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Veteran Navy Seal DEVGRU sniper Craig “Sawman” Sawyer Founded V4CR in April of 2017. Sawman has dedicated his life to raising awareness about the darkness infesting our communities, rescuing victims, and putting predators behind bars. along with V4CR’s veterans investigating pedophile rings (VIPR teams) Sawman utilizes his military experience to run covert tier one operations all over the country; Working with the brave men and women in law enforcement to keep our communities safe.

Info On Tucson Child Trafficking Standoff

Thanks for your support, prayers & funding for our mission to expose & combat child trafficking in the USA:

Was there a Child Trafficking Camp’ Discovered in Arizona? Craig Sawyer joins us to tell us what he thinks.

FIGHTING Child Sex Trafficking in Tucson & Beyond

The mainstream media is reporting that the Tucson Police have found no evidence that an abandoned and hidden south side Tucson camp is linked to child sex trafficking, Craig ‘Sawman Sawyer’ the founder of tends to disagree with that assessment. Let’s review the facts.

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Alleged Sex Trafficking Bunker Discovered On Clinton-Connected Land
Rothschilds, NXIVM Sex Cult Connected to Alleged Child-Trafficking Bunker Found in Tucson
Rothschilds and NXIVM Sex Cult Tied to Alleged Sex-Trafficking Land in Tucson


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  • I have no reason to believe that Palaski is lying. His projection on video is one who speaks from the heart along with his belief in God tells me he’s not lying. Yes, there are fake religious people, but something about him just make me feel comfortable in knowing that he is the answer to my prayers to St Michael. One thing that needs to be done is media attention even though they don’t want it. They need to pick and choose which media to gain support. It is clear that there is corruption in Tuscon i.e. police department and perhaps border patrol along with ICE agents as this should have been discovered much sooner. Palaski should clarify his statement that he’s only concerned with Arizona. What I believe he meant: Arizona is a line of defense in support of a necessary border wall as there have been heavy concentration of illegal activity reported along the Arizona border area (I’ve seen other complaints on the internet), however, our first priority is finding homeless veterans in need of assistance. Whenever viewers suggest other states need help too, asking if he would send some people over, the team should encourage those viewers to solicit their own community’s attention, especially if children are found missing, by following their lead (i.e. Florida request that was made) to remind them that the organization wasn’t created to expose child sex trafficking, but to help homeless vets. I’m certain any issue involving child sex trafficking is a concern for VOP Alpha. I like how Palaski defers to Craig Sawyer because Palaski appears to get emotional when speaking about the subject whereas Sawyer is definitely calmer, believing it to be acquired sniper skills. At any rate, I’ve viewed both men on video and see no reason to believe this stuff is made up. I believe some evil politicians would like to prevent the border wall from happening in order to keep drugs and sex trafficking open as they are a profitable business. They will use any device available to hamper further investigations made by this group which is why it is important to gain media exposure, suggesting Sean Hannity, Ben Shapiro, Laura Ingraham. Supplies and manpower can run short. Needless to say, someone is making a boat load of money on these illegal ventures. Further, I’m glad they don’t record people rescued on video; having no reason to believe there wasn’t anyone saved. I also appreciated Palaski stating to the nay-sayers, “prove to me that the cartel isn’t involved”. So many people are willing to talk negative about their efforts, yet have no facts to back them up; they are not there to witness. Go out there and prove VOP Alpha is wrong. Personally, this was allowed to occur when politicians changed their tune about illegal immigration, blocking attempts to build a border wall, after realizing the potential made from easy prey. Whether they are legal or illegal, no one deserves to be treated in a heinous manner. Anyone who is found and is illegal, can be taken to an immigration detention port. At any rate, I wish I were younger! But, I will continue to share news of their plight in the hopes more people will actively participate, rather than sit at a computer spouting words. By the way, a shout out to homegrown militia groups wouldn’t hurt either, even it they use it as training to keep skills sharp. I know the many III% militia groups found on Facebook should participate. Has anyone contacted them? As they say, actions speak louder than words. God bless all who undertake this effort.

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