August 19, 2019
Published on May 9, 2016

Enormous amounts of Asian gold will be used to back a new U.S. Currency, and others. In return, military forces worldwide agree to cooperate to protect Planet Earth.

Negotiations with the Cabal have commenced via Asian Elders of the White Dragon Society The planet’s GOLD will be used to back new currencies worldwide, and NOT the Federal Reserve currencies or bills. America will get a gold-backed dollar. Other currencies will likewise be cleaned up and backed-up. The Light Alliance is comprised of higher beings who are coordinating the (very complex currency reset) plan worldwide – -and working with local people to actually implement it. The overall goal is to reduce fear in the population, so that we can get through this 2012 transition, which is right around the corner. The timing of the latter, depends on you waking up to these worldly events. You are being taken care of, but you have to wake up to see it. Please review the videos (in this channel) in order, to understand the big picture – – and you will then understand that all of events are aimed at reducing fear so that you can successfully get thru this transition.

Source: The Positive Side of 2012

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