David Wilcock’s Brakes Sabotaged: Was It the Dark Alliance?

David Wilcock

By David Wilcock

The main cylinder of David Wilcock’s brakes mysteriously died at 2:15 PM on Friday, August 11th, 2017, after a massive wave of attacks had already occurred.

The last time his brakes died like this was when he was driving to the Disclosure Project event on May 10, 2001, in rush-hour Washington DC traffic.

Had this happened just a few minutes earlier in the Topanga mountains, it could very easily have caused a fatality. The brake pedal went all the way to the floor with no response.

This is a war, and on the personal level it just went red-hot. Given the surrounding cluster of threats we have gotten, this does not seem to be coincidental.

We are going on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church this Wednesday night to address the almost ridiculous number of attacks coming our way all at once.

It is logical to conclude that “something big” must be on the way in order for this much disruption to be occurring.

We have chosen to refer to the group orchestrating these attacks, both on and off-line, as the “Dark Alliance.” There are a few key players and a relatively small group of minions.

The lower-level action-takers in this Dark Alliance have no idea of how strongly they are being manipulated, nor do they understand the endgame.


The fifth-most popular movie on Amazon Video right now is, amazingly enough, American Media and the Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

We just watched it last night, simply because we were fascinated as to how a low-budget indie conspiracy film could have shot all the way up to number five.

Although it has some weak points, such as a certain amount of pixelated video, overall it is quite a damning presentation of real evidence.

This is precisely the type of film that we will expect to see in massive numbers once the positive Alliance, as we have called it, scores critical victories against the Cabal.

It talks about the story of Jim Garrison, who somehow managed to break through an almost complete media monopoly to reveal the truth of the JFK assassination.

He was able to do this on television shows such as The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Real People.

The official cover-up in the Warren Commission report was very badly botched, and many who tried to expose the truth were systematically killed off.

The government ultimately was forced to admit that the assassination was not carried out the way the Warren Commission cover-up had concluded.

They reluctantly indicated that some hidden conspiracy had indeed been involved in the murder — without going into details.

This movie does a great job of re-packaging a wealth of information about the JFK assassination that had otherwise gotten lost in the sands of time.

We just lost Jim Marrs recently, who was one of the greatest scholars of the Kennedy assassination, and who also appears as a younger man in the movie.

I am still greatly saddened by Jim’s loss, and am glad that I had him on my panels at Contact in the Desert last year and in other years as well.


American Corporate MSM Is Merged With CIA And Has Been Since The 1950s

Operation Mockingbird: How the Jesuit-Controlled CIA Subvert Mainstream News

Operation Mockingbird On Steroids—CGI Allows Mainstream Media to Make ‘Fake News’ in Real Time

Project MOCKINGBIRD: Ongoing Covert Control of the Media

Declassified CIA Documents Show Agency’s Control Over Mainstream Media & Academia

Google Confirms That Their Contractors Suppressed Alternative Media

How the CIA Plants News Stories in the Media

Newly-Declassified Documents Show that CIA Worked Closely with Owners and Journalists with Many of the Largest Media Outlets


The movie goes into extensive detail describing how the CIA managed to overtake the nation’s media in the aftermath of Kennedy’s open-air shooting.

This media-infiltration program, as you probably already know, was called Operation Mockingbird.

The details of Operation Mockingbird were openly revealed by the acting director of the CIA during Congressional hearings in the 1970s.

We see footage where he confirms that the CIA had paid assets planted throughout the American media, actively steering the discourse.

The film explains that the code name Mockingbird was a tongue-in-cheek joke.

The “bird” they were mocking was the American mascot, the bald eagle — and the alleged freedom it represents for the American people.

We somehow went from over 1,900 different media outlets in 1963 to almost all “mainstream media” now being controlled by only five corporations.

The majority of all news that emerges from the “mainstream media” is pre-approved, if not planted by the CIA before it ever sees the light of day.


These same Cabal agents have now infiltrated outlets such as Google, Facebook and Apple News to a stunning degree as well.

