The Farsight Announcement from Courtney Brown, P.h. D., Director of the Farsight Institute:

Hi Everyone!

The time has come. The Farsight Announcement will come out in three important phases. The first is the release of a free 40 minute video that explains the Farsight Planet 2014 Disclosure Campaign. It also introduces the new project just completed at The Farsight Institute on The Great Pyramid of Giza. The reason this project on the Great Pyramid is so important is because we have completely changed the way remote viewing is primarily done, from primarily a paper and pen process to a process recorded live on video that is theatrically interesting. You need to see it. It is now impossible for any reasonable person to deny the reality of remote viewing. The implications of this are greater than anyone can imagine. This alone will change everything. The issue of disclosure is part of this, since disclosure really has nothing to do with the authorities or the elites. Disclosure is only about what you know, and now you can have disclosure.

About The Great Pyramid of Giza, this is probably the most important remote-viewing project ever done at The Farsight Institute, and it is fitting that this project is the one that highlights our disclosure campaign. Now everyone can see that remote-viewing results are more valuable than many of the nutty ideas that are championed by a great many mainstream scientists about human slaves building the great pyramids all by themselves with only manual labor and crude tools. We can set the record straight, and tell the world that human consciousness truly is nonlocal at the same time. Moreover, the pyramid story involves extraterrestrials…big time. You need to see it to understand how important this is.

Many will scoff at our results in the beginning. But in time, the release of this project will be seen as the event that changed the direction of thinking on this planet in a major way. Without this change, who knows how our species could thrive in the future? With this change, a change of realism, we have a chance to a great destiny, a destiny in which the entire universe one day looks in our direction and says, “If the humans could awaken on Earth, with all the limitations they have with respect to consciousness, then anyone can do it.” We will give hope to beings elsewhere in numbers difficult to imagine.

Please watch this video from start to finish. It is 40 minutes long. Here is the link.

Watch on YouTube

You can also find this video on the home page of The Farsight Institute.

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director
The Farsight Institute

March 18, 2014 Update:

Hi Everyone!
This is the appropriate time to add some further explanation to the thrust of the announcement made about our newly released study of the origins of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Leading up to the announcement, I emphasized on my Facebook page (without elaboration) the words, “unambiguous,” “conclusive,” and “proof.” What did that actually mean? Now we can explain, and it is essential that everyone understand how these words relate to the announcement.

I have stated in written and verbal form, on video and in print, so many times it is hard to count, that all remote-viewing data MUST be considered “speculative” until verified by normal physical means. This is even printed at the end of the newly released documentary. If something is “speculative,” then how can it be “unambiguous,” “conclusive,” and “proof?”

To understand this, one needs to remember that there are two forms of remote-viewing data, (1) verifiable, and (2) new. The verifiable data can be confirmed beyond doubt by comparing the remote-viewing data to the actual target for a given project. In the past when working with pen and paper remote-viewing sessions, one had to be accustomed to how the data actually look given the procedures used to record the data to find the verifiable elements convincing. People who were not accustomed to the nature of the procedures might be confused, and thus less convinced. But what has changed now is the way the remote-viewing data are presented by more than one viewer, on video, and in a theatrically interesting manner that can relate to anyone, regardless of whether or not the person knows anything about the intricacies of the methodologies involved. That is a crucially important new element in this study.

What can we say about the verifiable data for this study? In my opinion, any reasonable person would have to conclude that Dick Allgire was describing a pyramid in his data contained in video. Moreover, any reasonable person would conclude that Daz Smith was describing the movement of large stone blocks during the manufacture of what he called “rising structures” as shown in video recordings of his work. Those elements are verifiable. The target indeed was a pyramid, and the target did specify to describe the movement of the largest stone blocks during the pyramid’s construction. Those elements were essential components of the target, and those elements were exactly described in the video records in a manner that anyone can clearly see. Thus, in my view, that part of the project is “unambiguous,” “conclusive,” and it constitutes “proof” that remote viewing was indeed involved in these perceptions that were recorded under totally blind conditions. Therefore, in my opinion, any reasonable person can conclude that remote viewing itself is real, and this claim has passed the test of “proof” for most people.

