[UPDATED] David Wilcock: 100 spheres the size of either Neptune or Jupiter have entered our solar system in the last 2-3 years

David Wilcock

David comments on Fulford’s latest: Benjamin Fulford: Confusion and chaos at highest levels of G7 governments as revolution begins

Comment by dwilcock on March 3, 2015 @ 12:19 am

Got in early this time. My own sources independently confirmed that Charles would never become King, and would be forced to abdicate to William, so I do have independent confirmation on that.

The ET side of things has gotten very interesting, as I revealed in the radio show I did with George Noory last Wednesday night.

100 spheres the size of either Neptune or Jupiter have entered our solar system in the last 2-3 years. There were many others the size of our Moon that came in between 1999 and 2001.

The Pentagon and Cabal people got really excited about this at first because they thought these spheres were the return of their Anunnaki gods. However, the spheres remained cloaked with an advanced system that did not allow them to see inside, and did not respond to communications.

The Cabal used an advanced weapon to fire on one of the Moon-sized ones in mid-December. The object lit up, becoming a bright red spot in the sky that people saw (significantly smaller than the Moon, since it was farther away) and redirected the beam back to the base it came from. This caused serious damage and some loss of life.

Since that time we have had the no-fly zone around the earth and the quarantine around our solar system. No one who was already here is being allowed to leave — either from Earth or any of the “colonies,” as they are called. They cannot even get communications out. No one else appears to be able to get in either.

The group that has appeared from the spheres is called the “Blue Avians.” As silly as this may sound, they are eight-foot-tall humanoids derived from avian life, with birdlike heads and bright indigo-blue feathers. They have more or less normal-looking hands and feet. The head is a synergy between bird and human features. There are other avian types out there as well. It is not common but it does occur.

One of my insiders got pulled into a meeting that was very serious. We didn’t know if he was going to come out of it alive, or at least not without being heavily tortured and screamed at for what he had told me and what was leaked. Only later did we realize that the Blue Avians had personally requested him.

He was guaranteed by them that he would not be harmed. They told him many things. One thing they felt was very important was that they have not had ANY contact or communications with the Cabal. One of the five main factions in the Space Program, named Solar Warden, is allied with them now, and they are working with the Alliance on earth, but never the Cabal.

I had mistakenly said on Coast they had some contact with the Cabal and they corrected it.

They actually gave me some intriguing personal information. The other main thing they said was that Cabal people were defecting over into the Alliance and altering the plans. The Cabal people are pushing for “instantaneous violence” to solve the problem.

This is not going to be allowed.

Apparently the Avians are now “putting on the brakes” and “slowing things down a bit,” as it was about to go really wild, really fast, from what they were saying.

The key is that the Avians want us to move into a loving and peaceful world. They want this transition, similarly, to be as peaceful as possible.

That’s as much as I know now. I do not for a minute believe the insider was lying to me. He was deeply shaken and profoundly moved by this experience.

– David


  • 2 Quetions: I thought david is living in the USA. How could be on March 3? Here in Europa is almost 6 p.m March 2.
    2. This bridlike ETs, Davis said they “Apparently the Avians are now “putting on the brakes”….The key is that the Avians want us to move into a loving and peaceful world. They want this transition, similarly, to be as peaceful as possible.”
    But then “They had made it clear that he had “huge holes” in his “security” papers, that this was “not protocol,” and that there would be “disciplinary action” for what he had done (i.e. talking to me and leaking data online.) He was already grabbed, disciplined and tortured in December, so this looked like another round that could be even worse.” this is paradox!

      • While it’s unbelievable that people don’t understand this int’l dateline thing, imagine how these same folks will react when a telepathic blue-headed bird starts speaking to them. And then there’s the guy who’s right now registering blueheadedbird.com.


        • You have no idea how tempted I was to register blueheadedbird.com (it’s available – I checked)… this coming from someone who use to own creepyoldguy.com, among a plethora of others. When you work in IT sometimes you sit around with the fellas and try to come up with domains that aren’t already registered for kicks. 😉

      • Thank you for your answer. Yersterday afternoon ( after posting my comment) it was a rainbow here in Germany, in this city which I live. It’s interesting.

  • That thing of grabbing and torture – disciplined;;; doesn’t fit to some civilized people. Strange.

