The FDA just outlawed CBDs and hemp oil extracts by claiming all plant molecules now belong exclusively to Big Pharma

Marijuana and Hemp

By Mike Adams

MAJOR CORRECTIONS: I’m issuing a huge correction / clarification to this story after speaking with people in the hemp industry. They’ve pointed out that my article, although posted with the best intentions to help keep CBDs legal and readily available, was freaking out CBD retailers who thought some sort of new law had been passed outlawing CBDs.

In no way did I intend to disrupt CBD retailers with that article! My only goal was to sound the alarm of how to FDA is attempting to destroy this entire industry, and help create a backlash that would keep natural medicine legal in America.

The FDA is trying to destroy the CBD industry with regulatory assaults, but the industry is pushing back (and the weight of the evidence and the science is on the side of the hemp industry). Nevertheless, the FDA is a formidable opponent and they can wage all sorts of regulatory assaults against natural substances they wish to regulate out of existence.

So I’ve decided to post a serious correction / clarification to this story to make sure nobody misreads what I’m asserting here, and I apologize for any misconstruing of my intention in posting this, which was to ALERT people to the regulatory assaults of the FDA that are trying to destroy the hemp extract industry. As a food scientist and natural medicine activist, I am 100% pro hemp, pro CBDs and pro plant medicine.

Essentially, my use of the term “outlawed” in the title of my original article was misconstrued. By “outlawed,” I meant the FDA essentially writes its own “regulatory laws” and has posted a clear statement on its own website which states that CBDs cannot be sold as a dietary supplement. This is a regulatory attack on hemp extracts, but it is not technically a law that was passed by Congress. I regret my choice of the word “outlawed”, and I will be more careful in my choice of words when covering this issue in the future. In the article below, I have replaced any reference to “outlawing” with the more accurate terminology of “regulating out of compliance” or similar language.

But make no mistake: Cannabidiol is on the target radar of the FDA, and they are waging a campaign of regulatory intimidation to try to destroy the marketplace. If they get their way, they will EFFECTIVELY outlaw CBDs via regulatory assaults. Their goal is the same: destroy the CBD marketplace.

My hope is that they fail in their efforts, of course.

Original story follows, with corrections as noted above

Hemp oil extracts containing CBDs (cannibidiols) are such a threat to the pharmaceutical industry that the FDA is now invoking totally insane justifications for outlawing them.

UPDATE: This article has caused a tremendous amount of discussion and a lot of disinformation is flying around, so I’m adding these notes for clarification.

One thing I’ve learned is that the people who sell CBD oil don’t even know there is more than one CBD molecule. Some have attacked me for using “cannabidiols” in a plural form, because they are ignorant of the full chemistry of CBD synthesis and molecular variants. Even wikipedia lists seven CBD molecular variations, each with its own name. They are named delta-5-cannabidiol, delta-4-cannabidiol, delta-3-cannabidiol, delta-3,7-cannabidiol, delta-2-cannabidiol, delta-1-cannabidiol and delta-6-cannabidiol. They share the same elements in their molecular composition, but they have variations in their double bonds, meaning they behave slightly differently when interacting with other molecules.

Secondly, the FDA did attempt to “regulate into non-compliance” CBDs as a dietary supplement. It’s printed right on the FDA’s own website: “12. Can products that contain cannabidiol be sold as dietary supplements? A. No. Based on available evidence, FDA has concluded that cannabidiol products are excluded from the dietary supplement definition…” The FDA has also started sending aggressive warning letters to CBD product marketers.

However, the industry is rightly pushing back against this unjustified regulatory classification by the FDA. In fact, the industry needs to push back even harder, or else the FDA will steamroll everyone…

Some of the people commenting on this article have said you can just sell CBDs as a “food” and not a dietary supplement. UPDATE: Efforts are under way to GRAS list cannabidiol with the FDA, but CBD is not currently GRAS listed, meaning it cannot be sold as a food without attracting regulatory scrutiny from the FDA. I spoke with a highly competent regulatory attorney who confirmed all this.

There is no question that some smaller companies are right now selling hemp oil with CBD content, but this does not mean such sales are immune from FDA regulatory prosecution (and intimidation attempts). The FDA tends to go after larger suppliers first, ignoring smaller suppliers due to its own limited resources. For this reason, smaller suppliers of CBD supplements or hemp oil products containing added CBDs may be able to continue selling such products for a very long time without facing regulatory action. Nevertheless, that regulatory risk is ever present and may be invoked at any time by the FDA to target that company and confiscate its products. Selective prosecution is one of the key regulatory weapons of all federal agencies. This is how they protect their pharma friends and punish the competition. This is why the hemp industry needs to push back HARD against the FDA!

CBDs are non-psychoactive compounds found naturally in hemp plants. They work so well as powerful natural medicine that people everywhere are realizing CBDs work better than pharmaceuticals for treating epilepsy, seizures, neurological disorders and other serious health conditions (including HIV infections).

So the FDA has just launched a massive regulatory assault against CBDs by invoking the most insane logic you’ve ever heard. Here’s how it goes:

1) CBDs work so well that drug companies are now investigating them to be approved by the FDA as medicines.

2) Because CBDs are being investigated by drug companies, the FDA has granted CBDs status as being “investigated as a new drug.” In the FDA’s own language from their website, “FDA considers a substance to be ‘authorized for investigation as a new drug’ if it is the subject of an Investigational New Drug application (IND) that has gone into effect.”

3) Because CBDs work so well and have been authorized for drug investigations, the FDA is now attempting to regulate them out of existence as dietary supplements. Per the FDA’s own website: “FDA has concluded that cannabidiol products are excluded from the dietary supplement definition under section 201(ff)(3)(B)(ii) of the FD&C Act. Under that provision, if a substance (such as cannabidiol) has been authorized for investigation as a new drug for which substantial clinical investigations have been instituted and for which the existence of such investigations has been made public, then products containing that substance are outside the definition of a dietary supplement.”

4) Now the FDA has begun sending warning letters to CBD makers, claiming they are in violation of FDA regulations because they are selling “adulterated products.” Adulterated with what, exactly? CBDs, of course! “The debate over hemp CBD’s legal status continues after FDA sent eight warning letters to manufacturers of CBD dietary supplement and food products earlier this month,” reports Nutritional Outlook. “The warning letters cite impermissible health claims used to market the products, as well as CBD’s invalid status as a dietary ingredient due to its presence in two drug applications currently under consideration.”

