August 19, 2019

Disclosure, Mass Arrests Rumor: Pope Francis signed off on what is being called a binding “Galactic Agreement” this past Sunday

Disclosure, Mass Arrests Rumor: Pope Francis signed off on what is being called a binding “Galactic Agreement” this past Sunday

Pope Francis signed off on what is being called a binding “Galactic Agreement” this past Sunday inside the walls of the Vatican, witnessed by Christine Legarde and legal counsel of the IMF

Former USA, Inc President Barack Obama will soon be revealed as a Rome/CIA operative, and publicly be made to relinquish Presidential status, and be amnestied to a foreign country – Dubai – it is rumored.  Privately, Obama’s resignation has already occurred and he’s just awaiting a public dismissal announcement.  Also the United States Congress, including all members of the Senate and House of Representatives, no longer hold legal authority to make any laws for the citizens of the Republic of the United States.  They too will all be dismissed or removed.

The same punishment holds true for all members of the Supreme Court, who secretively pledged allegiance to Rome before taking their oath to serve the laws and people of the United States.  Washington, D.C. is also no longer a sovereign territory exclusively serving the interests of the Holy Roman Empire under the control of the American Jesuit Order.

Other sovereign diplomatic territories have also been released of their international “safe haven” status, such as Vatican City, City of Jerusalem & City of London.  All Jesuit ordained operatives still in any of these “safe haven” territories are now being arrested, amnestied, exiled or exterminated depending on their individual agreements with the new global governance authority.  This clean up includes diplomats, bankers, lawyers, politicians and judges involved in the secrete conspiracy against mankind, known collectively as the cabal.

David Robinson is a journalist and author living in the mid-coast area of Maine. He served as a Grand Juror, seated under Summons, on the Cumberland County Maine Grand Jury for the first four months of 2014. For his other publications see Maine Republic. He can be e-mailed at [email protected]

Source: David Robinson — Maine Republic

Editor Note: I have many questions about this, the obviously being… if the Pope has ‘signed off’ on this, then WHO’S GOING TO ARREST THE POPE?!?! He needs to be in handcuffs, as well. I’m going to poke around for more information and will update as soon as I know more. Treat as rumor until confirmed…



  • Fulton has been saying for two years that the Cabal elite are about to be arrested. No such thing is happening. This is probably misinformation sent out by the Illuminati.

    • I’m quite familiar with David Robinson’s work and I think if you spent even a minute on his website perusing his other articles you’d be able to discern which side he is on. If I thought this was ‘misinformation sent out by the Illuminati’ I would not have posted it.

    • There is a Yammasse Chief by the name of Chief:Nanya-Shaabu:Eil , who has a commercial lien on the White House , The Vatican and The Queen of England . The U.S.A. have been thrown into the middle of the Sea , the ocean , the Atlantic . All guilty of crimes against humanity and indigenous people of the world.

      • Thank you! I’ll look into it… and they are definitely guilty of crimes against indigenous people, as well as all of humanity. I pray that their time is nearing the end.

    • Regular readers of this website will know that I do not usually post such rumors, however there’s something about this and a reason why I decided to publish this one in particular. Lagarde was in Rome during this time frame and met with the Pope twice within a couple of weeks, which is odd in and of itself.

      People tell me things because I have an excellent ability to keep my mouth shut, and I’ve been hearing other rumors to this effect from other sources. This particular article just happened to round up everything I’ve been hearing into one package.

  • Hopefully a sign of a full surrender from one the heads of the serpent. But I agree, I dont trust anything from the vatican or the pope

    • I think abolishing the City States and rounding up the Jesuits would be a very good start, but if the Pope is allowed to stay in ‘power’ then we will know who initiated the action.

      Cobra confirmed in his recent interview that Obama just received a payoff and bought some property in the Middle East:

      Q: He said Obama who just bought a giant piece of property, mansion, I think it’s in Qatar. I was like; Why would hey fund him? I said was the bad guys. Yea, the bad guys let this funding go through. Is there any funding of the positive benevolence groups on the down low that you know about.

      Cobra: No, unfortunately that project you heard about is that the bad guys has released some of the funds to their minions to keep them in line. That’s all that happened. It has nothing to do with the financial reset. It has nothing to do with what we’re hoping for. This is a completely different story.

      Wilcock has also made some interesting comments recently, as well:

      It does appear that we are almost upon that point. The negotiations of how to make the final moves are still undecided right now within the alliance, which is quite a conglomerate of different factions.