  • One issue i have with Bens updates. He states that people like members of the british Paedo monarchy (Bloodline) And now Jacob Rothschild (bloodline), are to be leaders/key players in the “New age”
    Does this make anyone else feel uneasy as this is Cabal 2.0? As in lets change the face of the Cabal corporation plc, then the sheeple will think it is acceptable?
    Personally, including others i speak to, wouldnt trust anything with these bloodlines still heavily involved in. As it just seems like a cabal PR campaign.

    Anyones thoughts appreciated

    • You are not alone in feeling this way! I will NEVER accept the royals or the vatican as our new “leaders”. Stinks very much like cabal 2.0 to me, too. I continue to post Fulford’s reports because there are usually some nuggets of truth in there that help to connect dots but there are red flags in there, as well. If nothing else, it can help keep us informed of what to look out for in terms of their plans.

    • As even Cobra has stated, Fulford merely reports what his sources are telling him. Fulford has legitimate access to the people behind the people we think make the decisions. It’s not always stuff we want to hear but it gives us a glimpse at what the various factions are actually trying to do behind the scenes.

    • I agree with you on that…these Rotten-child breeds need to be put in prison together with the rest of them 13 bloodlines and their minions for the heinous crimes they hd commited against humanity…those freemasons and blood ritualists had tirtured n killed milliions upon millions…throw in the Zionazis and their lizard frends a well!!!

  • I have recovered myself from a place where I was being berated and punished… I am seeing the time lines opening up to reveal the matrix and where energy is stuck….I have had contact from the Therians of the 7 Seas… and was asked to work for the Dream Time Federation… I looked up Therians on google they are humans with animal features or connections… I am seeing a lot of codes which are Alchemic – black and white coming in… so all this resonates with me…. the moon seems to be a conduit for these codes to come in.. bringing us into a peaceful resonance…and I got the harmony and beauty templates are coming from Andrometre and to connect to these vibrations and put them into the sea……….

  • This is utter nonsense. One of David’s insiders goes by secret internet alias, GoodETxSG. He’s a hot mess. Not anonymous at all, as anyone could spend one minute on Google searching: “GoodETxSG” … You might’ve shocked. Nothing will come of this but more “Spin”.

    David Wilcock, you and your ilk are rats. Give it up.

      • Whoa, what? Bill Ryan is running a cult on his forum? That’s shocking! It does seem a little strange how paranoid and suspicious most of those posters are. Any challenge to their dogmatic beliefs, and they shout, “disinfo agent! Shill!” That, and they think they are saving the world by sitting at their computers and sharing fake news conspiracy and convoluted spiritual idiologies (from ‘idios’, ones own -belief system). How many Kerry Cassidy interviews do you have to watch to wake up to get scam? Thank god David Wilcock is above all of this. Thanks, GoodETxSG, for your service to humanity (and exposing the frauds in Conspiritainment!)

      • Ahhh, if I had a dollar for every “Jimmy” on the internet I’d be able to retire. The difference between us wacky conspiracy theorists and the Jimmy’s of the world is that we can refute the central point with actual evidence. We can support our stance with supporting evidence. Guys like Jimmy just go straight to the name calling and ad-hominem attacks without making any effort to offer supporting evidence. Yet you’re the credible, rational voice, eh Jimmy?

        • Ok, let’s keep it civil. Jimmy got to say what he wanted and now you have, as well. The Event Chronicle welcomes all opinions and likes to promote open discussion, cooperation, and critical thinking skills — not name calling. This isn’t necessarily pointed at you directly, but to all who have come across this page because this article has generated a lot of new visitors to The Event Chronicle. Thanks for understanding. I would like to point out however, that there is a reason why I very rarely post material coming from Project Camelot, et al. Out of the 5500+ posts on this website there are maybe one or two videos in there.