The FDA just criminalized one of the most miraculous healing medicines in the world by handing it over to Big Pharma

In other words, the FDA just handed Big Pharma an absolute monopoly over CBDs (hemp oil extract) by ridiculously claiming such natural products are “adulterated” with molecules (CBDs) that the FDA says might one day become a drug.

“Drugs,” according to the FDA, are substances that are proven to treat, prevent or cure a disease, and thus the FDA’s own logic admits that CBDs must be able to treat, prevent or cure diseases, otherwise they would be useless as “drugs”.

But when a dietary supplement company makes the same claim, they are hit with aggressive warning letters from the FDA, threatening to shut them down, confiscate their products and seek criminal prosecution of the company executives.

This is how the FDA can instantly criminalize any vitamin or plant extract

Do you see how this twisted, corrupt regulatory tactic can allow the FDA to instantly criminalize any dietary supplement, vitamin, herb or plant extract?

Vitamin D, for example, could be outlawed by the FDA announcing that it has granted “Investigational New Drug application (IND)” status to any drug company studying vitamin D.

Using this same corrupt, mafia-style tactic, the FDA could essentially “outlaw” resveratrol or even vitamin C, denying Americans the right to access safe, affordable, natural substances that are routinely found in nature.

It’s time to end the FDA’s monopolization over natural plant molecules

If humanity is ever to achieve medical freedom, we must end the FDA’s outrageous medical monopolization of plant molecules such as CBDs. By allowing this corrupt, criminally-run regulatory agency to criminalize every molecule found in nature, our nation’s lawmakers condemn us all to life in what can only be called medical totalitarianism under FDA tyranny.

Any time a healing substances is found in nature, the FDA can simply assert that such molecules are now in the process of being studied as drugs and are therefore illegal to sell as dietary supplements even though they were developed by Mother Nature, not drug companies.

This FDA tactic is nothing more than the FDA proclaiming intellectual monopolies over all molecules of interest found in nature. It is Monsanto-like in its arrogance and wickedness, and it deprives the People of their right to access medicinal plants and healing substances that have existed in nature for countless thousands of years long before the FDA ever came into existence (1906).

If we do not stop this FDA, we are all doomed to living under a totalitarian regulatory regime that will systematically criminalize every healing molecule found in nature, from the curcuminoids in turmeric root to green tea catechins and even phycocyanins found in spirulina.

That this federal agency has now resorted to such tactics of medical totalitarianism and outright tyranny is proof that we need to strip the FDA of regulatory powers over natural dietary supplements and limit its domain to pharmaceutical drugs only.

Coincidentally, a Presidential election is upon us that threatens to shake up the entire establishment if the right person wins. “Establishment” candidates on both sides of the aisle would simply continue the FDA war on natural molecules that’s now under way, but there is one candidate who has openly threatened to challenge the authority of federal regulators like the EPA and FDA.

FDA begins crackdown by targeting inaccurate label claims… but it won’t end there

The FDA has now declared war on CBDs and hemp oil extracts. Its first targets are those companies who have inaccurate label claims or are committing outright fraud in claiming CBD concentrations that don’t even exist in their products.

On this point, I must agree that inaccurate label claims deserve regulatory enforcement. The CBD industry is heavily populated with fraudulent sellers whose products often contain no CBDs at all. (Make sure you buy from reputable sources that conduct real science to validate product composition.)

“The FDA has turned its back on the cannabis industry, claiming that CBD products cannot be sold as dietary supplements,” reports Canna Business. “Companies affected by the latest crackdown include Cali Stores, Dose of Nature, Green Garden Gold, Healthy Hemp Oil, Michigan Herbal Remedies, Morgue Juice, Pain Bomb and Sana Te Premium Oils. According to the FDA’s analysis, all products contained different amounts of 9-THC, THCa, CBDa, CBN and CBD than they had claimed.”

The second target of the FDA is companies that made disease treatment claims that their CBD products might treat epilepsy, cancer or other conditions. The FDA, of course, routinely attacks any dietary supplement maker that tells the truth about the medicinal benefits of their products. According to the FDA, there is no such thing as any food, nutrient, herb or natural molecule that has any ability whatsoever to treat, prevent or cure any disease. This position is, of course, patently absurd and stands in total violation of nutritional science, but it is the “big lie” the FDA must maintain in order to keep putting dietary supplement companies out of business.

Once the FDA finishes destroying all the companies with inaccurate labels and disease marketing claims, it will target all the honest suppliers of CBDs who are selling genuine, honest products that contain accurate CBD labels. This is the real goal of the FDA: to threaten, intimidate and destroy the entire CBD industry and thereby protect the medical monopolies of drug companies that can’t wait to cash in on these amazing molecules that really do treat disease (otherwise, Big Pharma would have no interest in them).

This is how the FDA keeps the medical racket marching along

And so the great medical monopoly racket marches on, with the FDA giving a big “F-YOU” to the American people while handing lucrative medical monopolies to its greed-driven friends in the pharmaceutical industry. Meanwhile, the American people are denied healing medicine that works at a fraction of the cost of overpriced pharmaceuticals.

Entrepreneurial companies that offer such hemp oil extracts containing CBDs — natural medicines that could help reduce human suffering while lowering health care costs nationwide — are threatened by the FDA with devastating enforcement actions that could land their executives in prison.

This is all part of the FDA’s war on natural medicine that systematically criminalizes molecules found in nature and the people who seek to make those molecules available to patients in need. While disease suffering skyrockets across America and medical expenses push more and more families over the threshold of bankruptcy and destitution, isn’t it comforting to know that your federal government is doing everything in its power to deny you access to safe, affordable natural medicine while protecting the profits of the drug giants?

What can you do to oppose this medical tyranny by the FDA?

None of this is ever going to change, by the way, if we keep electing establishment politicians to the White House. If you want to see real change in the legalization of hemp extract components such as CBDs, you’d better vote for someone who terrifies the establishment and threatens to tear it down.

