CONFIRMED: Ronald Bernard is Alive 

The Event Chronicle Editor Note: The disinformation coming from “Dmitry Baxter” keeps on coming this week with his story that Ronald Bernard was murdered. This in 100% false. I keep trying to warn you that “Dmitry Baxter” of Your News Wire & News Punch and “Jay Greenberg” of Neon Nettle are 100% disinformation. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD coming from these two! I’m not sure if they publish this type of disinformation for clicks ($$$), or if they’re paid govt psyops.

SGT Report video description: There is a fake news article making the rounds that was authored by Baxter Dimitry that claims the Dutch banking whistleblower Ronald Bernard died after getting lost in a park preserve in Florida. The person who died is named Ronald Bernard Rodriguez. It’s not the same person. I have confirmed that Ronald Bernard is alive and well by corresponding with producer Irma Schiffers who knows Ronald and who produced the red pill interviews with him. Stay tuned for some other updates, including an important crypto warning too.


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