  • Much more about the “Sphere Beings” and ONE OF THEIR 4 ALLIES, the “Blue Avians” can be found on the site of DW’s Whistle Blower who was in the SSP and is in communication with them (GoodETxSG AKA Luke, ME) At: http://goodetxsg-secretspaceprogram.blogspot.com/

    I am also doing a TON of Q & A’s on the subject at a Forum “The One Truth” (AKA TOT), Link on his site…

    I am going to have to become a lot more public than I had ever planned because of these recent developments. I’m not exactly excited about that aspect and quite nervous. There is quite a bit of information coming in and I hope the information will be focused on and not any individuals. Please put it through your personal “Discernment Filter” and do not just blindly Accept or Close Your Mind to the information.
    GoodETxSG (Contact me through the website)

  • I am afraid David has hijacked the Law Of One. Perhaps he is under some influence as I want to believe his intentions are good. Everything that David is stating as happening now is opposite of what Ra stated in the Law Of One. Difficult to believe that millions of years of harvests in many planets and now all rules are broken for this planet. BS. There has to be a harvest. It is not about the cabal becoming nice guys.. or anyone becoming more loving while being oppressed by cabal! That is why Ra said the harvest will be small. I am sad to see the disinformation out in force coming from different but combined forces. This is not good for anyone.

    • Wow,
      This is absolutely the opposite of what he is saying… Interesting how that happens…

      He has been going on and on about the Small “Harvest”. The Blue Avians told me that those here need to become more Service to Others and Loving to raise their vibrations… I wonder why they would want people to do that?

      The CABAL is of no consequence as they are basically already defeated and defecting at the moment. That is a secondary topic of something that is going on down here that is very read or 3D to us living it out.

      The Blue Avians, be they the “RA” group or not are not concerned with doing battle with the CABAL but in Humanity learning from our “Cycles of Karma” and to endeavor to raise our LOVE Vibration and become Service TO Others as well as realize our true potential of Consciousness and its Co-Creative abilities. The Blue Avians also said they had delivered messages 3 other times in the past and that as soon as they left Humanity turned them into “CULTS and RELIGIONS” and used them as control systems…

      Some would argue this can even be said of the original group that brought the RA Material… As controversial as that may be to say. But they did say that the “Orbs” were appearing to MANY Tens of Thousands of People to make sure a few people didn’t set themselves up as a “Priest Class” or “Cult Leaders” and would deliver the messages directly to masses of people this time.

      You are putting TWO scenarios together and melding them and putting words in someones mouth… That is not helpful to anyone….

      • According to the Law of One this planet will no longer be able to support third density (human) life much longer. Actually the books say that by 2011 this would be the case. I’m not holding my breath for mass arrests or financial resets because we’re all probably going to be harvested to 4th density or repeat 3rd for another 26,000 year cycle on another planet. All this geopolitical bullshit in the world is merely catalyst to force us to make “the choice” as time winds down. The choice is light or dark/good or evil/service to others or service to self. Everything is being revealed to us for a reason. If we see what’s been done to us and still ignore it or think it’s OK, we failed and will repeat 3rd. If we oppose what’s happening, there’s hope for us. But Ra was clear that “humanity” as we think of ourselves won’t be on this planet much longer.

      • You are missing the point. When the harvest happens according to the Law Of One, we all go to different places. According to the LOO, the 4th Density positives stay on Earth in a different plane. The negatives go to a 4th Density planet to proceed with their development. The majority of the beings here will repeat 3rd Density in another planet. What you are speaking about is completely different than stated in the Law Of One. Anyone who really studies the LOO, who reads it and reads it, will know that Ra is a group of entities. Ra is positive. There is a great deal of disinformation out there about who Ra really was. I cannot vouch for RA, the Egyptian God. For all we know the RA Egyptian God is all made believe in our “history” books. Who knows. But the Ra that spoke through the channeling with LL Research is positive, 6th Density. Ra said that “they” have never left our solar system. They would not have just arrived now. If you do a search at the Law Of One website you can see that the word “we” is in all of Ra’s statements. Never “I”.

        The circumstances that you speak about the harvest and how it will be in the future is NOT how it is explained in the LOO. The only discrepancy open to interpretation is whether everyone passes as the clock strikes at the end of the cycle.. OR if the positive polarized beings go to 4th Density positive without “death”. The physical body is definitely not the one that we have here in ANY EVENT. In one place Ra says EVERYONE experiences “death”. This is a subject that David Wilcock has never been able to deal with in an honest way since his audience does not want to deal with that possibility. He danced around that subject. I just don’t buy that all of this now changes when you and David are informing us of what is happening with these ET’s. I can see from what you write that you know something of the LOO, but you are not well versed in it. David is changing MUCH of what the LOO states about how the harvest is going to come down. He can change his mind about whatever he wants that is his prerogative, but he should not be claiming he is representing the LOO. The LOO never speaks about negotiating with the cabal the negatively polarized beings. The negative polarized entities on this planet are what they are, there is no negotiating.. that is completely BS. When the harvest happens, all of this will not be here any more. Period. This is as stated in the Law Of One. You might have a problem with your forum at TOT since so many people there do not understand what the LOO really says. Many there want to believe it is just a matter of becoming more loving and peaceful and all will be alright. I repeat.. there is no negotiation with the negative beings according to the Law Of One…and there is no more Earth as we know it now after the harvest!