At the same time, you need to support health freedom organizations like the Alliance for Natural Health, which is fighting to keep dietary supplements legal in America.

You should also watch this video animation that exposes the anti-dietary supplement bias of PBS Frontline, which recently ran a totally dishonest hit piece documentary attacking supplements.

There is a nationwide effort under way right now to criminalize ALL dietary supplements and force every plant extract, vitamin or food concentrate to be regulated by the FDA as if they were prescription drugs. This would utterly wipe out the entire dietary supplements industry and plunge America into an era of runaway disease, suffering and death as people are denying access to the healing nutrients that are presently preventing disease (and even reversing serious disease in some cases).

Finally, share this story and join the Natural News email list (below) to stay informed on all this. As the editor of Natural News, I am fighting for your right to access CBDs and hemp oil extracts, as they are amazing natural medicines that can treat, prevent and in some cases even help cure serious health conditions.

The FDA is anti science and anti human rights

We have a fundamental human right to access healing plants found in nature, and the FDA has systematically sought to destroy that right and criminalize those who seek to express it. Access to Mother Nature’s healing molecules is a fundamental human right that exists above and beyond the Bill of Rights. It is a DIVINE right.

To reestablish our access to these rights, we need a political revolution in Washington that puts people in power who are ready and willing to dismantle the FDA and end its devastating monopolies over dietary supplements, medicinal herbs and natural molecules found in nature.

We need to legalize health freedom in America and set this nation on a new path of disease prevention and drastically reduced health care costs through access to affordable, natural medicines. The only way to accomplish this is to end the FDA’s reign of tyranny over the dietary supplements industry.

We need a new health freedom revolution in America, and it starts at the ballot box. It’s time to start electing outsiders, not insiders… people who the terrify the Washington establishment because they know their insidious grip on regulatory power will be challenged. If you want medical marijuana legalized, or if you want access to CBD oil as an affordable dietary supplement, it’s time to start voting for people the establishment is desperately trying to destroy. Because it is only those people who have any real hope of achieving the kind of political and legislative goals that will end the FDA’s stranglehold on natural medicine in America.

Sources for this article include:

Source: Natural News


  • When I was in hospital, I was pumped with oxicodone and morpine, percosete…I asked my friend to bring me cbd candy, I stopped all drugs. CBD works. POWER OF THE PEOPLE….DON’T LET THEM DO THIS. WE MUST FIGHT!

    • This has nothing to do with Obama. In fact he’s done quite well for us here in Colorado, by keeping the DEA out of our state. This is what Nixon’s Drug war looks like.

      • “…keeping the DEA out of CO? Your as misinformed about that as the author is on this subject matter.

        Obama had raided/seized/prosecuted 8 times the # of American patients/caregivers/dispensaries in 6 years than gw bush did in 8 years….and the feds were just in on numerous raids in Denver not 2 weeks ago, with promised raids over the next few months.

    • shit stain in office? what a terrible thing to say, what is the matter with you?
      Everyone seems to be on the take, and you’re blaming the president? It’s been
      going on for years, money, politics & corruption.

  • No offence but you need to fact check, there is no truth to this article whatsoever.

    Firstly ‘Big Pharama’ have been aware of CBD and other cannabinoids medical uses for more than 100 years, they have had patents for medicines made from cannabis for just as long, there has been cannabis based medicines on the market in the past as well. They were removed from production/sale when the UN pushed through legislation in the 1960’s, and in the UK they still used them up until 1973 before the UK Gov bowed to UN pressure, that only lasted until the early 1990’s when GW pharma started using cannabis for medical research, and finally took a product to market in 1994.

    Secondly, the FDA sent letters to those people due to them making false medical claims, such as “CBD Cures HIV!!” , “CBD miricale cure, cure’s everything!” ..etc Not to mention that after testing the products many of them had ZERO CBD in them, and the ones that did have CBD in didn’t have the amount stated,(Some had more, some had less), which is illegal. It’s false advertising for a start. It’s whats known as quakery and snake oil peddling.

    I am a big supporter of Cannabis legislation, and CBD for treating things its actually capable of treating, and making ridiculous claims like this does nothing to help the cause, if anything it hurts it.

    • Thank you so much I definitely wanted to put the facts straight too but I couldn’t do it so as pefectly! Also my ve Simon was not approved lol, this threat has been going on for very long time Big Pharma does suck!

  • The FDA, you mean the FDA run by our government that owns the patent on marijuana being used to cure ailments? Just check out US Patent 6630507 titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” which is assigned to The United States of America, as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services.
    The patent claims that –

    “Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia.”
    The patent was obtained in October of 2003.

  • So that means they should make snake venom illegal cause all the facts that you can’t make anti venom out of it find a cure for some of the known diseases and should make penicillin illegal cause it can’t cure sickness. Like seriously wtf talk about having to much power to control what can help mankind live longer and help families spend more years with eachother

  • So fda is going to let children die, people suffer, because they can’t sell as many man made pain, anxiety , depression, seizure , mess ? Got news for them !
    The crap they get you hooked on , are not curable by no means ! If anything they are killing us with overdoses of man made chemicles ! Natural plants were put here by God to use for positive reasons and effectiveness theirs no chance for overdose !?



  • The election of the President is the dog and pony show that distracts from the fact that 88 percent of Congress is up for re-election. In order to get rid of the establishment politicians THAT IS WHERE YOU DO IT! Good story, wrong message…

  • Maybe controlling CBDs research will allow for more research via controll based medication studies … Plus it still does not stop people from self medicating which is what has been going on for such s long time anyways … Don’t see the big problem here

  • The FDA can talk all they want can’t stop the use of CBD it’s not psychoactive and not against the law plus they cannot put a patent on it

      • I guess our belief that plants “can’t be patented” is no longer accurate; thanks to a corporation-friendly Supreme Court that is also citizen-hostile (except for citizens suffering from phallic inadequacy neurosis who wish to have the “right” to carry guns with them wherever they go & spray lead in all directions whenever they bump into a dark-skinned person), there are now, it seems, legally-binding patents on plants, seeds, plant-originated molecules, and so forth. “O brave new world, that has such people in it.”

  • My understanding is that it’s not illegal they sent letters warning them to stop making claims, is that correct?

