Could This Be Signaling The Event? Flash In Space Like Nothing Seen Before!

By Michelle Walling

Tyler from Secure Team shares information with us in this video about an unexplained phenomena that may be signaling something huge for planet Earth.  A pair of telescopes sitting on the big island of Hawaii that have recently captured a massive explosion of light emanating from deep space. According to Tyler, astronomers have no idea what it is or what caused it.

This massive explosion is said to come from around 200 million light years away and is 100 times brighter than the light that a supernova can produce, and is growing at an incredible rate of speed that is baffling scientists.

Tyler reports that the blast appeared in a distant galaxy and is some 16,000 degrees Fahrenheit, sending a cloud of high energy particles towards us. It is bursting forth at an incredible speed of 12,000 miles per second. Since “there hasn’t really been another object like this”, researchers are completely baffled at what to make of it or what it means.

Watch the video to tune into this energy to feel whether this might be what is coming to trigger our exit from the matrix!


The Cow: Something exploded incredibly quickly in the sky, and astronomers are scrambling to figure out what it is
Massive Mysterious Explosion Rips Through Nearby Galaxy

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