is In Antarctica For A Series Of Reports On Climate Change

Published: February 13, 2017

As part of CBS News’ “Climate Diaries” series, correspondent Mark Phillips has traveled to Antarctica to report on climate change. We’ll be posting video of the segments here as they air on CBS This Morning and CBS Evening News throughout the week.

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Phillips told TVNewser, “With any luck, the biggest take away from our reporting here will be to turn the climate change argument, which has gotten very political, back to science. The polar regions are where the evidence of climate change is greatest, and what happens here will eventually affect us all.”

Phillips further explained that “it’s an important time to be here doing this type of reporting.” And indeed, CBS’ Anthony Mason introduced Phillips’ initial report on CBS This Morning by noting that it was occurring “at a time of uncertainty over the U.S. government’s policy towards climate change.”

In his first report, versions of which aired on the February 13 editions of CBS This Morning and CBS Evening News, Phillips discussed a 100-plus-mile-longcrack in the Larsen C ice shelf and the potential impact the loss of the shelf could have on sea levels that are already rising due to climate change. On CBS This Morning, Phillips stated, “It’s not so much the floating sea ice from the shelf that is worrying. It’s that without the ice shelf to hold it back, the glacial ice on land will flow into the oceans more quickly and drive sea levels up even more than the 3 feet that is already predicted for the century.”

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Phillips also described a “chill in the scientific community that’s working [in Antarctica]—a fear that the kinds of money they need for their work will be less forthcoming in the future and that there’ll be a less sympathetic ear in government for the kind of science they do.” Many scientists have expressed grave concerns about the future of climate science under President Donald Trump, who has dismissed climate change as a “hoax” and whose administration may “attempt to undermine the years of science underpinning” climate policies, as Time magazine put it.

From the February 13 edition of CBS This Morning:

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On February 14, CBS This Morning aired Phillips’ second report from Antarctica, which focused on how climate change could be threatening the food supply of killer whales.

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In the segment, Phillips accompanied Palmer Station scientists tracking and studying sick and malnourished killer whales. Phillips explained that the scientists so far only have a hypothesis for why the whales are in bad health, but they believe that warming waters—which have reduced the pack ice and led to fewer seals in areas where the whales normally hunt—might be to blame.

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In Phillips’ reports on the February 15 editions of CBS This Morning and CBS Evening News, researchers at Palmer Station detailed how dramatic changes in Antarctica are impacting another animal found in the region—the Adélie penguin, whose population on the island housing Palmer Station has declined by around 85 percent, from a peak of almost 9,000 to about 1,200 this year. As Phillips explained in the CBS This Morning report, “These Adélie penguins need one essential condition to thrive: they need sea ice to hunt from, and there is less of that around now,” with the sea ice season now three months shorter than it used to be.

Source: Media Matters

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