Erin at Health Nut News has updated us this week on the mysterious death of Dr. John  Marshall whose body was pulled from the Spokane River in Washington State in January 2016.

When police are ordered NOT to investigate a death, that should be all the incentive we need to jump headlong into a full investigation and not stop until we are satisfied we know the truth.  ~ BP

NBC: Marshall Investigator has 100% confirmation doctor’s death was a set-up

Health Nut News was the first to bring his story to the world and to question his death as “accidental”. He was in his 40s, a 4th generation marine with survival training, and we didn’t believe he simply “fell” and “drowned” in the Spokane river when he went for his usual jog before work early morning after his gym workout (The man was in shape).

Now an official investigation has been opened by the Wash Dept of Health into two doctors who stated his official cause of death which you can read about here.  Even more shocking is that now a  VA officer has just come forward and stated that he was ordered to stop the investigation into the death of Dr John Marshall. Read all about that story here.

This article (Holistic Doctor Deaths; Over 60 Suspicious Cases and Stonewalling in the Investigation of Dr. John Marshall) was originally published on Starship Earth and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


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