        Lastly, Ra said that the harvest was not a priority to the beings coming through the Law Of One. Now you tell us that they (ET’s) are here to assists us to raise our vibration! Whatever you are talking about it is not the Law Of One. If you want to sell your ideas please do it through something else but NOT the Law Of One. I read a great deal of religious material and prophecies in order to understand what is the upcoming process of harvest, and I don’t like when someone represents any information for marketing purposes. If you guys believed the end of the cycle was really here you would not be planning seminars, writing books, producing tv shows, etc. All of this is bogus!

        • There are fundamentalists in EVERY Religion… Was the LOO intended to be a Religion or a Cult? I actually know the LOO material well and also know the behind the scenes story of the “Group” quite well. During and After the delivery of the material there as the People factor in play…

          Like I said, no one for sure is saying these are the same beings but no one for sure should be making a religion out of what information made it through the “Distortions” of this density… “These 6/7/8/9D Beings” who ever they may be want to avoid belief systems like this. I am amazed at how reactionary and presumptive the egotistical 3/4D mind is, How far we have to go and in such a short time it has been explained to me that we have to get there.

          I prefer to talk to these beings who are concerned with our Vibrational Progress… They are reaching out to many others to do the same other than myself. This is tangible and as real for me as those who have belief systems… Mine just happen to be presenting themselves physically and ethically over a 4+ year period. You walk that path… I shall walk my path and fulfil the mission I have accepted (And other have too)… They said there would be ridicule, I am fine with that.

          We just have to remember that we need to be careful what we make a religion out of. That has been this groups warning and reason for reaching out to so many others in the form of Purple Orb’s. To make sure one person doesn’t deliver a message and them create a Cult or Religion around it. This has happened too many times according to their reports.

          “Ego”, “Lashing Out in Anger” and “Circular debates on ideology” avails no one. Working to be a more loving, higher vibration person who is consciously choosing to be “Service to Others” even though thought to be “Misguided” by others… At least turns out some Loving, Higher Vibrational People who are working to be of Service to Others… No down side there IMHO…

  • Are they Ayapliano? Are they the Guardians of Planet Earth? Do they come from Inner Earth City? Thank You. Peace , Love And Light!