  • Very inflammatory rhetoric by the author…

    I used to hold an exemption certificate from the FDA so that our company did not have to have a full-time pharmacist onsite…and the IND is a standard requirement for ANYTHING that is going to be used to “treat, prevent or cure” any disease…otherwise we would still have snake oil salesmen on every corner (we kind of still do in the “Dietary Supplement” world, especially for weight loss.)

    What all does Hemp, CDB’s or its extracts actually cure (like all Cancers?)…and to what extent…and for how long? These are all questions that have no medical basis for answers, unless you perform double-blind clinical trials (which are not cheap)…and most of your Rx’s were already derived from naturally-occurring chemical compounds…like Penicillin!

    I am not a Big-Pharma apologist…but the legalization of Hemp/CDB’s as cures has to start somewhere…and this is the only legal way to get it done.

    • CBD is an immune modulator, so with regular use can set your Immune system right i.e. Balances it, so it’s actually not the CBD that’s doing the so called snake oil curing It’s actual the body doing it with the immune system that’s being straightened out. No, no it does not happen overnight but it is hope with CBD, and a another grass roots people power treatment, LOW Dose naltrexone aka LDN. The doctors are against that too a lot of people are helped by it a very low dose once a day. Google Look up Dr. Bihari and LDN a place to start! I’ve used it for five years for fibro/CFS I’m off of opiates/many other medicines that I was taking for my illness.. No way am I healed and I have more quality of life now thanks to LDN. I was bedridden now I’m not. A lot of us LDN users were able to slowly get off of a lot of the other big Pharma medicine. Soooo, Big Controversy !


  • I’m actually all for regulation of both THC, CBD, cannabis/hash, etc. as you have no idea the actual strength of it, people react differently to drugs, and you have people who foolishly believe that cannabis and all of the derivatives of it are perfectly fine and better than pharmaceutical drugs for everything when that’s not true.

  • They are doing the same thing to the essential oil and believe it or not, the nut industry. Evil empire, the FDA!

  • Need to say what you are writing about first off, Scare tactics are not good, we get enough stress in our lives Mike. At the end you say “There is a nationwide effort under way right now to criminalize ALL dietary supplements and force every plant extract, vitamin or food concentrate to be regulated by the FDA as if they were prescription drugs”. That is what you should start out with, not The FDA just outlawed CBDs and hemp oil extracts by claiming all plant molecules now belong exclusively to Big Pharm UGH

  • More and more states are legalizing maruajana. People are starting to wake up an realize there is a medicinal purpose for maruajana. It’s treating and possibly curing illnesses and diseases. It was only a matter of time before big government was gonna stick as much of its hand as possible into the natural cookie jar. Kinda like the kid bully on the playground that takes everybodys stuff an says no this is mine!

  • This really is criminal. Citizens need to start hunting these big Pharma people down and hanging them in their own driveways, leaving them to rot. They profit off poisoning the population and keeping us sick. A revolution of sorts is long over do.

  • My son has severe Crohns Disease and has already had bowel resection surgery . He is totally disabled from this horrible disease . He is only twenty five . Cannibas oil three times a day can put him into remission .

  • I think this is a step in the right direction long term that has bad short term consequences. The FDA stating that CBD is a dug with therapeutic value is a step in the right direction to remove marijuana from the list of schedule 1 substances. I think the biggest issue with this change would come if a patent was approved for CBD, limiting its legal production.

  • CBD has not been proven to “work better than pharmaceuticals for treating epilepsy, seizures, neurological disorders and other serious health conditions (including HIV infections)”. As such, you risk serious potential harm/death stopping medications to treat the aforementioned diseases, if you believe CBD is your miracle cure for everything under the sun. The author needs to cite their references supporting their claims before posting an article that can influence the general public…

  • Our mother fucking paid off government assholes on the take again. What can We The People do to overrule this is bullshit obvious big drug co power play.

  • FDA you better back off fuckers you have no right trying to tamper with something that dose not include you because it is better then your damaging drugs go back to your chemicals and leave the world out of your shit your surpos to be protecting the medicine and your not doing your job you should be fired FDA because you DO NOT WORK ! you make maters warst and only approve things that benefit you and kills many other people !!!>_< THE WORLD KNOWS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR DEALINGS AND YOU BETTER TAKE HEED MOTHER FUCKERS .

  • The government will do anything to make a quick $, The FDA are starting to realize how much profit they can make off of CBDs , Cannabis , Herbs, Oil etc. They’re starting with one form of the plant, sooner or later they’re going to take control of the marijuana industry an tax the S**t out of the US citizens to make sure they make a quick $ an do some area 51 S**t with our hard earn money, its the US government we are talking about they can do anything they want, simply criminalized this plant is nothing like lifting a finger, If they really wanted to they can stop all sales on marijuana take control over all the industry in “Colorado, Denver, Washington etc” an turn them into pharmaceutical use only just to get that money in there pocket, we can rise we can make our voice be heard. but nothing we can do about hungry money thieves that they are… home of the free? bulls**t, if they wanted to they can tax the air we breath, land of the brave? hell yea we’re brave, the USA/us citizens been brave for over 200 years, but whos gonna be brave enough to confront the FDA/ The government about it, they either gonna ignore us pretend like they are listening an agree with ever single word we say, or we protect an get thrown in jail. anything that the citizens do/say about the government doesn’t happen or it will end up happening 5-10 years from now. All im trying to say is there is nothing we can do about the FDA trying to make a quick buck off of something that it nature.

  • The FDA can S my D !! The FDA gets paid by pharmaceutical companies for fast tracking approval on new drugs. Literally gets paid $$$, and guess who does the testing on the new drugs ? The same poison producing f’s that make the shit. Big pharma is the biggest joke, not the funny kind, the kind that makes billions per year not curing anything only adding new and improved bullshit you should “ask your doctor if Its right for you” to the list of things that cause horrific side effects and “may cause cancer” themselves. What’s the latest, talc may cause ovarian cancer? What about putting it on my balls? WTF? Keep drinking that “perfectly safe” fluoridated water and, “keep calm.” Which is banned in every other 1st world nation because ingesting fluoride has ZERO,ZILCH, NADA, effect on the health of you teeth. We’ve been getting duped, lied to for generations and it needs to stop. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  • Planned Parenthood thinks it’s about women, black lives matter say it’s about racism, LGBT community it is them etc etc But no one seems to think there exists a bigger picture.

