David Wilcock: Ancient Ruins in Antarctica Announced & New Intel on C2C (+ Show Notes)

David Wilcock

By Jonathan Carty

Note: I am not going to add or supplement the information from this interview with any other sources or intel. I will just be providing notes from this interview and won’t be adding anything else.)

(Additional Note: As I wrote below the first video I used was taken down. I found another that starts and ends at the same place, give or take a second.)

David Wilcock just did an interview last night (1/13) with Jimmy Church filling in this time on Coast to Coast Radio. Now I’m not sure if this is video should be allowed to be up or not but someone uploaded it anyways and I will share it here until it is flagged or taken down or what have you. I will post it below along with some notes. I included the mostly major portions of the information released here. The interview runs from 6:34 – 1:54:38. The video starts at 6:34 so you don’t have to look for it.

I’d like to thank David and everyone else in the awakened community and all of those unseen people in the intelligence community for continuing to push forward with this information and this movement despite threats and other negative greetings as a result of this work. We will be victorious and there are noticeable signs that this is really happening. Much love everyone <333


They discuss the following information:

  • PizzaGate revelations are a big problem for the ‘elite’
  • Hillary implicated in the PizzaGate scandal
  • Britain ahead of the curve about exposing ‘Elite’ Luciferian-related child abuse
  • Election was a choice between two unacceptable candidates
  • Alliance now stronger than the Cabal
  • Alliance made up of majority of personnel of 15 intelligence agencies according to Dr. Steve Pieczenik
  • Alliance doing active clean-up phase and Cabal will be completely removed and taken out before we hear anything about it
  • History of fall of empires and fascist regimes shows that positive coups just happen and that they don’t talk about it before it happens
  • PizzaGate information was result of positive forces in U.S. intelligence services
  • Cabal knows they botched 9/11, it didn’t go exactly as planned
  • Teams that were suppose to plant fake WMDs didn’t put them there as planned because they were killed
  • Cabal were aware they would be exposed
  • Cabal needed a get-out-of-jail-free card in case tribunals were started
  • Cabal factions refusing to surrender mostly living in underground facilities
  • Some of these bases are in Antarctica
  • Marines ordered to take out/kill these people if they don’t surrender
  • Some Marines were in shock to see some of these people as Reptilian-looking humanoids fighting alongside regular humans
  • Most of this clearing is already mostly done
  • We wouldn’t recognize most these people if we saw them
  • Ending of California drought significant sign of change of power
  • Cabal plans on announcing Antarctic ruins once when they are in the midst of war crimes tribunals
  • Many bodies found in Antarctic ruins, bodies with elongated skulls being removed
  • David being authorized by U.S. gov’t which is under mostly Alliance control to release information;
  • All major U.S. military aircraft carriers have been brought back to port
  • All being restocked and re-outfitted with technology that would have been released in 100 years, but is being loaded up now
  • Includes three different types of drone that look like a quad-copter
  • Floating aircraft carriers will apparently be released
  • Buzz Aldrin’s health issue was the result of being taken on a craft over 200,000 miles away which was the back of the moon in 7 minutes
  • Craft was a triangular and black that took off from Antarctica
  • He did see the ruins also
  • Many Cabal members have been defeated or have surrendered
  • Many people have disclosed information on film and films will be played once all of this comes out
  • Pete Peterson given 6 inch thick stack of briefing documents which will be handed over to David soon who will share it with us when the time is right
  • Timeline given for things to start happening is very imminent

Source: Truth Earth

From David Wilcock’s Facebook Page:

[iframe src=”https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fdivinecosmos%2Fposts%2F10154569854663248&width=500″ width=”500″ height=”628″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true”]

David Wilcock: Ancient ruins in Antarctica were just announced, with new intel, on Coast to Coast AM last night with Jimmy Church as guest host.

The biggest new development is that Pete Peterson independently validated many very specific details of new intel that Corey Goode told me in private conversations after we published Endgame II.

In the middle of this call, three days ago now, he got interrupted by a call he “had to take,” which became three while we were off the phone. I thought he had gotten in trouble for telling me all of this.

Instead, his own people were telling him that not only was it OK for him to tell me all of this, and for him to leak it, they wanted him to tell me the OTHER things that he was holding back.

This is a huge story and the radio show is just a teaser of all the new intel that will be released in ENDGAME III. Sadly, Corey’s computer got hacked and it destroyed all his notes for the update.

He is now on a much-needed vacation and I will have to write the update based on all these new developments. You can go to the Coast page on our show and read more details about it for now.

We are going to transcribe this one for a later article, but if you are a Coast subscriber the audio is available for download. It is very exciting to see how all of this will play out!

Never before have I seen such intense correlation between multiple insider accounts and corresponding public media releases. That’s what it will take an article to explain soon enough.

