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(Cobra) Clearing of the Chimera group continues. There is significant progress, but all intel pertaining to that must remain classified for now. However, here is a how you can participate in resolving the Chimera situation:

Tunnels of Set, plasmatic fistulae of disgust, are being cracked open by the Light, the infection oozing out, being transformed by the Light and being absorbed into the One. This is the occult reason for craziness happening on this planet right now.

Since the initialization of the Breakthrough phase after the opening of the IS:IS portal in December, the Eastern Alliance is speeding up their plans to build an alternative financial structure to the petrodollar system which was the principal life support system for Chimera group to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth, utilizing Negative Military as their main operating tool:

This new alternative structure includes GPS navigation systems which are not under control of the Negative Military:

All this alternative structure must be operational to a great degree at the time of the Event and will be the main instrument through which the financial Reset will be taking place.

Since the beginning of the year, the conflict between the Eastern Alliance and the Jesuit/Illuminazi financial/military industrial complex is escalating, Europe being the battleground of this proxy war because of its geopolitical position in the middle of main operating centers of both the Alliance and the Cabal, and because it is the location of many important vortexes in the planetary energy grid which hold significant key to the control of the planetary energy body.

The Paris false flag attacks were engineered by the Jesuit/Illuminazi Cabal with Paris being an important Isis vortex and as a warning and a threat to France as it was about to make a decision to join the Alliance:

Instead of being overly involved in the drama of that false flag I would suggest everybody to be more aware of this:

Much more awareness is needed in the alternative community about the situation in Nigeria.

In the European situation, the Eastern Alliance strikes back. First, in a not so surprising U-turn, Switzerland has de-pegged its currency from Euro wonderland and is joining the Alliance in preparing for the transition into the gold-backed financial system after the Reset:


Second, Russia has threatened to cut gas supplies through Illuminazi controlled Ukraine towards Europe in the middle of the winter and reroute gas through Turkey, effectively forcing European countries to choose sides:

It is also an intel war and it appears that the following article is disinfo:

Anyway, the Cabal is already sending their representatives to Bulgaria to persuade:

Meanwhile, the Alliance is rapidly building the new financial infrastructure to be ready when the Event comes:

Signs in the skies continue, the Goddess is returning. American Kabuki has found this beautiful photo of a Goddess figure in the plasma tail of comet Lovejoy from the Space weather gallery website:


Now comet Lovejoy is passing near the Pleiades, merging the energy of Joy with the Pleiadian cosmic Love energy. Those sensitive to energies might experience an increase of Love in their relationships as a result of this energy flow:


The Breakthrough is near!

Source: Cobra β€”Β The Portal


  • So I’ve got a running theory that I’m playing with at the moment that I’ll share with you here..

    Right now I’m playing two ps3 games that I believe to be “Alliance” oriented, and my running theory is that if we play these games with the “play make believe” mindset, we might be able to speed up the process of “the event” unfolding within the players timeline that much faster as progress is made in these games with this mindset.. (they must have made these games for a reason)

    The first game is “Little Big Planet 2” – You join a group called “The Alliance” to stop “The Negativatron” from destroying different worlds. (seems like a pretty obvious association to me)

    The other games I’m playing are the “Resistance” trilogy – In this trilogy you fight an Alien group called “Chimera” with your human allies, in order to save the human race… (again, seems like another obvious association)

    If anyone else has noticed any other “Alliance” oriented video-games, please let me know. πŸ™‚

    • My son, who’s 22, recently told me about a game he was playing where he was fighting the cabal! I talk to him about what’s going on around the planet, and The Event, so he recognized some themes in this game straight away. I’ll ask him what it was called… I can’t remember.

      • Oh really?.. Very interesting!.. I’ve definitely heard of destiny, but had no idea that it was an “Alliance” game.. I’m definitely going to have to check it out now. Thanks for the tip. πŸ™‚

        If anyone knows of any other relevant games, feel free to chime in.

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