  • The only crime being committed here is by Big Pharma & the FDA.No one with any sliver of decency would deny the people their right to be healthy yhriugh this amazing natural means.The legalization of Cannibis os the best way to make sure the prooer testing & research gets done to use them as medicine.The greed of Big Pharma & the FDA hideous,ridiculous,wrong & terrifying.

  • FDA and Big Pharm go screw yourselves and I posses a Canadian Personal Production License, MY Genetics with CBD are mine so find something else to Monopolize!!!! Corrupt fat wallet suits!!!!

  • Total advocate for legalization..But on the FDA’s page about this it shows the companies that received letters mostly tested negative for any amounts of cannabinoids what so ever! even though they have them on the label. Also these companies (personal speculation) but most likely use industrial hemp CBD extract witch has been shown to carry a huge risk of contaminants, because hemp naturally sucks up metals, pesticides, and other toxins from the grounds.

  • The FDA is corrupt. It classifies cannabis as a schedule 1 drug, meaning it has no known medical use, when that statement is clearly not true and is contradicted by many state medical boards. For another bad corruption, see Searle’s aspartame approval under Donald Rumsfeld.

  • Yup, and all you American sheep will just standby and let them do it. Where is your democracy now?

  • The point of giving cannabidiol a drug of interest title is that it can allow proper scientific research.what it means is that production of CBD will have to be done in a GMP environment adhering to pharmacovigilance visits and marketed through practitioners of herbal medicine or doctors;. In many other countries this is the route that is being taken towards legalisation. It makes sense that there is some type of regulation. If you look at the extracts people produce, maybe 1 in 20 would be clean. CBD comes from a registered herbal product, hemp, which means that it is legal to possess. It becomes illegal once you make a medical claim relating to neuralgia, cancer, aids, immune regulation etc. It is legal to sell, but arguments for marketing authorisations from regulatory bodies would always need to be made independent of company size. The problem with cannavest’s model of selling CBD is that they are claiming it is an oil, when it is not, it is an alcohol extract. Many also sell it in a food supplement category. This is like selling research chemicals as bath salts, trying to find loopholes in licensing. If CBD was marketed as a herbal medicine properly it would open the field to professionals who can work within a regulatory framework.

  • After 3 years i am pain free and participating in life again. I suffered from massive back spasms due to a neuromuscular toxicity that caused multiple falls. Those “helpful” MD’s put me on flexeril and vicodin. Nasty. I I finally became enlightened and found CBD hard candy which led me to find the extract. My physical therapist cannot believe the marked improvement in my condition.

  • This is not corruption. It is how the system works. The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements. It investigates drugs. Until someone tries to reclassify it, it remains untouched until it hurts people. Remember all the diet pills that killed people. They get that crap on the market by claiming it is a dietary supplement. Once a scientist says it is a drug, they have to put a hault on it. A drug has to be studied and approved. IT IS THE LAW!! Drugs must have warning labels, they must list what adverse reactions it may have, they must be proven effective. Trials must be done. This process can be annoying but it must be done for every substance that is claimed to be a drug. If it was not done, the drug companies could sell us anything. These laws were put in place to protect us. There was a time when people would concoct a bunch of crap and sell it as a miracle drug. Many people died from poisen, from their illnesses because they may have survived if proper medicine was taken. Many laws that protect us, also hinder us. Do not blame the F.D.A. Blame the world you live in, the people who made these laws necessary. If you are really upset. Leave the FDA alone and rant to someone who can do good. Let the lawmakers know a change is necessary. The FDA is only doing what they have been charged to do, uphold the Law. I am not saying the FDA is an angel. Ohh no!! In this instance, though, they are doing what has to be done.

    FYI. I dietary supplement can usually claim to prevent things or to boost your bodies response to an illness but once it claims to cure something (on the bottle) it must be monitored.

  • And also know that we need old school hemp strains and not the 0.2 % less THC fiber hemp. Patients need the whole spectrum of cannabinoids and better still the whole spectrum of Cannabis Simplex. Keep growing and making your own with the right not degenerated strains grown appropriately. or join or start a coop that does. This will be the only way to keep access to effective medical cannabis.

  • First of all, I do normally think the FDA works in horrible ways. BUT this time maybe the FDA is doing us a favor? All these CBD products that they have been testing form many many different suppliers of hemp CBD and chines artificial lab made CBD, have been pretty much scammers. Claiming their CBD products would cure every illness on the planet, using cannabis research to promote their hemp products. And in between all of these, some serious hemp farmers that make full plant extract organic oils, have been trying to get some level of seriousness into the business with educating people about the entourage effect. The online hemp oil vendors have often done more damage than good. And working for an actual cannabis company that focuses on THC/CBD rich cannabis strains, not hemp, I get all those people that has been ripped of by these hemp oil scammers, with products that had little to no effect. In my eyes, selling hemp products to a cancer patient should be illegal. They need cannabis. Or all the parents that has contacted me after using months on hemp CBD to try get their children seizure free on hemp products, and realize they need cannabis to do the job. I know some people manage their issues from good hemp products, but again, these are few in between. And thanks to all the un serious vendors, these people will not be able to continue to help people. CBD from hemp, is not a medical goal to reach, we need full cannabis plant extracts, that is the real battle. But I am sure the FDA will do everything tn their power to stop that as well.