Source: David Wilcock — Facebook

Antarctica & Atlantis

Friday, January 13, 2017

Author, lecturer, and researcher of ancient civilizations, David Wilcock joined Jimmy Church (email), filling in for George, for a discussion on recent discoveries indicating Antarctica may actually have been Atlantis. Wilcock says he is in contact with “at least two insiders who directly advise Presidents of the United States” who have been steadily feeding him “Cosmic Top Secret” information for many years. He claimed that this information is not revealed to Presidents because they could slip up or be forced to tell the public what they know. He believes that there is a global power struggle going on that has reached a critical stage and made many elites start to scramble for safety.

Wilcock observed that the last few months of 2016 saw many stories about interest in and trips to Antarctica by individuals such as Buzz Aldrin and John Kerry. He says that there are military bases under the ice in caves that were constructed by the Nazis in 1939 and where they also discovered the ruins of an advanced civilization. He has been told that there are also three “motherships” from an alien civilization which crash landed 55,000 years ago that are now being excavated out of the ice. Wilcock believes these facts will be revealed to the world soon, and that he and others will be used to get the population acclimatized to the presence of aliens that have interbred with the human race and now comprise the bloodlines of the elites who subjugate the rest of the population.


In the latter half, Wilcock stayed on the show for the first hour of Open Lines. Caller Chris asked about a “black Jesus” that Wilcock described in one of his books. Wilcock said that in the 1970s, and man appeared in Africa who was performing miracles and gaining a following which was ended when he was ambushed, killed, and dismembered, but that he later appeared to his tormentors and said that “more like him” would appear in the future. Thomas in California asked how to directly contact benevolent ETs. Wilcock replied that a combination of dream work, meditation, and an awareness of synchronicities is needed and that he would describe the process more thoroughly in his next book.

In the last hour of Open Lines, Rick called from Florida to say that he believes alien life forms would not likely resemble us. Jimmy countered with his option that “we are all stardust” and his feeling that all intelligent life would probably evolve along a narrow path. Charles in Los Angeles believes that aliens can “get here in seven minutes” from the Sirius B star system and that is where Jesus came from. Allson from California asked Jimmy what he thought of Donald Trump’s presidency. He replied that we probably “have an ally here” because he could not keep any UFO disclosure secret to himself. Frank called from Alabama to relate his near death experience and that he saw the “doors of heaven, not the gates of heaven.”

Source: Coast to Coast


  • I find this very misleading. As it boldly states: Britain ahead of the curve about exposing ‘Elite’ Luciferian-related child abuse
    This is absolute bull. The Police in the UK, have done everything they can to cover this up. And have imprisioned many of those survivors who came forward and spoke out.
    The Police has “lost” ALL of the evidence. This is many boxes full of hard facts. They havent arrested ONE of those involved.
    The fascist people hating govt here, voted to hide the VIP Peadophile scandal under the official secrets act.
    Im sorry to upset anyone here, But David Wilcock needs to check his “sources” as his “intel” is the polar opposite of what is actially happening here. Or, he is deliberately lying on what is happening. COnsidering Dr Steven Greer has what he calls evidence, that both David and |Corey are mind controlled. These claims of his are pointing to Dr Greer been 100% correct

    • Greer? The same guy who bashes anyone who claims there is even a possibility of negative ETs despite the mountain of evidence proving their existence? Greer himself may be either mind controlled or compromised. Greer is largely responsible for creating Wilcock’s career; where is he saying that he’s now mind controlled? Proof please. But I suspect attacking people’s credibility is what “Chris D” does best.

      • Scot, I think you have misunderstand what Ive said.
        I called out Davids claim that the UK is leadiung the charge against paedophila. This is wholly untrue. They are leading the charge to hide it.
        As for Dr Greer, I have been reading more on the guy the past couple of days. Im not sure what to make of him, but he doesnt resonate with me on all fronts. My point of reference been, He had stated that David and Corey are not been honest (intentionally or otherwise) aka disinfo, and that there is potentailly mind control in place. I used this as a reference to show what David is claiming is incorrect. Trust me, I wish for every word of it that David says to be real and factual. But sadly it isnt.
        As the Police and the Judicary here in Britain, are the vangaurd of oppressing anyone who speaks out. As several survivors of this horrible act have been imprisoned for speaking out. Whilst those doing it still walk free. Does that sound like a country who is leading the charge? Yes, but not for a take down.
        I refuse to post links here about Dr Greer’s comments. as this will be cited as steering an outcome. Please use a search engine of your choice and discover it yourself. But the more I am reading about Greer, the less I am becoming convinced of his validity

    • Thanks for letting me know the video is down. Coast to Coast charges membership fees, and it looks like a copyright claim was made against the person who published the video so it was removed.

      Here is a link to download an MP3 of the show.

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