      • First of all I do not mean to offend or “Poo Poo” anyone belief systems.
        In response to the Origins of the “Blue Avians”…
        The only thing I can offer at this point beyond what DW posted (More info is in the works, Articles, CG Image Representations, possibly video interviews etc…) is the following;
        They arrived along with the Sphere’s in the late 1990’s in small groups in the beginning. First arriving in the Spheres the size of the “Moon”. They are 1 or 4 “Allied (“Soul Groups”/”Families”/”Vibrational Beings” (Has been referenced in several ways) “Beings” to the “Sphere Beings” (Blue, Indigo, Violet “Orb/Energy Beings”) who originate from the “6th, 7th, 8th & 9th Densities”. They have had interests and interactions with this Sol System for many “Cycles”. They ignore the “Custodian god’s”/”Custodian ET/ED’s” who have been in control of this Sol System for many tens of thousands of years almost as if they are “Gnats” flying around a light bulb… The 3 main Secret Space Programs have recently began calling them the “Sphere Alliance”. They have formed a very lose alliance with one of the most “Aging” Human SSP’s and Some “Seemingly Normal People On The Earths Surface”. I was involved in various programs since the age of 6 (MILAB) and was an (Intuitive Empath) that was “Drafted” into several programs including the “UN Type” “Human-Like ET/ED” Federated Alliance. There is served a Support Role as a “IE” to the Secret Earth Government Delegates who rotated in and always had 3 “IE’s” at the Conferences along with their “Escort”. I was then “Drafted” into the “Aging SSP” and served on a “Research Vessel” for 6 years before being transferred into other programs such as the “Intruder Intercept/Interrogation Group”. I would be brought back in from time to time for “Jobs” but was mostly “OUT”. I had began to receive contact from a “Blue Avian Race” over 4 years ago that I did not report (Heavily Against Protocol). Recently I was told that I was going to be reactivated and had been requested by name, that my Service Records had “Holes” in them and “Redactions” that are not supposed to be “Possible”. This caused a lot of mistrust among the SSP along with the sudden Off World Request for me by “Name”. I received a lot of threats already because of disclosures I had been making online and through a couple researchers. I was told I was going to have a “Come to Jesus Meeting” with the SSP’s and be “Re-educated on Protocols” prior to being sent to meet the “Group that requested me”. Instead, this “Group” bypassed the SSP (Who would have picked me up in a “Shuttle”) and “Brought” me onto a “Sphere” where 3 Blue Avians were there to meet me. They “Greeted me as Family” and told me I was apart of their Family Group before this life. They began to call me by a “Different and Avian Name”. As they did I began to “Remember” being from that group. They communicated that this was a “Welcoming” and “Briefing” of what they expected of me. They gave me a large amount of information that they said my 3/4D mind would take some time to process (And is still processing)… I briefed DW the day after my “Meeting” with the Blue Avians. He reported in his updates above what I was able to release. I was told that the “More I hear them refer to me by my real name the more I will remember”. They were communicating “Down To Me” quite a lot as I was somewhat disoriented, shocked and not understanding a lot of their Soul Complex references the way that I apparently will. Other than the above info from DW and the info I reported in my Blog/Web Site as well as the Hundreds of Questions I answered on the TOT Forum that is all I have or am able to offer at this point. As you can imagine there will be a great deal more in the near future. DW and I are trying to figure out the best way to deliver this information so that it is not twisted or distorted (The root information).
        I hope this briefing helps some and wish there was more to share at this point. But this is somewhat an exclusive here at the Chronicle as it has not been widely published in one place like this yet.
        Like I said, More can be found below…
        GoodETxSG AKA LUKE


    You did not address anything I said in the post. Your are changing the subject by bringing in religion. I do know that Ra painstakingly repeated and sometimes went back to what he said originally to make sure it was not misunderstood. I have nothing else to say.

    Moderator: Please place this as a reply. It appears you have blocked me. Every one of the points I made in my prior post are absolutely valid.

    • I have not blocked anything from you! If something is missing it could have been caught in the spam filter. I’ll check and see, but there are hundreds in there. I’ll do my best…

      • Moderator,

        There would be nothing in spam. I was not able to reply to the correct person as the “reply” button had been taken out after my first reply to GOODETXSG. Therefore, I was blocked from responding to the correct post and my replies are showing out of place. If you are able to place my replies in the correct placement within the thread it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Moderator, My two prior comments were to GOODETXSG. My first comment appears as a response to David which it is not.

    I would like to reply to David in this message since I am still blocked.


    I am glad you have addressed the issue here. For the most part it is as you stated in this post with the exception of this… you said:

    “If we see what’s been done to us and still ignore it or think it’s OK, we failed and will repeat 3rd. If we oppose what’s happening, there’s hope for us.”

    There is no such requirement in the Law Of One. None. We don’t have to be awake or be of any religion or oppose what is being done to us. This is simply not true and perhaps YOUR interpretation.

  • The comment left by “David on March 4, 2015 12:10 pm ” is NOT David Wilcock.

    We must use our discernment.

    • It is him. All his prior messages were posted at the top of this web page. There is no reason why it should not be him. He responded to me as I am a serious student of the Law Of One. What he stated about the Law Of One is true, with the exception that humans need to “wake up” to what has been done to them in order to be harvested to 4th Density. I object to that that statement as stated in my message above.

      • This is getting silly. You respond to GOODETXSG talking about the very discussion that we are having… a “David” answers who knows the Law Of One very well.. but now its not him… It’s some other David. Really?

      • I apologize for any confusion my post caused. I typically post here as “Dave” but this time I typed “David” in, not realizing till later that some people thought I was Wilcock. I in no way intended this, I simply posted using my real name. Yes my name is David and yes I’ve read the Law of One books. I must say, this is the first time anyone’s ever been upset over me using my real name.

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