      “However, once it does happen there will probably need to be an economic collapse, at least temporarily, and we may see some momentarily shocking military activity in major cities and particularly NY and DC.

      It does not appear the Cabal has enough support or financing to successfully counteract the final move. They know it is coming and their plan seems to be more focused on trying to run rather than sticking around for it.

      It is very important to remember that if we repeat the mass atrocities of other cycles, we are rewarded with the 100-year partial disclosure timeline, and it could very well take that long.

      The only way we get full disclosure is to pull together as an alternative community and demand the truth once the partial narrative is set out for us.

  • If my memory is correct, Dr Jim Willie also mentioned in that interview with Will Lehr (Perpetual Assets) among other things (like the dead holistic doctors) is the Pope’s past role in the Chilean genocide of thousands of young people.

    Other things he mentioned is the Vatican hiring death squads to silence those involved in some panel investigating pedophilia and child murder/sacrifice in the Vatican.

    Both parts in this link:

  • Why are they going to make mass Arrests but let Obama ride into the sunset Free? Oh NO!!!!He Should Be Held Accountable just as ALL the players in this Scheme! Even last dime of his to be confiscated and Returned to America He committed high treason!

  • I have certainly “enjoyed” the ride toward greater truth and freedom in these times; to think humanity could well be on the verge of awesome changes and truly responsible and responsive government. So much is blamed on a low emotional maturity level in the “people” that well may not be the case at all just because a moron like Trump seems to command a level of attention at the moment. I do have very dear friends and family members who cannot see any of this “secret space program,” “false flags” and what all. There is a desire to punish individuals and so-called individual states when often the individuality perceived is not usually the case at all but rather some kind of patsyism, mind control, blackmail, what have you. Disillusionment does not have to be embittering, disempowering. I have come to look forward to more of it, more and more every day. It could be something to live for! To stand free and naked before one’s true god and not the false gods could well be, I wonder, the ultimate freedom!

  • This would be great if it came to pass. I full well know of the centuries old machinations of the Jesuits (of whom the current pope is one) , their intimate hold on Freemasonry and other Illuminati factions as well as the international banking community, all with the full intention of Papal global governance. The recent forays into politics by the last 3 popes is nothing more than a concerted electioneering campaign to place themselves as the only logical leaders of the expected NWO. So yes, if all this was undone, and freedom of religion guaranteed as a result in direct contrast with Roman ambitions, then I say bring it on.
    But I am also a student of Bible prophecy. And the book of Revelation declares loud and clear that such a change of direction will not take place, but rather on the contrary, the time will come when the people of the world will be so battered, so embittered, so desperate for answers , they will welcome the papal dictatorship with open arms, and it will be at the recommendation of American Protestants that they do so.

  • This all seems like disinformation by the Illuminati. As long as we think something is being done, and it isn’t, then we are happy to sit back and let others do it, while they carry out their plans in secret, unhampered.

  • This is such NONSENSE!! You are being played like a violin into thinking you will be saved. Fulford, Wilcock and all these puppets have been talking about mass arrests since at least 2010. Not only they have not happened – things are getting exponentially worse and the choke-hold on humanity tighter and tighter. Please don’t do intelligent people a dis service and stop posting this BS. And anyone who would remotely suggest that what’s needed is some ind of “petition” to have disclosure – wow – I am speechless. All I can say is… adorable.

    • I’m not waiting for anyone to save me, or us. I’ve been hoping and praying for years that people will turn off their TVs, get up, and do SOMETHING about it. The purpose of this website it spread awareness via alternative information outside of the mainstream. I don’t think much is going to happen until a critical mass is reached (think “100th Monkey” effect), and then we will have our tipping point. The petitions are all about spreading awareness and getting people involved. I do not see this as a bad thing. Thanks for your comment.

  • Is this why Antonin Scalia from the Supreme Court is dead? Did they take him out or couldn’t he physically handle the thought of being arrested etc?

    • I have no idea, but when I received the ‘breaking news’ alert on my phone I definitely raised an eyebrow. It will be interesting to see what Fulford says in tomorrow’s report.

  • Jesus Christ was and is God. He founded the Catholic Church on Peter and the Apostles. The Pope is the legitimate Apostolic Successor to Peter. The world should allow itself to be ruled by the Vicar of Christ, but will not. You are deceived and are deceiving others. The Catholic Faith is true. Doubt it not.

  • Actually, not a rumour. Obama is given safe haven in the UK in the village of Harrold. Nobody can arrest the pope. He is a head of state and above the law.

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