    Here is a letter form the parent groups of epileptic children:

    As respected members of the cannabis community, the undersigned groups and activists support full spectrum cannabis legislation and treatment for children with autism and seizure disorders. We agree that experience and research show proper and effective treatment requires the combination only the full cannabis plant can provide. We also agree that we need to support other organizations and activists who stand with us and concur that medical cannabis, by definition, includes the entire plant and all its chemical compounds.
    As more parents learn that cannabis can help their children with autism and seizure disorders, it has become necessary to point out that the upshot of CBD only legislation and companies that produce CBD only products are giving what may be false hope to families who have exhausted other avenues of treatment.
    We believe it is vital to understand the importance of using the entire cannabis plant as part of their solution. Parents who are worried that their children are “getting high” need to know that cannabis does not have the same psychoactive effect on the brain of a child with severe epilepsy or autism as it does on the average person. It actually works to slow the neurons that are firing so rapidly down, creating a healthier brain not a “high” brain. It is equally important for parents to know that they can give their children full plant cannabis without getting them “high.” Ingesting whole plant cold extract cannabis delivers non- psychoactive, non-psychotropic effects. This is an essential factor in building up the system that enables THC and CBD to work. It also allows the incorporation of the myriad beneficial components that cannabis provides.
    The truth is that many parents who have tried CBD only treatments for their children with autism and epilepsy report no success or reduction in symptoms. They are forced to go to the black market to get the medicine they need. In fact, parents who are using straight THC as a rescue medication for their children’s seizures are seeing great results. Their children are cognitive and coherent instead of high and out of commission for a whole day.
    Industrial hemp does not contain the amount of THC or CBD needed to make an effective treatment for epilepsy or autism. Also important to remember is that these CBD producers are unregulated; there is no proof that they are really providing what they promise. That, along with the lack of results are two good reasons to consider other options.
    Parents, please feel free to contact the groups listed below to learn more about the differences between full plant and CBD only cannabis treatments to make a more informed decision. Your child’s life depends on it.

    FB Groups:
    Cannabis Oil Success Stories
    CBD 4 Children With Epilepsy
    Parents 4 Pot Education Group
    National Cannabis Patients Wall
    Treating Autism With Cannabis
    Medical Cannabis: THCA and Alternatives for Success
    Medical Cannabis: Whole Plant Therapies
    Molecule Madness Education & Research Group

    Like ·

  • If the FDA intends to put the production of these extracts in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry, then this should prove to many people just how corrupt this organisation really is. I have no wish to see patients deprived of the use of these amazing extracts, but if this is what it takes to wake the public up, then so be it. No one actually has the right to patent the cannabis plant, or the cannabinoids it produces and to allow this, would be nothing more than insanity. There is no question that CBD does have its medical values, but to ignore the healing powers of THC would be a grave mistake, for those who are suffering from cancer and many other serious health problems. The American Cancer Institute itself, have openly stated on their website that THC is very effective in the treatment of many different forms of cancer, so I think that the public should be aware of this fact. There are many scam artists who claim to be supplying the real Rick Simpson Oil, but often what they supply has little or no healing values at all. So if you wish to be sure that you have the real thing, at present it is best to produce your own extracts and if you go to my website, you will find all the information needed to do just that. is my one and only website and I have no connection with other sites, which claim to be providing my oils, so I hope that I have now made this clear to the public. Best Wishes Rick Simpson

  • Wrong..wrong wrong! More control over the people from corporate bullshit! MONEY….MONEY..
    It’s just not right,dam. Everything that heals us comes from the earth naturally in some form.
    They just don’t want us to figure that out.
    It heals the sick… but they want to price that. It’s WRONG!


    To poses, ingest, and/or sell drugs is prohibited if not approved profitable to and by the “Big Brothers” (USA government).
    Why was prohibition started in 1919, no matter how much it was thought by liberals that it should be, the matter lies in the overall view of The United States of America Constitution.
    It all started with prohibition in 1919. It comes down to this, Nylon rope was invented right before prohibition started and it was understood that Nylon rope could not even compete to Hemp Rope in price and quality. Hemp rope is all around the best. It was understood the only way Nylon rope could make a profit by Hemp rope not created. A scam cerebration was concocted that would prevent Hemp rope from being produced. A way was thought up to “Brain-wash” society into believing all mind altering drugs had to be bad for a person. Hemp is Marijuana. Also “Brain-wash” people into believing taking a drug will lead to crime. “Brain-wash” is not true.
    Prohibition started in 1919 and ended in 1933. It was found to be unconstitutional. Before prohibition all drugs/ alcohol were legal. A person could purchase Heroin or Cocaine at the market without a doctors prescription. Prohibition ended. Why are drugs still against the law? Hemp is the best for things as in rope, rug, clothes, some being, etc., it is very durable. Only the money was cared for not the people.
    All drugs are a drug. We must call onto a doctor to prescribe a drug in order to get it “legal”. That sounds controlling. Are the blue collar American citizens zombies not capable of making viable decisions? All drugs “are” legal. Probable cause a person will get high and live normally. Common rumor or report, suspicion, or even “strong reason to suspect” someone might get hurt, die or kill is not probable cause. (see Constitutional Law: Authority to Detain and Arrest: Sec. 3.2) Probable cause must secure a right was violated in order to arrest.

    Somebody thinks they are better than the Constitution of the United States of America but, they are wrong. Nobody or nothing is better than The Constitution of the United States of America.

    Thank you for your time and understanding.

    Truly Yours,
    William Cosselmon III

  • I think the FDA is in for a big surprise when they see that nobody acknowledges their authority on this.

    People are still purchasing large amounts of raw cannabinoids (especially CBD) for product manufacturing. All it takes is creative labeling. If the FDA attacks the words used to market products, we change our words.

    The FDA is continually proving their incompetence in fulfilling the role they were established for. If they continue to act as nothing more than a political and corporate strong arm to bully competition for Big Pharma, people will stop taking them seriously. Especially when they cross the line of trying to criminalize naturally occurring substances. A natural substance is not a drug that can be patented or owned and there is no way to argue that is. The FDA will be creating a nightmare for themselves trying to enforce this, and if they try, I know a lot of people who will just consider them now a criminal agency with a dated role that is no longer necessary or recognized. They are also trying to criminalize gardening and growing our own food… good luck. Step into my garden and you will become its fertilizer!

    I don’t believe this industry is going to just roll over that easy. There is way too much momentum. I think this may open a long lasting debate and battle where people are going to start reminding the government who they work for and who pays the bills. If their activity is no longer serving the interest of people, then they may start to see us ignoring their position and ability to interfere in our lives. Their authority only goes as far as our recognition of it. Governing institutions and other regulatory bodies are nothing more than collective agreements of people, and if they no longer serve a purpose than we change our social agreements and the offices that represent them. We don’t need to fight a system that no longer serves a collective or productive purpose. We simply rendered it obsolete.

    Open letter to the FDA:

    Thank you for your time, your services are no longer required.

