David Wilcock: “Mother of All Bombs” being dropped against the Cabal this week

David Wilcock

David Wilcock stopped by Benjamin Fulford’s blog yesterday to leave comments on Ben’s latest report, Big showdown expected in Middle East as end game approaches for Saudi Israelia.

Kind of surprised that Ben made no mention of all the interconnecting sources predicting the “Mother of All Bombs” being dropped against the Cabal this week, and what it might be. It does appear to be related to the unsealing of more of the indictments, perhaps, but I would be surprised if we get through this week without some major positive news.

Check out my new mega-article if you haven’t already… very valuable context:

Critical Moment in Deep Stat Takedown is Happening Now: https://divinecosmos.com/davids-blog/21021-happening

David Wilcock, April 30, 2018


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