Of course, there will always be disagreements. 1,000 years from now there will still be people who do not believe that remote viewing is real. But again, in my view, most people can look at these video sessions and decide that the remote-viewing phenomenon itself is unambiguously a real phenomenon.

Now, what about the “new” information shown in the project. Such information involves the extraterrestrial as well as the high technology elements in the data, such as the so-called “Praying Mantis Lady,” the levitation of the stone blocks, etc. Can we similarly say that those elements are “unambiguous” and “conclusive,” and thus constituting “proof?” No. No “new” remote-viewing data can do this until they are verified in some manner using normal physical means of verification. But what we can say is that these “new” elements in the data are intriguing, and they do match the facts on the ground better than many conventional theories relating to the mining and movement of the largest stone blocks. The idea that manual laborers built those pyramids all by themselves with only crude tools is simply not believable in my view. The data for this study, including the extraterrestrial and high technology elements, are more believable. Nonetheless, these new elements remain speculative, regardless of how much they match the facts on the ground. We need further physical evidence of alien intervention and the use of advanced technology before we can move these elements of the data from the “new” to the “verifiable” category.

So some parts of the study are verifiable, and those parts are so uniquely described in the data that they constitute unambiguous and conclusive proof that remote viewing actually exists, in the sense that anyone can see the accuracy of the descriptions with their own eyes without having special training in remote-viewing methodologies. That alone is worth the claim that this is one of the most important announcements ever made in my view. Some will disagree, maybe many. But in my view, this is huge.

And other parts of the study are intriguing but new, and not yet verified. That is the way with all remote-viewing projects. There is always a mix of verifiable parts and new parts. This will never change. The verifiable parts take our breath away. And the new parts make us sit on the edge of our seats, wondering if they too are true beyond doubt. These new parts make us want to know more. And that is exciting.


If the remote viewing phenomenon is exciting to you too, you may want to give it a try. Our learning materials are all free. This includes an 18 hour, 24 lesson course hosted by YouTube, as well as a free printable text, plus much more. This beginning course will probably not make you a “world class” remote viewer, but it is a great way to get started, and you will likely develop a nice feel for how it is done. This is also a fun way to convince yourself beyond doubt that remote viewing is not limited to only a few people. You can find the materials at this url:

Enjoy learning.
Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director
The Farsight Institute

March 21, 2014 Update:

Hi Everyone!

Today we have Vic Guiza’s latest Farsight Chronicles (below), and I also want to share the essence of some of the communications that I have been receiving. In one communication, the person said that the Giza Pyramid Project was interesting, but he was sure I was going to announce something that is more current. In another communication, the person asked when I am going to announce the identities of the Illuminati. Yet another said he was sure I was holding back on when Nibiru would crash into Earth. And yet another said that she was certain I was going to say what happened to the missing airliner. And on it goes.

Friends, the Giza Pyramid project is the biggest thing we have ever done. It is huge. There is nothing bigger than that. Some may not agree, but that project really is amazing, and I fully believe that in the future people will say that this project was a turning point for our planet.

With this said, let me outline what I hoped would be the second and third parts of the major announcement that occurred last Saturday. The announcement of that project was amazing in my view. It took nearly two decades of work in order to do what we did. But the announcement of the Giza Pyramid results does not tell us what we should do in the future to make this planet a better place. That is, it is nice as a diagnostic, but not much as a prescriptive. Thus, the second part of the announcement was to focus on what happens next. Given the ability to show remote viewing on video in a theatrically interesting manner using stellar viewers, the issue of whether or not remote viewing actually exists can be settled for many, and we can start talking about how to integrate this into our daily lives. So the next part was to be a detailed outline of a campaign to start this. It involved explanations of public petitions, large number appeals to university administrators to encourage classes dealing with these forbidden topics, and even staged events that would be covered by the local news, such as motorcycle rallies and even skywriting over urban areas by participating pilots.

The third part of the major announcement was to explain the matter of symbolism. People need symbols to project a unified message, and we have been developing such a symbol, and we want to explain it.

The second and third parts of the major announcement will come in their own time. But for now, too many people seem to be thinking that we are planning to announce some current day revelation that they find in the news. We need to let that settle before going on to the second and third parts of our plan. Things are too important for our message to be lost.

We will find a way soon to move to the next phase of this plan.

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director 
The Farsight Institute

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