    The 98%

  • This article is so cleary biased and unfounded. Yes the FDA declared CBDs as an investigational drug. But it makes perfect sense if it has actual healing powers. The reason the FDA has banned companies from producing and selling it as a “dietary supplement” is because for it to be approved as a medicine it must be researched and refined so that it can be implemented to patients properly. The fact that it is so beneficial to so many patients is exactly why the FDA stepped in. There is a reason medicine is regulated by the FDA and homeopathic treatment are not, medicine has actual, proven effects while homeopathic treatment have little to no effect as a treatment. For CBDs to truly be implemented in the medical field they must be researched and developed properly. In fact the FDA recently instituted a new “emergency release” policy for drugs that are found to be new and effective treatments for diseases with no current proven treatment.

  • Well, you all know what is actually FDA is – Fraud and Death Administration. And as such they never, ever being protecting public. And big pharma is just dying wounded animal, what bites you most before last breath taking.

  • Wow! Cracks are really beginning to appear now. Comical.

    Criminal organizations such as the FDA and their puppet masters (pharmaceutical industry) are getting extremely desperate. They are beginning to realize that it is over for them and are trying desperately to take control of something they will NEVER have control over. An educated public is taking a stand. It is time to boycott pharmaceuticals. We don’t need them. Everything we need can be found in nature. We need to legalize hemp and all of its byproducts next so that we can send destroyers of nature – big oil, dupont plastics, etc. to their graves. They are NOT needed.

    Once again; everything we need can be found in nature.

  • It is called fascism!

    The 1983 American Heritage Dictionary defined fascism as: “A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism.”

    They say that fascism originated in Italy, and that Mussolini claimed to have invented the word itself. Seems that it was actually his ghostwriter, Giovanni Gentile, who invented it and defined it in the Encyclopedia Italiana in this way: “Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

  • sorry, but this is fear propoganda and not a full picture. I am an herbalist, and have serious issue with big PHARMA and recognize that FDA is not perfect…by any means…but removing the FDA, is not the solution. if everyone on the planet was a biochemist and understood what happens when, anything, enters the body, we wouldnt need the FDA. To demand the FDA stop regulating natural plant medicine is ludicrous, a lot of people would start dying (due to ignorance that plants can be just as deadly as pharms), and then these small natural businesses WOULD be shut down (sued by the family for damages), and fear! would prevent future businesses opening and big PHARMA would reign…It doesnt sound to me like making and selling the CBD will become illegal, you just cant label it as a dietary supplement, so change the label?! and as for not being ‘allowed’ to express the healing properties as a CURE? well, if it hasnt been studied scientifically, im sorry, but somebodys personal experience is not enough…and the reference about outlaw of VitD, VitC, reservatrol…used in the article to make a point…ridiculous, those constituents are found in nature, but they cant ban you from going out in the sunshine, eating an orange, or drinking a glass of wine…only the ‘concentrated’ versions, created in a pharmaceutical lab (thats right, the VIT C? in the natural health store? derived in a lab, likely chemically synthesised), could be at risk, although doubtful. the author of this article is not only biased, but ignorant and uninformed, lacking critical analysis…please do your homework people, especially with the internet…

  • This is all part of a concerted effort by the big Pharma companies to maintain their power over our legislators whose campaigns are funded by the likes of Monsanto, Pzizer and the rest. The FDA is supposed to be a neutral group of government officials who are supposed to have the well being of the people and the public’s safety as their first priority. The should NOT be dismantled BUT there needs to be a huge housecleaning taking place.

    The corruption within our agencies that have given way to the big Food, Pharma, Auto, Banking, Oil, and more needs to become transparent. The Sander’s movement will expose this if we keep at this fight.

  • Big Pharmacy can stick it in their ass , weed will be legal and we can make our own , we already know how …..

  • The last time I checked, corporations could not patent a naturally occurring substance. That is why aspirin was synthesized instead of just extracting it from willow bark.

  • So…. the bias and the spin in this article seemed a little ridiculous so I did some research. According to the FDA’s website
    they tested a bunch of drugs and issued warning letters to companies that didn’t have any CBD in products that stated they did. Isn’t this what they should do to protect consumers from false advertising? Their statements from the FDA about CBD itself just reiterated that they haven’t approved the chemical yet for the purposes it’s being used for (which is the truth). Epidiolex (CBD epilepsy med) is currently fast-tracked to go through the FDA so doctors can prescribe it to be used as a medication for a serious disease. I have a son with epilepsy, I’m glad it’s going through the FDA so I can know that the drug my 3 year old needs to take is going to be on the radar. Personally, I’d rather take CBD through big pharma; it gives us legal recourse if the drug isn’t what it says it is. This article is very low on factual information and extremely aggressive… “The FDA is anti-science and anti-human rights”? Cmon.

  • To the author Mike Adams,
    Interesting read Mike, but you missed a few key points in your article that would help to better explain just why this action is being taken in the first place

    CBD’s aka cannabidiol was first discovered back in 1940 by Roger Adams of Urbana Illinois (patent # 2304669) Adams wrote the following statement as the first paragraph of his patent application… “It has been found that from the extracts of hemp (Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica) a red viscous oil can be obtained, commonly known as red oil, from which a pure crystalline compound, cannabidiol, can be isolated.”

    Roger Adams patent (2304669) was the first reference cited in patent # 6330507, which is a patent for using Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants… the interesting thing about this patent is that it is held by The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC), which means that this patent is for the rights to use cannabinoids, also known as CBD, or cannabidiol, as a medical treatment for various illnesses.

    more interesting yet, is that in 2012 Kannalife Sciences, Inc. signed an Exclusive License Agreement With National Institutes of Health – Office of Technology Transfer (“NIH-OTT”) for the Commercialization of U.S. Patent 6,630,507, “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants”.

    are you starting to get the bigger picture here yet Mike? Because it appears to me that you completely dropped the ball with this half-baked article about the FDA enforcing the “Exclusive Rights” to the use of CBD’s by Big Pharma… it’s the US Government who actually holds the patent on that and they are simply protecting their assets in this situation by using the FDA to do their dirty work for them!!!