Most of the links people try to send me on Facebook now come up with a red exclamation mark and the message “This attachment could not be loaded.”

In other cases, the above words do not appear and I simply see the red exclamation mark and a blank red box. See the images below for a few examples.

I should film this some time, because the degree to which this is now happening in the Facebook messages I receive is utterly ridiculous.

This is not normal behavior. This is absolute desperation. There is no “plausible deniability.” It is obvious Mockingbird censorship, plain and simple:

As a result of how upsetting this is to me, I have largely avoided looking at Facebook except on small occasions when I meditate and prepare for it.

I know this censorship is very real, but being reminded of it day after day is demoralizing.


Things truly went into the Twilight Zone before the 2016 US election, when anyone speaking out against tyranny became labeled as “Fake News” and blocked.

As you probably know by now, unless you use a filtering service like Gmail, you will get so much spam you cannot even function.

I have identified countless terms people can use in emails that will cause them to auto-route into either Spam or Trash on Gmail.

This, again, is a consequence of the unconstitutional “Fake News” ban, which insiders say was solely created in an attempt to stop Pedogate news from spreading.

I have missed many valuable letters from partners and associates as a result of this nearly all-consuming censorship. I have to check these folders regularly.

The methods I have just described are only a handful of many that are now being actively used.

Friends of mine who watch Pizzagate videos tell me that it is much, much harder to find them now than it was before. You really have to go digging.

These stories are being “Buried” because these Mockingbird-controlled internet giants have determined that it is too dangerous for you to see “Fake News.”

If you become labeled as Fake News, you have no recourse. We all have to work harder to make sure that critical information is not being suppressed…

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This article (David Wilcock’s Brakes Sabotaged: Was It the Dark Alliance?) was originally published on Divine Cosmos and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.



  • Hm, what a coincidence. Just a few weeks ago Simon Parkes’ car brakes resp. the two brake pipes for the brake fluid corroded at the same time, which is an extremely seldom phenomenon. Simon was stepping on the brakes and almost nothing happened. Only with metaphysical help he could reach the next auto repair shop. The mechanicians wondered incredulously how he could drive there.

    Dracos are so dumb, always repeating the same shit, again & again & again …

  • I got rid of ALL so-called “Social Media” because I knew it was being monitored (Gmail; Facebook and such)!…I don’t use so-called “Smart phones” either, because you can’t even buy one without Gmail being used on ALL of them!
    GOOGLE is EVIL!!!

  • I am VERY saddened to hear what happened to David. I hope he and his family are safe!!!

    Many lightworkers and lightwarriors are risking their lives!!! Including those working on the grid who are not in the public eye. It is my great hope that everyone will encourage and promote the eclipse mediation to put an end to this evil once and for all! These types of attacks MUST be stopped and we have the power to do it.

  • Sadly this is going to happen. David has the protection of being well known. But obviously this doesnt stop them. But fortunately David is ok. Unfortunately others havent been so lucky
    The rest of the global population is under attack, smart meters, phones, Nexrad doppler radar (Modern HAARP) Chemtrials vaccines GMO etc etc etc.
    We cant sit around any longer. They are winning, they are gaining more and more ground. Once they roll out 5g, they are close to total control. And way too many are excited at this crap. This is for our imprisonment, not our benefit. The RFID is not far behind 5g. Bloggers opinions based on hearsay wont convince me otherwise
    We the people need to stand up and demand change. But, stand up TOGETHER, otherwise No one else will. If money continues, then cabal like control will contiue as well. So some “bloggers” out there are claiming bank resets, or finaicial packages. Which is pandering to greed, which keep us where we are. As those who really need monetary aid, simply wont get it. Time is short. We all need to stand up. And more importantly, we ALL need to join the meditation on the 21st.
    Ignore bloggers and their contradicting weekly comments. Especially with predictions that never materialise. They are there to confuse and cause apathy. Free your mind your arse will follow

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