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David Wilcock

Comment by dwilcock on January 13, 2015 @ 3:16 am

Wow… I got in very late today thanks to sleeping.

Strangely, I have had dreams telling me not to worry too much about the Cabal or the impending arrests, and instead focus on Ascension and the case that can be made for it.

This message is coming in strongly enough that it seems the timelines on the Cabal’s defeat are essentially fixed and do not need any more help and “tweaking” from guys like me.

– David

Comment by dwilcock on January 13, 2015 @ 3:18 am


  • I think David might be onto something here…

    Notice how the Fulford article reads: “(Benjamin Fulford) The obviously faked….”

    “(Benjamin Fulford) The obviously faked

    terror incident in Paris last week was clearly aimed at preparing public opinion in the West for an operation to take down the Saudi Arabian monarchy.”

    It’s also interesting to take note that David had no response to anything that Benjamin Fulford has released recently.. This MIGHT mean that fulford has been compromised, and might be running a false narrative.. (just a theory).. But in the end, it’s beside the point.

    David’s message is pretty clear to me. He’s implying that it would be wise and more productive for us to stop focusing on the Narrative of the cabal.. and he very well might be onto something.

    His point to focus on the ascension and stop focusing on “the event”

    • Ben has said before, on a few occasions, that he simply reports what he hears which I suppose means that it may or may not be true. I think he’s been getting some bad info lately, but there’s usually some nuggets of truth in there, too. Reader discernment advised, as will all “intel” reports!

      I think it’s interested that Wilcock has remained mum on Ben’s latest missives, as well.

  • As humans, it is difficult not to focus on what we can see. Rather than what we can’t. I read a few blogs like this with interest. But find what we see in global events to be contrary to what is said. Especially when comes to a take down.
    I truely wish I had clarevoyant abilities. It would help in many ways 🙂 But there does feel to be a big feeling of change and positivty in the air.
    Up to now, it is only Cobra and David Wilcock who seem to be consistant, and resonate with me. Interesting times indeed. But i disagree with Davids comment of it is a done deal. We need to organise ourselves and stop the cabal. Mass peaceful protest, to affect change. As I don’t buy the positive military stories. As they havent come up to be counted yet. Which I doubt they will. But the Cabal are screaming ahead with their agenda

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