Deep Earth Mantle Earthquakes: Entire Pacific Plate in Flux

Deep Mantle Earthquakes - Pacific Plate April 2014

(Dutchsinse) Today, a very deep 5.1M earthquake struck Brazil.  347 miles deep (560km)

Seeing  a non-volcanic related 5.0M+ event , at  roughly 350 miles deep, in itself is a rather abnormal occurrence for Brazil…. normally we see this deep movement associated with Volcanoes / Volcanic chamber unrest.  That being said, this earthquake made me raise my eyebrows a bit.

If this event was on its own, I might have just dismissed it as related to the recent Chile 8.2M earthquake event last week (April 1, 2014)…. however….. this deep mantle earthquake is NOT alone.

Past 48 hours something going on VERY deep inside the Earth — all at roughly 300 – 350 miles deep.  Showing as multiple earthquakes happening across the entire Pacific Plate ( again, particularly not normal in the East Pacific / Brazil)

This indicates deep earth magma displacement where the Liquid mantle meets the crust. An area inside the earth, below the crust, called the “Asthenosphere”.

mantle quakes april 7 2014

“The asthenosphere (from Greek asthenēs ‘weak’ + sphere) is the highly viscous mechanically weak ductilely-deforming region of the upper mantle of the Earth. It lies below the lithosphere, at depths between 100 and 200 km (~ 62 and 124 miles) below the surface, but perhaps extending as deep as 700 km (~ 435 miles).”

This area below the crust is now experiencing multiple moderate earthquakes around the perimeter of the ENTIRE Pacific Plate.  The Asthenosphere ( made up of viscous magma / semi-solid melted rock) ,is known for its involvement in Tectonic Plate movement.

If you see multiple earthquakes in the Asthenosphere, around the entire Pacific Plate , all happening within 48 hours …. one can know for certain that something is majorly moving inside the earth.    Also, know that larger + shallower movement will be occurring in adjacent areas to these deep Earthquakes.

Expect more large earthquake activity due to this. Near term.  New Earthquake overview coming out tomorrow will cover this NEW development.

Until tomorrows update, generally speaking, keep an eye on the silent areas just Northwest of Brazil.   Watch the Pacific Northwest as well.  In Asia, watch the area in the middle, between the deep events (near Taiwan to Philippines).

Multiple earthquake monitoring links can be found towards the bottom of this feed list:

Source: Dutchsinse

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