Corey Goode Comments on Disclosure, Mass Arrests Rumor

Corey Goode — Sphere Being Alliance

Editor Note: Thank you Corey for the insight, and thank you Justin for the excellent background introduction. Benjamin Fulford also commented on this rumor in this morning’s report:

Benjamin Fulford: Crunch time is coming to choose either collapse, chaos and bloodshed or reboot and renaissance

Here is the article that is being referenced:

Disclosure, Mass Arrests Rumor: Pope Francis signed off on what is being called a binding “Galactic Agreement” this past Sunday

By Justin Deschamps

The following article discusses rumors of the Pope Francis signing off on a binding “Galactic Agreement” is shared below.

Sphere Being AllianceCorey Goode, a secret space program insider, and whistleblower, who claims to be working with an interplanetary group called the secret space program Alliance, shared the article on his facebook page, offering commentary on these ongoing negotiations for the freedom of the planet. Before reviewing his remarks, here is a brief summary of some of the key points.

In his work, Goode characterizes the Cabal as secret Earth governments and their syndicates, a clandestine organization of transnational and interplanetary alliances between humans and extraterrestrials. This organization is not a singular entity, in the common sense. It is a tapestry of groups, centered in the U.S., Europe, Russia, China, and so on. Each group has their own interests and goals, but all are generally united in so far as the overarching agenda is the same: the ‘management of humanity.’

Goode states that a secret space program alliance is making efforts to end slavery and restore peace to the planet and elsewhere. The alliance defected away from the cabal run secret space program as early as the mid-1990’s, but more overtly after 2012. The SSP alliance is also working with the Sphere Being alliance, which made contact with the secret space program defector group, forming a greater alliance sometime in 2012.

The Sphere Being alliance brought thousands of extremely large sphere’s into the solar system and surrounding areas in an effort to dampen what Goode calls ‘tsunami waves of galactic energy’ which are currently changing the solar system and all life in it. These spheres will provide humanity more time to prepare for a grand energetic shift set to occur at some point in the future.

Goode disclosed last year, that an attack which occurred in late December 2014 on one of these massive spheres. Apparently at a facility in Pine Gap Australia, a particle beam weapon was fired from the secret government facility. The sphere glowed red hot for a short time and was captured on cameras close to the International Space Station. The sphere reflected the energy beam back down to the facility, destroying it and all personnel there.

According to Goode, immediately after this attack occurred, an energy barrier went up around the entire solar system, preventing ingress or egress. Apparently this barrier trapped very high-level Cabal operatives of an extraterrestrial origin in the solar system. The white royal Draco, as they are known, are essentially the top of the cabal pyramid of power.

Shortly after this barrier went up, a large meeting took place with the secret space program alliance, the still cabal controlled secret space program, the white royal Draco, and the secret Earth government and their syndicates. In an unprecedented event, the white royal Draco, which normally stay well hidden behind proxy agents, offered to turn over all of their cabal underlings to the secret space program alliance in exchange for safe passage out of the solar system. This offer was made in the presence of these same underlings.

Since this event, the cabal pyramid of power has been in complete disarray. The once somewhat united syndicate groups, such as the Western and Eastern power centers, are now in a type of stealth cold war, battling for control of the financial system and other items.

Negotiations have been ongoing since this event, with various power players in the secret Earth governments offering partial disclosure of history and technology. The Chinese, according to Goode, have made offers to release free energy technology, limited disclosure, and their turn at 100 years of power, in contrast to the western group centered in the U.S. and Europe, who has maintained a superior position for hundreds of years.

In short, 2015 has seen more false flag attacks, fear mongering, and financial turmoil then the past 15 years of post 9/11 history.

Many of these events, according to Goode, are a result of infighting between formerly united syndicates as they jockey for power and dominance over the remaining groups.

Rumors of mass arrests, financial resets, releases of free energy technology and an enormous amount of soft disclosure has slowly been trickling out of the mainstream and alternative media since this unprecedented dematerialization of the cabal pyramid of power.

The following is a comment left by Goode in relation to the below article from The Event Chronicle:

TPT(were) are indeed showing signs of capitulation in this great struggle and negotiation between their syndicates and…

Posted by Sphere Being Alliance on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sphere Being Alliance [The powers that] TPT (were) are indeed showing signs of capitulation in this great struggle and negotiation between their syndicates and various Earth Based Alliance groups.

Some are feigning compliance while working on dirty tricks and false flags in the background. They do not realize it will only make their situation worse.

There are many meetings between people/groups that many may scratch their heads over and wonder why the meeting is occurring. There is much that hasn’t been reported recently about the quiet movement of troops to various cities in the U.S. driving in unmarked caravans and wearing plain clothes.

One try’s not to get their hopes up too much but things are looking to be coming to an end for one group and a beginning for another group (their 100 years).

All the signs are there and the movement that is now occurring in the public eye is enough to cause knee jerk reaction stories and indeed they make you wonder.

Kissinger was not meeting Putin to discuss global finances or their old “friendship” in his recent flight to Moscow. IMHO you could see the shame and confusion on his face.

(now… try to prove that!)


