Huge Development: Kremlin Tells Russian Media “Prepare For Major Announcement This Weekend” (Video)

Huge Development: Kremlin Tells Russian Media “Prepare For Major Announcement This Weekend” (Video)

Note: I first caught wind that something was amiss with President Putin late Wednesday night when I read the report The Putin Puzzle coming from Stratfor.

What I found most interesting about the following article from the New York Times is that Putin has disappeared twice before during times of major crises:

“Early in his presidency, Mr. Putin infamously dropped out of sight when the submarine Kursk sank in 2000 and again two years later when terrorists seized a Moscow theater, trapping hundreds of hostages. But since those two crises, which spawned all manner of questions about his leadership skills, he has been very much a public figure.”

In the last couple of weeks there have been reports of Russia potentially releasing not only 9/11 evidence, but the truth about ETs, as well. Not only that, but Gordon Duff from Veterans Today published an open letter demanding that President Putin release key documents vital to world peace (see additional links at the end of the article).

Combine all of this with the latest reports from Cobra and Fulford, as well as the new information from Wilcock, and I can only hope we are on the verge of some major announcements.

I can’t help but be reminded of Edgar Cayce’s comments regarding Russia:

“Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” — Edgar Cayce, October 1935

Fingers crossed, everyone. Stay alert and remember… NO FEAR!

I have been both under the weather and working on other projects, but I will be keeping a close eye on this one throughout the weekend and post updates when and if any new information is released. Regular posting will resume on Monday morning. — Editor

(BIN, by N.Morgan) Rumors have been swirling around Vladimir Putin this week.

From his being dead to him having had a stroke of some sort.

Now a Russian media outlet is reporting that media has been asked to stay close, for there is to be some sort of major announcement over the weekend.

From a Russian website :  According to a source in the press service of the President of Russia in the near future is preparing a major announcement, and for this reason, heads of relevant media asked to be ready in the next few days for a possible press conference.

 This is indirectly confirmed by the CEO of the Center for Political Information polit-info Alexei Mukhin.

Mukhin also not denied reports that President Putin is currently incapacitated.”Guys, you now need the president, gather ..” – he wrote in his Twitter.

The question – whether he confirms rumors about Putin, Mukhin said “no comment.”

He also asked the staff at the weekend are in place, “will be something important,” he added

What could this announcement pertain to?

Will they announce that Vlad indeed had some sort of medical issue, hence why he missed the huge meeting he was suppose to attend this week.


Source: N. Morgan — BIN



  • Its probably something relating to the BRICS bank, but I’m optimistic that this is IT, the big disclosure that knocks the Cabal on their arses. Fingers crossed!

    • I don’t believe he is dead, but I’m more interesting in the reports of the Russian government telling reporters and journalists to be on-hand for a major announcement this weekend.

  • Russia was just given a seat on the SWIFT Board as well. This seems quite surprising, as the west has been pushing to get Russia kicked out of SWIFT. Why all of a sudden did they do an about face?

    • They didn’t actually do an about face:-) they wanted Russia out of swift so we they could not not do business anymore.
      They wanted the Russian people not to be able to buy or sell anything inside their country!
      The fact that Russia signed an accord to have a new payment system puts Russia secure even against banking sanctions from the west.

      • Read what you’re commenting on before commenting, Bro. Far from being kicked out, they appear to have been given a role in the actual governance of SWIFT.

        This is completely separate from the SWIFT alternative between Russia and China and strongly indicates the rest of the world is not going along with the US plans.

  • Dear TEC:
    If there is a major announcement before Monday morning, maybe it is even so important that it could affect Israel and the election there on 17 March. Is this timing coincidence or pre-planned? Truthers do NOT believe in coincidences. Could it be earth-shattering? Thanks, Norbert.

  • All the media outlets (including alternative) are mistranslating the very key most revealing comment by Alexei Mukhin. For the word “needs”, Russian grammar reverses the to-from relationship of who needs who, and amateur translators almost always get it wrong. Also, the word for “gather” also means literally “gather yourself”, which is used to mean “get ready”. Obviously all the news articles got this backwards mistranslation from Google translate, which is just a blind robot, so fair enough.

    The original in Russian is “Ребята, вы все сейчас нужны президенту, соберитесь…”

    The TRUE accurate translation is “Guys, the President needs all of you now, get ready” !!

    That its very REVEALING – It is a military commander style Call to Action, like saying your country needs you, or rally to assist your commander in chief. It cannot be interpreted as any sign of any weakness or problem. It is clearly a heads-up of major patriotic action of serious public impact.

  • If Russia doesn’t end up making an announcement this weekend, they are officially starting to look more and more like “the boy who cried wolf”.. Here’s hoping that they do end up making an announcement.

  • Apart from the SWIFT news. I gather either A, I missed the “Big announcement”. Or B, Yet more hot air, dates alluded to, but nothing ever comes of it.
    Looks like a massive B then eh?

    • Veterans Today is having a live radio broadcast later today (I’ll post about it shortly) to discuss what has been going on. There are BIG things happening behind the scenes but not much has leaked out… yet. I saw some evidence yesterday that the video footage of Putin’s meeting may have actually been old footage from last year. I’ve also heard rumblings that there was a thwarted coup in Russia, and now one taking place in the US at this very moment. There’s also been a lot of unusual activity in the arctic under the guise of ‘drills’ that I’ve been looking into. Nothing solid yet… but something is definitely going on.

    • Chris, a war is happening. What makes you think that sensitive information is going to be announced for your convenience? Just because you don’t hear about it doesn’t mean that big things are not happening. At some point, maybe years away or maybe just months or weeks, you’ll start hearing the announcements we’ve all been waiting for. But a lot must happen behind the scenes to make that happen. Just have faith that things are moving in the right direction. Why not meditate so you can be a part of it?

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