We have covered these project before.. The real question is “are the plates a battery, a generator or harvester”?

By Mark Dansie


Q beta prototype – with integrated power source. Silicon Crystal Graphite Powercells run this entire machine continuously without external input of any kind.

The Claim

Q Beta Prototype

For the FIRST TIME in history, a new emerging patent pending power source technology proves the capability of machine integration. Based entirely on a hybrid combination of existing technologies with vast improvements, the unique Si-Graphite powercells provide the ability to operate theQ beta prototype continuously without the need for external electrical, renewable or fuel input.

The Si-Graphite Q beta is an alternative energy source experimental prototype being produced in a very limited quantity, to allow researchers and/or individuals to have access to this new technological development. Designed with the exceptional ability to safely operate indoors day and night without regard for outdoor environmental conditions. The powercells are eco-friendly using NO acids, heavy metals or toxic chemistry. We encourage you to experiment with and without the ultracap module including exploring various powercell plate electrical connections as shown in the video.

The future potential of this technology is enormous. With long term continuous electrical output and total scalability, the possibility of utility scale power is on the near horizon.


The idea seems original and I applaud the research. However I am not sure if it is a long term battery or a generator. Tests over time will establish that.I look forward to the discussion on measurement calculations.

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Source: Revolution Green
Via: Ascension with Mother Earth

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