  • This is why we need a revolution! Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who wants to make cannabis legal. He wants to bring down the big corporations and give the power back to the people. Stand behind him or you will regret it more than you can imagine. #revolutionistheonlysolution #FeelTheBern

  • CBD is not illegal. Hemp Oil is not illegal. You can buy these items legally anywhere in the United States as long the CBD/Hemp oil contains less than .3% THC and is derived from the stalks and roots of industrial hemp. This article is in reference to a few FDA memos addressed to a select few CBD/Hemp Oil distributors who were and still are labeling their products as supplements and/or making medicinal claims or beneficial health claims of any kind. You can buy CBD legally online. I recommend for all of your CBD needs.

  • Our Government, the politicians, the FDA and the Big pharmaceutical companies sleep in the same bed. This is the reason to hand this weed that grows wild over to the pharmaceutical CEOs and stock holders, for all to make money, money, money, mon-eeeeeey!!!

  • It’s gonna come down to us the people going to the streets to take back are rights. If not the leash around are necks is going to choke everyone in to submission.

  • CBD’s do work, I have suffered from depression my whole life. Zoloft, Wellbutrin, you name it ,I have tried it!! Stopped taking my last stuff, Effexor, just CBD’s and my life is changed for the better. I have a sense of well being that I have not know with any of this Pharma B.S.!!! We need to fight this!!!

  • Well, I think they should only get involved if a substance has shown significant evidence of harming people or serious addiction. To me it’s almost like sugar being illegal because people are prescribed glucose for diseases. Maybe if substances have shown evidence of having sever entoxicating effects they should look out for people’s safety and let us decide what we chose to put in our body as long as it’s not mislabled. In my opinion anything a person wanted to injest within reason they should be able to have that right it’s their body. What’s gonna happen when they find out something in chickens can cure or treat a disease? We gonna have to stop eating chicken? It’s unreal what their doing.

  • And thus a whole class of “criminals” is assured. I don’t care about your alphabet government branches, I just want to sleep without pain.

  • This is so jacked up! Now that the public refuses to use narcotics from prescribed doctors,we will be paying top dollar for CBD and will medicare pay for the CBD?? Hell No!!! Lets Just All Live in Pain and fuck the Pharmacy’s!!! And They wonder Why Chronic condition people walk around Pissed off!!!

  • I can’t believe the FDA wants to get their dick scratchers into CBD! I refuse to do synthetic drugs! I can’t even get CBD in Wisconsin. The doctors keep wanting me to go in for Injections to the spine,which is not FDA approved and they charge medicare 7k for procedure!! you Gotta be Fricken kidding me!!! Medicare isn’t Going to pay for CBD…..

  • IMPORTANT!! This is an attack on all living organisms on a scale that the FDA cannot comprehend. Please contact these people, and agency to combat this justification.…/ways-to-donate/stay-touch
    (In the question section I presented this issue, and asked for their assistance)
    Illinois Senators:
    And lastly I ask you bring this to Bernie Sanders’ attention. The more people the better. I’ve supported him, I hope he can give us a taste of what it’d be like if he was elected!

  • I’m not sure you can claim something’s a dietary supplement while also claiming in big letters CBDs are one of the most miraculous healing medicines in the world.

    We have the drug regulatory process for a reason: to subject therapies to rigorous testing to ensure their safe and efficacious rather than let any person make unsubstantiated claims of their benefit.

    Now this doesn’t prevent folks from arguing their are true dietary benefits of CBDs hence they should keep their status while also being investigated for therapeutic purposes, but lets also note that the NYU and UCSF have an IND to study CBDs since around 2013….not sure I’d qualify them as Big Pharma.

    This is a very misleading piece and should be updated to reflect what the FDA is doing: warning CBD sellers to fix their labels to accurately reflect their dietary benefit and remove claims of therapeutic benefit.

  • And the allegedly “progressive” and “liberal” Obama administration does what? It aids and abets Big PHARMA, with this kind of illogical dictatorial nonsense. This is under Obama’s watch, folks, and it can’t be blamed on the obstructing Republicans in Congress although they will be very gratified about it! Would it be better with Clintons back in power? Not at all. Would it be worse under ANY of the Republican candidates? Beyond a doubt it would be worse. The only gleam of hope is the Bernie Sanders campaign and if you’re in WI, NY, PA, IN, or CA, get out and join the Sanders effort in your state! DON’T BE PASSIVE OR SILENT. The time is now.

      • If you take your tinfoil hat off long enough to understand what’s happening, you’ll see that indeed the powers-that-be ARE trying to take away the right to vote from “unreliable” citizens like minorities, the elderly, ex-prisoners (including many victims of the so-called ‘war on drugs,’ and they’re trying to suppress votes precisely because voting DOES constitute a genuine exercise of power in our society. Yes, there’s an imperialist police state and an apparently uncontrollable spy and surveillance apparatus, along with the American equivalent of the Gulag (I’ve done time!) but nevertheless people do have power when they believe in themselves. Why do you think the ex-Confederates used the KKK to terrorize and suppress the voting rights of freedmen after the Civil War? Because they used their votes to defend their rights and better their condition—and the same terror was used for a century until the 1960’s Civil Rights movement, when nonviolent revolutionists risked and sometimes lost their lives, freedom, and fortunes to win back the right to vote. Would they have been worth killing, if the vote itself is worthless? Sure, it isn’t sufficient JUST to vote, but to try to speak and work for justice, for peace, for environmental sanity, voting is a key and indispensable tool in our kit. Also, intellectual integrity and accuracy of information is essential, and it turns out this story is not really accurate . . . yet. The world doesn’t go away if you ignore it; and although working for a better world may never give you results you can visibly see or measure, you are here on earth to do the best you can . . . doing nothing sure won’t make anything better.

  • This totally false. You need to take it down. It doesn’t help your cause to post false information like right wing conspiracy sites. Take the article down or you will have no stature as a source for real information.

    • Hi Ralph, I updated the article yesterday evening when I was alerted that the author of the article, Mike Adams of Natural News, had updated the original article.

      While the updates were showing for me on my desktop computer’s browser, they were not showing up on my tablet or phone. I just dumped all of the website’s caches and now the update is appearing on all of my devices. If it’s not showing up for you, you may need to clear your browser’s cache.

      I appreciate your concern.

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