Did Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama Get Americans Killed Due To Illegal Server Use?

By DCWhispers

Whispers are mounting in and around D.C. regarding a widespread cover-up that directly involves both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – both who were guilty of communicating on illegal private servers during their time in government. (An act which Mr. Obama lied about repeatedly when he was president.) Could it be the entirety of the Trump/Russia narrative is nothing more than a β€œlook over here” hoax perpetrated by a Deep State desperate to protect some of its most valuable assets – namely Obama/Clinton?

And is that also why the Establishment Media has done so little to investigate what appears to be real collusion among high-ranking U.S. government officials and foreign powers?

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  • They are both guilty of many many murders due to their illegal use of illegal communications. Many of our intelligence officers have been killed due to their sheer negligence and official misconduct against the USA. They should be held accountable.

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