Goode also left the following supportive information for his comments:

Sphere Being Alliance NNWO (NEW New World Order??)… Is that what the Earth Alliance is in the middle of setting up?

Kissinger’s Meeting With Putin: The Pitch to Bring Russia into the New World Order

(TRUNEWS) Russian insider, Alexander Sobyanin, believes Henry Kissinger pitched Vladimir Putin to join the New World Order during their Feb 3 meeting, in exchange for Russia agreeing to bail out western banks and facilitate the Vatican led push for a one world religion…

[button link=”″ color=”default”]Continue Reading [/button]

Henry Kissinger’s “mad and illegal” bombing: What you need to know about his real history — and why the Sanders/Clinton exchange matters

Sanders is right about Kissinger. His civilian death toll nears 4 million, his policies built today’s Middle East

[button link=”” color=”default”]Continue Reading [/button]

Henry Kissinger came to Moscow to discuss new financial system with Putin

On February 3, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a meeting with Henry Kissinger, a US diplomat, former national security advisor and US Secretary of State. February 12, 2016 is said to be the date for an epoch-making meeting between the heads of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Krill and the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

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The picture being painted, by the above links alone, suggests that a new financial system may not be the huge sweeping reform spoken of my many in the alternative media. It may actually just be a form of softer slavery, with all the same hallmarks of the Babylonian money magic system.

We already know that the Pope is a major figurehead in the secret world of human enslavement. And that some shift in power seems to be taking place, as marked by some of the developments that have come about from the Vatican over the years.

I think we would all do well to gain personal knowledge of these things and not place our trust into any promise of change that does not also focus on full disclosure and a total restoration of individual sovereignty for all people, everywhere.

In the absence of a genuine effort to free the planet, the people must unite amongst themselves for change.

Source: Stillness in the Storm

Corey also shared this awesome post from Pamela of an image captured yesterday, at 1:42AM UTC from LASCO C3:

Happy Valentines Day!

Posted by Sphere Being Alliance on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pamela shares in the comments on her page that the same object appeared in 2005 and 2009.



  • “In the absence of a genuine effort to free the planet, the people must unite amongst themselves for change.” So, is this Corey saying to us that the Alliance ISN’T planning ANY type of genuine efforts to help us? Obviously, we (the people of this planet) HAVE to come together as one people to fight the Cabal, but is this Corey saying “just in case the Alliance DOESN’T do anything, YOU PEOPLE HAVE to defeat the Cabal ALL on your own?” So, all this time that Corey’s been talking about the Alliance, it was just b.s., is THAT what he’s saying? IF Corey is saying this, David (Wilcock) had better choose his associates more carefully. We all know how the relationship between David and Drake went.

    • Corey, COBRA and David all say we will have massive data dumps which will change EVERYTHING.

      COBRA says the financial system will crash just before that, and at the time of this ‘Event’; and subsequently a new financial system and new governments will be launched.

      EVERYTHING will change as if overnight.


  • “There is much that hasn’t been reported recently about the quiet movement of troops to various cities in the U.S. driving in unmarked caravans and wearing plain clothes.”

    Hmmm… dammit, nobody can believe these guys go on “vacation” which will endure several weeks, even less months, no way. Such a vast operation can’t be hidden so long. Alcuin Bramerton seems to be right. The arrests could happen as early as this month … Wooow, I’ve to go to the grocer’s shop asap …

  • Both of the articles for today (15/2/16) are actually quite scary – both Corey and Fulford are making it sound like we will only get a small disclosure and get another 100 years of slavery, just not by the cabal.

    This is just not what we want and we have been placing our minds and hearts on being free from all this shit.

    With all the deception, chemical sparying, vaccinations, mind kontrol and so much more going on, we NEED the help from all those that Corey and David Wilcock speak of – we will end up fighting back, but help WILL be needed – how can people who have been disarmed and modified ever stand a chance of throwing off those with the weapons and abilities of the cabal?

    • Exactly, Ben is promoting cabal 2.0 just a different face to the slavemasters, but the same ethos behind it. I honestly don’t think much of the Corey story, it is too contradictory. He has stated that, the blue avains fall out with the “alliance” a lot. Doesn’t sound like a race of highly enlightened beings , more like a petulant child. In the article above, he clearly states, these beings have been blocking the energy waves, as we aren’t ready yet. Seriously? This is meant to be divine energy to bring about our changes, so why would they block it? As Cobra has been saying, this is the energy from the galactic central sun.
      One minute they are here to save us, then the next they are our cruel tormentors. If he was consistent, I would give him more credibility.

  • this is indeed shameful and extremely pathetic. many so called advanced races of extremely advanced knowledge, spirituality, technology and things the human race cannot even imagine are as dumb as a box of rocks. one thing, why are they negotionaions . with an earth race for a hundred years of greedy dominence. are they that stupid. we our all one race- the human race. all factions within earth should have equal statis and work together. none of this pathetic, child like whaaa, whaaa, whaa i want my turn to make them obey me bs are the aliens or is the source that bad.if there is such a thing as source you could have fooled me as these races are pathetic.WHY? do so many races want to own the human race and dominate them. there are so called superier races with a force field surronding our solar system but to damn weak kneed to do a damn thing..

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